During earlier times, chiropractic doctors were considered as fake or called as 'quack.' Arguments are still prevalent about its efficiency and what good it can do to your body. More and more people are now resorting to chiropractics for relieving from back pain. Other than back pain, this treatment can also be used to cure from other pains, aches, asthma, infections and certain other conditions. It has also been proved to cure migraines in some people. Mostly people are scared to go to the chiropractic wondering what they might do to your body. But, with one visit, the person will begin to believe in it due to the truth that you get relief from your pain without any medicine or surgery and feel that the doctor's hands are magic.

What actually does the chiropractor do to your back pain? They work on the spinal column and realign the misplaced vertebrae which had been causing the pain. He runs his hands over the spell and detects the misplaced vertebrae and manipulates it in various segments to bring it back into position. Sometimes there might be more than one vertebra that might be causing the pain. Other than hand techniques, some chiropractors use small hammer-like tools for correcting the spinal column.

A chiropractor often uses the 'crack' technique to adjust the spine segment. He tries to adjust the vertebrae to move into position and the sound is caused due to the release of pressure between the two vertebrae. Other than the 'crack' technique, there are other techniques called as 'tonal' techniques. In this a softer force is used to put it back into place with no sound produced

Other than back pains, a misplaced vertebra might also lead to other musculoskeletal problems. A wrongly located vertebra sometimes might exert pressure on the nervous system in that area leading to other related issues. On your visit to your chiropractor, make sure that you mention all your problems. Most of your ill health conditions can be cured by chiropractic care. Regular exercises will be prescribed to you to maintain good health condition at all times.

The major site of action of a chiropractic doctor is the spine. The spelling is the nervous system of the body and it is from this that various body functions are controlled via the nerves running from the spine. These nerves end in the body cells and manipulate each cell of your body. The brain is positioned in the top of the spinal cord and operates each nerve of the spinal cord. Nerves branch out as pairs from each vertebrae of the spine and spread out across the body to control the functioning of every muscles, organs and cells of the body. By realigning the vertebrae, the doctor is thus working on the nervous system and giving message to the brain to bring about the proper functioning of the associated muscle, organ or cell.

The end result is that the spine functioning is returned back into tune so that the messages from the brain travels through uninterrupted. Hereby, not only the spine but the nervous system is its associated muscles are corrected to obtain good health as a whole.