Massage is one such natural therapy that allows people to relax and feel rejuvenated while there is a professional providing the body with external pressure along with necessary oils. This pressure helps the tissues as well as the muscles to relax and accordingly allows the reduction of stress and the tension that one goes through. There are professional masseurs who avail formal training on such therapies and how to conduct it on people's bodies. There is a variety of therapies that are commonly connected in most therapeutic centers and choosing them depends on the ailment one is going through. Prior consultation can help one to make a decision and choose their desired rejuvenation therapy.

Following are a variety of massage therapies one can avail where each of them have their respective benefits.

• Traditional Chinese – Chinese therapy is not something that would involve slow movements of the hand on the body but has effects like a deep tissue massage where the use of strength to press, pull and stretch the body is used. It initiates blood circulation, healing of injuries, increasing the flexibility of the joints, increasing the body's power of resistance to diseases, etc. Depending on the power of the individual to take the force that the masseur provides, the level of strain is adjusted. It would have an initial pain but with time the pain would reduce.

• Swedish – It involves the use of oil and similar lubricants such as body lotions to initiate slow movements with pressure on the body. These movements are focused on muscles that have aches and pains and thus reducing the stress level. The release of toxins during this procedure initiates good blood circulation and thus letting the muscle feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

• Aromatherapy Oil – This involves the use of essential oils mixed with other oils as a base to let the particular areas of the body absorb the goodness of these aroma oils. The natural extracts from these oils initiate the release of problems that one's body faces. These essential oils are known to relieve stress and provide natural calmness to the body.

• Hot Stone – A hot stone therapy includes the use of flatted and smooth stones that are heated and placed on the pressure points on the body. Placing them on muscles helps to ease out the tension in the muscle thus letting the masseur provide a better massage session where the senses are relaxed.