There are many reasons we may consult a massage therapist. It could have due to a muscle strain or injury, stress, or for other personal reasons. Whatever the motivation, we get way more than we bargain for. Our bodies react to all types of massage on a cellular level and the effects are simply incredible.

The Swedish massage is a wonderful massage method as well. It is a full body massage which induces relaxation and well being. It can be slow and methodical or it can be quick and vivid. Either way, this massage will leave you feeling uplifted and relaxed. Most massage therapists use a massage oil or essential oil to help glide over the surface of the skin. This helps to locate the adhesions or knots benefit the skin and also anticipates skin irritation by the constant rubbing and maneuvering on the skin.

Another form of Swedish massage is the deep tissue massage. It is an amazing technique that can sometimes be painful to us. The ultimate goal is to deeply penetrate certain muscle groups and hopefully relieve tension that has built up in them. A lot of times muscle groups in the back and neck areas receive the most abuse of our stresses and activities. It's commonplace to get a tightened, closed muscle in these areas. Our connective tissues, joints and muscles pay a heavy toll when our stress levels rise. Top that off with even normal everyday activities and you can get some serious aches and pains that will require attention. Commonly used for sports injuries or serious overuse and abuse, it should be used when other forms can not work out those tough muscle knots.

Altogether different, is the lymphatic massage. This method has been scientifically proven to help with pain management, osteoarthritis, constipation, migraines, sinusitis, fibromyalgia and post and pre-operative care. The MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) method that is widely used today was developed in 1932 by Emid and Estrid Vodder. The skin is stretched and manipulated in such a way to promote lymphatic flow and thebyy release toxins to be excreted by the body. If done properly, this method has a wealth of healing power and anti-inflammatory properties.

Regardless of your method, all forms of massage have a level of healing and release that is felt by the body down to the cellular level. Done properly, most consumers feel more relaxed and looser at the end of massage sessions. The greater effects of massage can not immediately be felt, but deep down provide the most healthy benefits.