Shiatsu came from the Japanese word “shi” which means finger and “tos” that reiterates to pressure, and thus explains the use of the fingers in applying pressure to the different key points of the body. This traditional method of healing was developed from the acupressure of the Chinese people. This massage is unique on its own because its principles operates on the positive and negative energies. It considers the point just below the navel as the center of energy and seeks to achieve the “chi” or the harmony of energy that flows in and outside the human body.

A licensed Shiatsu masseur should know this principles and use these principles in delivering an effective massage session to an individual. Both hands are utilized, one hand acts as a balancer or stabilizer as well as receiver of outpuing energy from the individual receiving the massage. The other hand transmits the pressure as well as the energy through various techniques. It is believed that through this process, balance of energy is achieved – usually termed as the Yin and Yang in Chinese traditional medicine.

Knowledge of the pressure points of the body is also one of the principles utilized in Shiatsu. These points are called meridians and this is where the energies are blocked when a person is stressed, and since it is common to find a contract muscle or tissue within the periphery of the meridian points. When these muscles continuously contracts, the more that aches and pains are felt by the individual. This condition prevents creative thinking and optimum level of performance at work.

Massage relieves the aches and pains of these muscles and body parts as well as adding the benefit of good circulation, making the individual ready for the next set of work ahead with renewed endeavor. In fact according to the Shiatsu Practitioner Association of Aotearoa, “In Japan today, shiatsu is made available to the work free of charge by all major industries because of the intense decrease in time lost from the job by workers who receive regular preventive Shiatsu Therapy”

Shiatsu theory assures that when the chi or energy is freely flowing through the body, there is self-healing and health maintenance. The body is more able to heal because of the good circulation promoted by the massage technique. These techniques to be utilized effectively needs to be professionally taught to interested individuals. Moreover, the techniques are essentially simple enough to afford your partner to do the forty-five minutes to one-hour duration of massage. This will further enhance couple relationship should they make this a part of the relaxation time for the them.

On the other hand, for those who have no more time to enjoy this type of intimate moment with loved ones, there are massage parlors that can be visited at will who offers the same services. The advanced technology of Japan afforded this type of massage to be reproduced by machines, equipments and robots. One can readily avail of the bliss of shiatsu massage from Panasonic massage chairs that delivers the same principles and techniques of the traditional healing art.