Owning a massage chair has its many benefits. Anytime you need to sit down and do nothing but relax and let the tiredness slip from your body, all you have to do is conveniently switch on a button and you will be enjoying a massage that anyone would get from a massage parlor.

Coming home from work, you are too tired to even eat. But you need to get some good old kneading of the muscles that had been making it difficult for you to work since this morning. And so you drive off to the nearest spa. Have your massage, fall sleep and then go on home. If this lifestyle is going to go on for a year or more, because your job and the amount they pay, soon, you will realize that you are spending more than you really need. The fuel of the car to reach the spa, the payment for the service and the priceless time. Aside from that, the cost of the service depends on specific part and type of massage you want. Of course, a whole body massage would cost more.

Who would not want to indulge once in a while? But let's face it, after a year, the total amount of the fuel and service fee you expended for your massage does not adequately take care of your hesitation to buy that robotic massage chair you've been looking at every time you visit that shop. In the end, you spend more than you actually received. The question is, if you did buy a massage chair for yourself, will it justify the cost and quality of massage that you will get juxtaposed with the spa's service? Today's technology says so. If cysts are being removed through small openings through the body, why can not a massage chair be perfected, agree?

It is but normal that one gets sleepy after a good body massage. The stress had been eased, and dopamine or “feel good” hormones were released such that sleep such a promising conclusion after massage. But alas, the alarm goes off and you have to shake off the drowsiness because you have to go home or risk spending more time as well as money in overstaying because you really want to indulge in sleeping. Needless to say, your privacy and comfort was short-lived and will always be without you own the place or own a massage chair at home.

Overtime. When you hear this word, and your back is aching, your head is pounding, you can not help but wish you could go out for a while and have that back of yours taken care of, right? But you know that you can not and deep inside, you fervently hope that the spa would be open when you are finally done with your overtime work – which you also know is like wishing for the moon. If you do catch the spa's time, will the same attendant attend to your needs? And you start daydreaming about that chair, imagining it inside your home, waiting to pamper you.

The advantages mentioned here are but answers to the nagging questions on your mind whether to purchase that robotic massage chair or not. If you look deeper, the holistic advantage of the advantage of having a massage chair at home plus the benefit of extending the same chair to your family is like promoting the holistic wellness of the family – if that is not saving time, money and energy, I do not know what else you call that.