There is a valid reason why massage therapy has been around for thousands of years: it works. Not only does it feel great, but there are many benefits to having a massage as well. Those who have them on a regular basis report that they are less stressed and have less headaches and there are valid reasons why.

Having a massage produces feelings of comfort and connection, they are performed in darkened rooms with soothing music in the background and on a comfortable table. You are warm and cozy, relaxed and ready to conquer the world. It is quiet, it is sleep inducing and it is a comfortable atmosphere free of loud noises or stressors; a place where you can escape to and be free of the world if only for a hour at a time.

There are several types of massage, the most popular bring Swedish and deep tissue. Both relieve stress and increase the blood flow and circulation but Swedish uses long strokes, deep circular movements, tapping, vibration and kneading while deep tissue uses slower more forceful strokes that target deer layers of muscle and connective tissue. Sports massage that targets specific areas caused by an athlete and trigger point massage that focuses on areas of tight muscle fibers are also available and let the client reap the same rewards as more traditional treatments.

Massages allow anxiety and depression to be soothed away, they also help improve sleep, in fact, some clients will fall sleep during their massage, you can not get more relaxed than that! Massages also boost immunity and up your white blood cell count so you can better fend off the nasty bugs and viruses that are going around.

They also work to reduce tension and lessen the pain of headaches, fibromyalgia pain and can combat some digestive issues and disorders as well. If you think about it, getting better circulation and better blood flow to vital organs and needed muscles can only result in benefits for the client. Oxygen rich blood makes muscles work better and can speed the healing of injuries too.

Massage therapy is performed by trained professionals, if you are worried about the credentials, simply find a therapist who is a registered member of their local society. They are there to not only give you the gift of relaxation but to also answer any questions you may have as well. Like any professional they are there to help.