The Different Benefits of Undergoing Massage Therapy

Regular monthly massage will offer people from different walks of life and all ages with a therapeutic relief. This is because massage provides a humanistic, non-invasive and drug-free approach to wellness resting on the natural ability of a human body to heal itself. Although finding a reason for treating oneself to a massage can be easy, but to find the time for doing the same is likely to be more challenging. To find time to look after one's health is often difficult to prioritize. But always remember a proper massage of 1-2 hours can make everything a person does less painful and less stressful enabling him / her in being more productive and active with the remaining of their day. To take pleasure of a massage at a reputable center can work wonders in addressing a wide array of health conditions with the most common being the stress-related tension. Additionally, massage may provide certain advantages to treat depression, arthritis, post-operative care, lower back pain, high blood pressure amid others.

Explore a bunch of benefits

Below is a list of conditions where a massage can prove really beneficial. These include,

• Relieve migraine pain
• Release endorphins, the amino acids which work as a natural painkiller for the body
• Relax and soften the overused, tired and injured muscles
• Relax cramping and spasms
• Reduce post-surgery swapping and adhesions
• Pump nutrients and oxygen into the vital organs and tissues and improve circulation
• Promote tissue regeneration and reduce stretch marks and scar tissue
• Lessen anxiety and depression
• Increase joint flexibility
• Improve the skin's condition
• Help all level athletes prepare and also recover from the strenuous workouts
• Exercise and stretch atrophied, tight and weak muscles
• Enhance immunity through stimulating the lymph flow, which is a natural defense system of the body
• Ease medication dependence
• Help with easier, shorter labor for pregnant women and shorten the maternity stays in the hospital
• Alleviate lower back pain
• Augment range of motion
• Much more

The bottom line is the right massage will help in erasing any worry that one has and help them enjoy all the benefits to improve their health and wellness. It is vital to consider massage appointments like a must-have piece of one's wellness and health plan and strive their best to work with their practitioner for establishing a treatment schedule which meets their needs at its best. It is one of the important things to remember for everyone.

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Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports massage is in high demand by athletes around the world on a daily basis. This type of massage has been used for many years for professional athletes to help them increase performance and reduce the risk of injury.

There are numerous benefits associated with sports massage, which is why it's essential you consider this type of therapy prior and after an event, whether you're taking part in a marathon, playing for a local team or are a professional athlete about to take part in an international competition or game.

Sports massage can improve tissue permeability, help with stretching and break down any scar tissue. It also improves elasticity, reduces pain and helps with relaxation.

Most athletes will put their bodies through sever workouts, putting extra strain on their muscles and connective tissues. This is why it's imperative that you follow a proper warm up before you start training and you give your muscles time to cool down. Failure to follow this procedure can result in serious problems moving forward, including minor injuries, lesions, tendon tears and more.

When it comes to sports massage you will find that it can help increase athletic performance and reduce muscle fatigue. Your muscles are cared for through professional massage, ensuring that you can perform at your best at all times.

If you find you are overexerting your muscles on a daily basis, the chances of your muscles swelling and causing pain is increased. This pain can reduce your performance consideringly, making it exceptionally painful to train or even take part in an event. Sports massage can help reduce the risk of muscle swapping, helping you perform at your peak at all times.

Further you will find that minor injuries and lesions risk is significantly increased when it comes to overexertion of the body. Sports massage can help reduce this risk while increasing flexibility.

In the event you find yourself with a sports injury which is reducing your performance or stopping you from training completely, you will find this particular therapy can help speed up the recovery time, enabling you to get back to training quickly and effectively, depending on the severity of the injury involved.

Another benefit you find when it comes to sports massage is that through this therapy you can improve your range of motion, which can help strengthen your athletic performance on a daily basis.

If you are in the process of training for a big event, whether it's the football match of the season or you're taking part in a marathon, it's advisable to speak to your sports massage therapist to identify when you should have your therapy. In most instances you will have your sports massage prior to the event to ensure your body is performing at its best and then again after the event, increasing recovery time and helping your muscles relax after being put through their paces.

It is imperative when it comes to sports massage that you choose a therapist who has years of knowledge and experience when it comes to this type of therapy. They should work alongside you to advise you, direct you and help you to perform at your best at all times.

Choose a therapist that can provide a host of therapeutic massage solutions, not just sports massage, enabling you to use the same therapist if you have a dropped muscle or torn ligament or you just need a relaxing deep tissue massage to help you reduce pain and improve range of motion moving forward.

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About Deep Tissue Massage

If you find yourself in pain caused by muscle tension or even a pinched nerve, you may be recommended for deep tissue massage. You may wonder how a massage is going to help you, but this is not going to the local spa and having a relaxing massage, deep tissue massage is a therapeutic massage which focuses on the deeper muscle layers and all the connective tissues surrounding those particular muscle groups.

This type of specialized massage works for stiffness, muscle injuries and lesions, aches and pains and can be exceptionally helpful to reduce unwanted pain caused by numerous problems. It is a very slow and pressurized movement massage focusing on specific areas to ensure the muscles are reached, along with the surrounding connective tissues.

With muscle tension comes what are called adhesions. These are tissues which become rigid, which can result in chronic and very awkward pain. Adhesions are known to cause inflammation, reduce movement, cause pain and even block circulation. With inflammation the risk of the nerves being affected or even trapped increases, which can cause even more pain and can result in you suffering tremendously until you get the help you need to eliminate the pain and tie the tension moving forward.

Deep tissue massage works in the deep layers of muscle, thereby breaking down adhesions and relieving any pain you may be experiencing. It is not an overnight success story by any means, you may need more than one consultation, depending on the severity of your tension. You may also notice that your pain fees increased or you feel bruised after your appointment, this is completely normal and can easily be managed with over the counter pain medication. As the area relaxes, the pain will subside, this may take twenty four hours or more.

Deep tissue massage is very effective in helping restore movement. If you find yourself with a stiff neck, which is caused by the muscles in your upper back, you may find that you can not turn your head in certain directions. This can make everyday tasks, such as driving, exceptionally difficult. With the right treatment, you can find the movement improving and the pain reducing, enabling you to go on with life completely pain free with full range of movement moving forward.

This type of therapeutic massage can help with chronic pain, back pain, reduced mobility, injury recover, repetitive strain injury, muscle tension, fibromyalgia and so much more.

It is important to note that deep tissue massage is a specialized therapy that is not usually offered at the local day spa. You will have to find a practice that specializes in this massage with a team of trained and experienced therapists who are able to help you increase your pain and improve your mobility for now and in the future.

In most instances you will have a consultation, where the massage therapist will discuss your condition in detail, identifying where the problem areas are. They will learn more about your medical history and then provide you with the deep tissue massage you need to help you start your recovery process. In some instances, depending on the severity of your condition, you may need more than one appointment to get you on the road to recovery. The appointments are usually spaced apart, giving your body and muscles time to recover after each consultation and enable the deep tissue massage to start working.

You will find that deep tissue massage is a less invasive solution to helping you achieve chronic pain, muscle pain and limited mobility.

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A Massage Is More Than Just a Spa Day Activity

When some people hear the word massage, the first thing that comes to mind is an image of their dream vacation at a luxury spa beach resort on a secluded island. Although massages are offered as a form of pampering for luxury purposes, this stimulation procedure is also used as a legitimate health technique, which can help treat issues such as insomnia, stress, headaches, digestive disorders, sports injuries and more.

Insomnia and Migraines

One of the health benefits of a massage is its ability to treat insomnia, the clinical term for the incapacity to fall sleep at night. Insomnia is a very common ailment, affecting more than three million people in the US According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, inadequate sleep can lead to a higher risk for illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, obesity, and more. Because these types of diseases are some of the main causes of premature death in the United States, it is safe to say that this particular muscle stimulating activity is extremely beneficial.

Not only can a massage reduce the risk of sleeplessness, it is also reported that this activity can significantly reduce the pain associated with tension headaches and migraines. For many people, migraines can become a debilitating affliction, preventing them from working, or enjoying their leisure time. Of course, there is medicine available to help with migraines, but the truth is, in certain cases, taking pills just does not get the job done. There are also those who are interested in avoiding the possible side effects, which come from taking medicine.

Digestive Disorders

Along with the aforementioned advantages, massages are often used to treat digestive disorders, such as bloating, constipation, cramping, and more. Constipation, for instance, is an issue that affects millions of people on an ongoing basis. Some people deal with this problem on an almost weekly or even daily basis, with little to no relief.

In 2014, the publication Massage Today noted that nearly 15 percent of the United States population suffers from constipation. By reducing the risk of this illness, there is a diminished need for things like laxatives, as well as a reduction in the dangerous effects that this sickness has been known to cause.


Muscle stimulation is also beneficial in the area of ​​prevention. It is often used as the go-to method to treat athletes as they continue to put their bodies and muscles through intensive daily stress. However, it can also be used as a tool to prevent common injuries that come along with intense physical training. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but when an athlete can circumvent common injuries, it also reduces the risk of that particular injury turning into something even more severe.

Of course, no one can appeal that a massage is an enjoyable luxury for spa days and vacations. There are tremendous advantages to these types of relaxation, too. However, the serious and potentially life-saving health benefits that can come along with this activity should not be overlooked.

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Find Your Nirvana With a Massage

Imagine escaping the pressures of the world if only for an hour. And in this hour, you feel the stress and tension being lifted away, you feel lighter and brighter, you feel reborn and revitalized.

Why have not you been bothering yourself better yet? That's a question you should ask yourself. With the heavy workload, social pressures, and family life-the human body endures much more than ever before. If these factors are not enough, we have added elements that can cause damage to our well-being: things like air pollution, additives and preservatives, poor eating and exercise habits, hormones and supplements, and technology. We often do not realize that what we put into our bodies and the environment we live in affects us on a cellular level.

The World of Massages

Massage is an alternative medicine used for centers in some cultures. Some techniques are for the body that has been tightened by stress or exercise; others are for cleansing the system or even revitalizing the mind and spirit. These methods are used to cure what ails you or to give you a relaxed state of mind. Essentially, there is one to suit your every need. And in today's society, there's no doubt that people need to take the time to slow down more frequently.

Since the busy world around you, you can step into another world where time moves at a different pace, your mind can slow down, and you can return to a place of self-healing. Most come from far away cultures that can transport you to another time and space; from Thailand to Hawaii and Egypt to India, share cultural secrets that help obtain inner peace. Your body is your sanctuary; you should be treating it at least every few months.

There are various techniques; some that use aromatherapy, oils, and organic elements like stones or flowers. Some use sound, music, or light therapy where others use ancient techniques that have stood the test of time. When it comes to massages, you have a plethora of options that will lead to a renewed state of mind and spirit.

Even for those who have suffered injuries, physical trauma, or sports related stresses, massage therapy is a perfect way to overcome such hurdles in life. Therapists are trained in the ways of alternative medicine as well as traditional medicine, therefore using the best of both worlds to help you achieve some relief and return to regular activities.

An Ideal Gift

Of course, massages are ideal for couples that are looking to do something unique and strength their bonds. They are a great gift for mothers and daughters as well as best friends who want to do something out of the ordinary.

Explore the diverse options available. Try a new one very few weeks, test out which style your mind and body prefer, and enjoy each moment as the music, mood, and masseuse carry you away from this world into a galaxy full of harmony.

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Intuitive Massage and Bodywork

In my lifetime I have received and given hundreds of massages. While this does not make me an expert on massage, there are some things I have learned through the years about the minority energy exchange that happens before, during and after a treatment. As a practicing psychic, who loves to get body work done, I am very particular about who I have work on me. When choosing a massage therapist, I want them to have a mindful presence. I appreciate a therapist with a conscious intention that the massage be positive, healing, relaxing, and therapeutic. I know that In addition to the physical touch, there is an energy transference that occurs during a session. I want this energy exchange to be positive. It is important to me to choose a massage therapist that I trust to hold a “sacred space” so I can relax and release any tension or stress and feel safe on the table. I learned this discernment after I experienced some massages that impacted me negatively and left me feeling drained.

Some massage therapists are more intuitive than others and can “read” the needs of my body and my emotional state even before I speak to them. Other massage therapists are doing their job, giving a massage, but it is from a much more detached and automatic place. Their heart may not be in it or they may not have developed the extra sensitivity to intuit what I need. Unfortunately, some other body workers may also have an agenda of their own which detracts from the healing nature of a massage. My goal when receiving a massage is to let go and open to the experience, so I can relax and go deeply within to receive the healing transmission. I'm not there on the table to teach, entertain, stimulate or please my therapist. When I book a massage, it is because I am feeling depleted, tense or in pain and want to relax. So it is important I select a therapist that resonates with me.

Many massage therapists are quite psychic and receive intuitive messages, pictures and the causes for pain in the client's body. They may pick up on an old car accident or an injury as they are working silently on the client. This ability to psychically “read” the client's energy field can develop over time. As a massage therapist for many years, I noticed my intuition getting stronger and stronger as I risked sharing little bits of information I received while working on the client's body. Some massage is done in silence or with just soft music playing. There is a grace that happens in the stillness and quiet. When I was open and listening to the messages from the client's body, I learned about their emotional and spiritual needs, as well as the needs of their body's pain and tightness. I studied energy work and learned how to direct a universal healing source of energy, along with the muscular therapeutic touch while giving massages. This combination of healing energy and the therapeutic touch produced a positive effect for the clients.

This minority energy exchange before, during and after a massage can make the difference between feeling refreshed and relaxed from a positive exchange, or depleted and victimized from a negative exchange. Choose your massage therapist carefully. Rather than basing your selection on credentials only, tune into your intuitive feeling about the person and whether or not they are a vibrational “match” for you. A massage can be a sacred, holy gift that energizes and heals on deep levels. Choose wisely.

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All About Reflexology

Reflexology is a type of massage that has been around for centuries. It started as an ancient Chinese way to relax and rejuvenate people by using points on the feet, hands and even the ears as pathways to things that aged them through their bodies.

Today, it is classified as an alternative therapy and while some naysayers will tell you it has no benefit and it just does not work, those who work in the field and those who have the treatments done may just sing a different tune. We know reflexology now as a system of massage used to treat illness and relieve tension and although it has changed a little through the centuries, the basics have always remained the same.

In recent history, reflexology started in the United States around 1913. It was modified a bit in the 1930's and 1940's by Eunice Ingham who molded the whole body into reflexes that led to the feet. This was known as 'zone therapy' and the thought was that anything that hurt or aged you in your body had a direct path to the feet and massaging that spot on the feet would in turn make the body part that ached, for example, feel that much better.

Reflexologists of today use no oil or lotion when they do their treatments, unlike massage therapists who do. They use their fingers and thumbs and sometimes tools like rubber bands or rubber balls to help aid in the treatment and there are specific techniques that are used much like with massage therapists.

Those who swear by the treatments will tell you that they have improved circulation, less stress, increased energy, enhanced sleep patterns, relief from pain and more mobile joints, and the benefits only get better the more treatments you have.

In most cases, reflexology is considered a massage and a lot of major insurance carriers will cover it. All a reflexology session requires is a brief health history and for the patient to remove their shoes and socks. Some therapists start the session by washing the feet beforehand and most allow their patient to sit or lay down – however they feel the most comfortable. Comfort is the key to reflexology, if the patient is comfortable, the treatment will of course have a better outcome. Most treatments last between a half hour and an hour depending on what the patient requires.

Is not it time you sat back, relaxed and tried some reflexology for yourself? It's been used for centuries to help what ails you, why not give it a go?

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Massage Chairs – A Must for a Completely Relaxing Experience

You can not buy a mattress without testing it or checking it out out which involves lying down in a comfortable position and being convinced that that's the one for you! Is not it the same with a massage chair?

This report borders on the funny but we can totally go with it! A Japanese customer checking out massage chairs accidentally went into 'snooze mode' and woke up to discover that he was in a locked store with lights out! After frantically calling the police who traced the shop manager, the customer was released from 'custody' with an apologetic shop manager and an equally apologetic and red-faced customer facing off against each other. The police must have had the last laugh for sure. At best, it can simply be an awesome promotional tactic for the store's collection of massage chairs.

It's not difficult to understand why this happened. Most electronics and furnishing stores are pretty well laid out in the sense that there are enough samples of each item for customers to touch and feel for functionality, versatility, features and price. Japanese stores are renamed for the large number of floor models on display in their shop fronts.

A simple chair is designed to provide easy access and comfort for the head, neck and shoulders; a robotic version of a massage chair uses electronic motors and vibrators that simulate the massage experience. Traditional massage therapists offer onsite massages to clients in their homes, at clinics, business offices etc.

These chairs are meant for total relaxation and there are several models to choose from, so all the more reason that you spend extra care and attention while purchasing one.

There are many aspects to consider while buying a massage chair but from a customer's perspective, asking these simple questions can help narrow down choices.

• Will the seller help in making informed choices based on suitability, need and price options?

• Can I be assured of trouble-free home delivery and installation without additional charges?

• Is adequate warranty coverage there and can I easily enforce it?

• Will I be assured of hassle-free, onsite service for maintenance and repairs?

Investing in a massage chair is an investment for health, relaxation and rejuvenation. Here, you should expect not only a completely satisfying buying experience but an equally rewarding usage experience. Equally, following instructions for usage, maintenance and handling is vital as wrong usage can lead to unwanted injuries or other health problems, which was the single most important reason for investing in a massage chair in the first place.

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Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling – What is it?

If you are a member of a gym, chances are you have seen foam rollers lying around the functional area. They are the cylindrical tubes that range from soft, spiky to rock hard. When foam rollers first made its way into the gym floors, many were unsure of how to use them or even what they were. Now, they are a staple in most fitness fanatics program. Foam rolling, also known as SMR or self-myofascial release involves applying the right amount of pressure to specific trigger points on your body.

What are the benefits of Foam Rolling?

The benefits of SMR are a plenty. First, SMR increases the blood flow through your body. One of the unexplained issues that people face these days is poor circulation. So before you buy every compression sleeve out in the market, give SMR a try to see if the issue lessens. SMR also helps to increase your range of motion, thereby improving your all around movement. Additionally, SMR can reduce risk of injury and help to recover through intestinal training sessions quicker.

When is the Optimal Time to do SMR?

One of the most common asked questions from clients is, “when should I do my SMR / Foam Rolling, before or after the workout?” The answer is both. Prior to your workout, it's ideal to foam roll the trigger points and then go into your dynamic stretching routine. A post-workout cool down foam roll is also beneficial, but if time is short at the gym, opt to do it prior to your workout.

What Causes Trigger Points / Tight Muscles?

Another common question from clients is why do they have these specific trigger points and pain areas when they foam roll? This is a question that will be different for each individual. So many factors go into why we get these pain areas and tight muscles. As we get older, our fitness level and flexibility can decrease which can cause tight muscles, but some of the most common factors to consider are:

Amount of training and intensity involved






Rest (lack ofof)

Other Lifestyle factors

How Does SMR Work?

When putting pressure onto the foam roller itself, the deep compression helps to break up or relax the tight muscles that can form between the layers. Below you will see some photos of the most common foam rolling techniques. After determining your trigger areas, roll carefully over those areas for 20 to 30 seconds until you start feeling the pain dissipate. SMR is a technique, similar to training, that takes time to improve upon. Focus daily on those areas that are the most painful, and soon a huge improvement on fitness, flexibility and wellness will be apparent.

Typical Foam Rolling Movements

1. Gastrocnemius (calf muscle)

One of the most common places for tightness is the calf area, especially in women. Posture and high heels can exacerbate the pain but ensuring that muscles break up, squat technique will improve drastically.

Place the roller just underneath the top part of the calf muscle. Push yourself up for the maximum pressure and roll back and forth until you feel the toughest part of the muscle. Then either roll over it or keep it static over the tight muscle until the pain lessens. Repeat on the other side.

2. TFL / IT Band

The TFL (tensor fascia latae) located at the top part of the hip is connected to the IT Band (iliotibial band) further down toward the knee. This is another area that can get extremely tight and painful adhesions develop. This again, can affect the way you squat and perform various other exercises as well.

Lying on your side, place the roller under your hip. Use your elbows to push yourself up and start slowly rolling from the TFL all the way down the IT Band. It is advisable that when starting this roll, a softer roller is used until flexibility improves in this area.

3. Adductor / VMO

In a position position, place the roller on the inside of the thigh. Prop yourself up on elbows and placing pressure, roll from the top part of the adductors (inner thigh) to the top part of the inner knee (vastus medialis oblique).

4. Piriformis and Glutes

The piriformis is a small muscle located deep within the hip joint near the gluteus maximus. As this muscle lies close to the sciatic nerve, when it's tight, it can cause the nerve to flare up and spasm.

Sitting on the roller, cross one leg over the other, lean back and roll back and forth until the pain eases. This move will also help ease the tightness in the glutes.

5. Lattisimus Dorsi

The latissimus dorsi, also known as lats, is one of the areas that are most overlooked in SMR. The lats are a large muscle group, and if tight, can cause an array of problems. It's the origin of the most common problems: tension in the neck, shoulder pain and dysfunction and overall back pain.

Lying on your side, place the roller between the armpit and upper back. Lift the hip up and roll back and forth until the tension starts to ease.

6. Back Muscles

It's not always recommended to foam roll your back shown in the photo above as the roller does not tend to get the difficult tension areas. But if your back just needs an all round stretch, this position can be quite a relief. If there are specific areas around the back that need a bit more detail, a tennis ball or massage ball would be better suited for this.

7. Quads / Thighs

The quadriceps are also quite a large muscle group and have the tendency to build up a lot of lactic acid from training. No doubt after sabotaging the leg extension machine this is fantastic to stretch out the muscle and provide much needed relief.

With the foam roller on the group, lie carefully on top making sure that the roller is at the top of the quad muscle. Propping up on elbows, roll from top to bottom slowly until the tension eases.


SMR is an extremely important technique to add to your current training and fitness program. Not only will it strengthen your technique and performance in the gym, it will work to prevent injury and decrease recovery times. So make sure you perform your daily foam rolling.

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Energize Yourself With an Invigorating Massage

Types of Massages: There are as many types of massages as there are masseurs or massage parlors. Most experienced masseurs do tend to have their own special way of applying pressure and squeezing out those muscles. With most massages falling into a few generalized types, there can be a broad classification as follows:

• Swedish massage: This method uses kneading action and long strokes of the arm to bring about a vibrating effect; removing stress from bodies.

• Deep tissue massage: Here the connective tissues and the layers of flesh that are deep below the surface is stimulated with strong forceful action that is meant to penetrate the body.

• Sports massage: Most sportsmen these days under go this massage. It is meant to relax, at the same time helps the body recover from physical activities. Injuries are cured quickly when applied with this massage.

• Pointed massage: The various trigger points laid out all over the body are stimulated with this type of massage. The aim can be healing as well as recovery from over use of body parts.

Benefits of Massage: There are a whole lot of benefits from body and muscular massages. People do under go massages to bring about health benefits and good feeling to themselves. The massage is now seen as an alternate stream of medicine. On many occasions, the massage is completed with other forms of medicines. It can be used to elevate moods and treat anxiety. In modern day sports, foot massaging shoes are used to bring about better condition of physique and prevent injuries. Even with all this going, a lot of people just get a massage just because it feels good. The deep relaxation that a good massage brings is rejuvenating as well as relaxing.

Risks Associated With Massage: Today, the massage is considered as an alternate stream of medicine. This is because of the powerful nature of the activity. Healing has been initiated and sped up with the application of a good massage. At the same time, there is a risk of inexperienced and untrained hands trying their bit with giving massages. This is a very grave mistake. A wrong technique not only causes harm but that it takes a lot of money and effort to rectify any harm done. So, it is important that a massage is done only by people who understand the medium. There are various medical bodies that certify the competency of masseurs, bringing about a standard to the practice. For more details visit our website.

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6 Tips for a Good Back Massage

Performing any therapeutic and advanced back massage can require plenty of professional training. However, a relaxing and efficient massage can still be given to anyone without proper training. There are a few basic techniques of massage that can help you a lot to give a great massage. Some important tips for giving a great back massage are as follows.

1. Choose an appropriate and comfortable location

Using a massage table can give you the best access to anyone's back. It is also built for a great level of comfort and provides a proper alignment for your spell. There are however a few alternatives you can look at in case there is no table available. For example, you can try using the floor, a bed or a couch.

2. Pour the massage oil on your palms

You need to start by using one teaspoon and this is roughly the size of a quarter. You can also rub it between your hands before actually applying it to a person. There are certain good oils to use like grape seed oil, coconut oil, almond oil and jojoba oil.

3. Spread the oil around

The technique of spreading the oil around is called as effleurage and this means light friction. You can use gliding movements in long or sometimes even strokes. Also use your whole hands and start the massage by moving them upward.

4. Use a Petrissage technique

A Petrissage technique is a one that uses a short ad circular stroke by applying more pressure when compared to effleurage. You can also think of this as a technique of kneading that can use pressing as well as rolling in order to enhance a defect level of circulation. This technique can also use the fingertips, palm and knuckles.

5. You can also use the technique of muscle lifting

In order to perform this, you can close your fingers and also hold out the thumb. You need to apply all he pressure in a lifting motion and twisting manner. Also keep alternating your hands in a movement that can be described as a windshield wiper.

6. Apply good quality twists

This means that you need to come back and around to the side of the person. Also reach around the far hip with the help of one hand that rests on your nearer hip. With the help of a fluid motion, you can also pull one hand towards you while pushing the other hand away.

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5 Things You Should Know While Buying a Massage Chair

A massage chair is a result of the technological progress that this world is making. These chairs can offer a great massage at a reasonable cost. As far as these chairs are concerned, there is a difficult decision that all of us at some point or the other have to make. There are some tips that need to be followed while buying these massage chairs. These tips are as follows.

1. The motors of these chairs is extremely vital

There are two main things that you will have to find out here. You will have to find out exactly where these motors are made. The best motors are manufactured in Japan. They are made with an intention of thinking long and are also made with a great amount of precision.

2. Look for all those points of warranty

You will have to get an adequate protection of warranty while buying a chair for massage. You can also at times negotiate for a longer term because very often you will be dealing directly with a manufacturer.

3. Never believe any mind blowing claims

A seller will any time make some claims that will be hard to believe. Yes, you should not buy these claims as these can delude you during your purchase. This is just a tactic that is used by most sales people. Always make your own decision while buying a massage chair.

4. Be careful while buying from warehouses

No, we are not discouraging you from buying from warehouses. You just essentially have to be careful before proceeding with your purchase. These warehouses will offer you the chair at a low cost but in return you might get a finished level of quality. Warehouses at times can offer great quality of massage chairs but you should never fall in the trap of a fake chair yet eye pleasing one.

5. Stay away from small time vendors

As far as massage chairs are concerned, there are hundreds and thousands of small time vendors who will offer you numerous types of deals. You just need to make sure that these deals never get in your way of purchase. These small time vendors can also trick you to buy a chair above its market value. You need to avoid these type of vendors and make sure that you do so in a sophisticated manner. It is one of the important things to remember.

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Is Massage the Ultimate Relaxation Tool?

This piece has a subjective question at its heart and a subjective answer to match it. As a massage school we know firsthand just how good a relaxation tool massage is. Therefore this piece is not so much a comparison of different relaxation techniques (many although there are), rather it is a piece on how effective massage therapy is in helping you slow down and chill out. Before we look closely at its merits as a tool we will take a brief look at just what relaxing does to your body.

What happens to you when you 'relax'?

We all know what relaxing is, we're all conscious of getting as much relaxation as possible into our lives, but what exactly is 'relaxing' and what happens to us and our bodies when we do manage to chill out?

When we manage to take a step back, slow down and enjoy life we ​​all call this relaxing. When we do this our body reacts. Our blood pressure improves, our mental health is improved, and you reduce the chance of diabetes and bring stress levels down.

You can see why relaxing is important from the above. It is important to manage our stress levels. This will improve our mood and general outlook on life. You're also going to be able to sleep better. There are many good points to relaxing and in general it will have a positive impact on your overall health.

It is important to get some 'chill time'.

How massage is perfect for relaxation

Massage therapy is perfect for the job. By having both physical and mental benefits it is very effective and the two combine very well.

First we look at what happens physiologically. A good therapist will be able to take you into a peaceful state in which your heart and breathing rate slows down, your blood pressure reduces and your stress and anxiety dissipates. The process will also release serotonin which positively effects your emotions and leave you feeling pretty good.

Then there is the physical side of things. Whilst not as effective as bringing you into a relaxed state, it is important to remember a healthy body is a happy body. The physical manipulation of your soft tissue will improve blood circulation, improve the delivery of oxygen and improve the health of your body. And as we know a more efficiently running body takes less energy and strain on your life.

If you add aromatherapy into the mix you get a very potent relaxation technique and tool.

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4 Ways How a Remedial Massage Can Be Helpful

Needless to say, we are all aware of the few kinds of massage that are available these days. Once you open the yellow pages, you will find innumerable kinds of therapies ranging from sports therapy, deep tissue, Thai, relaxation and hot stone. But which one is suitable for you? You can not just barge into a therapy center and indulge in any kind of therapy you feel like.

Contrary to common perception, not all therapies are remedial in nature. These kinds of therapies are the ones where the therapists remedy muscle problems in the body. Therapies like deep tissue and sports massage are the ones which are part of the remedial therapy and bring a change or effect in the body. But therapies like hot stone are not part of any remedies but only bring about relaxation in the body.

So what are the advantages of remedial therapy?

  • Great reply from muscle aches and joint pains : Whether it's the neck, arms, legs, shoulders or back, all aches are caused by muscle contractions. Sometimes you may feel a sharp pain due to the contracting which is why a remedial therapy can be of great help in breaking up the contracted muscles to relieve you of any pain.
  • Reduces chronic pains : People who have chronic pains assume that they have to live with the pain, but it's totally untrue. These pains are a resultant of chronically tight muscles which causes nerve irritation and inflammations. Through these therapies, the therapists remove the muscle compensations causing the pain to disappear gradually.
  • Great stress buster and promote relaxation : Yes, stress is an emotional response, but the effect of stress falls on the whole body. When you are stressed out, you would have noticed very stiff shoulders? Or after a hard day at work, you feel fatigued? If you do, this kind of therapy can actually help you release all the tightness in the muscles.
  • Improved mobility : Elder people derive great pleasure from this kind of therapy because it gives them the chance to enhance their mobility and flexibility. But it's not just for more elderly people as even middle aged, or even teenagers can greatly benefit. People these days are too busy to daily exercise which is why this kind of therapies can really be helpful.

These are just four of several benefits of this kind of therapies but do not expect for your pain to miraculously disappear after just one setting. You have to do it frequently in order to gain the highest level of satisfaction.

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Benefits of Massage – Couple and Facial Massage

A lot of scientific research has been done and it has proven that massage therapy comes with many health benefits which include some of the following

Relaxing Muscles – A good massage session is the solution to neck, back or muscle pain. Massage gets to the root of persistent pain by relaxing tense muscles.

Relieving Stress – A single massage session can significantly lower heart rate and insulin levels. Being stress free leads to a more productive life.

Improving Posture – Putting your posture back to track can be achieved effectively through massage therapy as it helps reinforce healthy and natural movements.

Relieves Headaches – By reducing the pain and pressure, massage reduces the chance and frequency of headaches.

With the magical touch, massage therapy has also been proven to improve conditions such as cancer, mental health, pain and cases of infant care.

For the couples there is always something for you. As they put it, everything is better in twos. This type of massage is like no other as it offers double the benefits and doubles the relaxation. The main idea behind this massage is you get to enjoy a side-by-side massage designed to be shared with your significant other or some good friend and also get to enjoy some bonding time. Other benefits associated with it include allowing the two people to completely relax and release personal or mutual pressures. Couples also find comfort and a safe haven to unwind, the valuable presence of each other is also appreciated and they get to enjoy renewal together.

Facial massage is an integral part of good skin care. It is a proven way to helps you remain beautiful, youthful and maintain a radiant face. Surrounded by an environment filled with pollution and toxic chemicals facial cells are bound to get worn out but with some good facial massage the cells get rejuvenated because restoring facial glory. Other benefits of facial massage include encouraging detoxification and lymphatic drainage, reducing infection and swelling and creating more optimum skin health.

Finally we get to look at foot massage, which is a very healthy, healing and therapeutic form of massage. Foot massage is critical since a large number of nerve endings are found on the soles, and opposite ends of those same nerves spread in all other parts of the body. Foot massage is done applying applying pressure on specific points of the feet.

Some great benefits of foot massage includes eliminating headaches, reducing pain experienced by people with flat feet, increasing circulation of blood especially for people who wear tight shoes and helping to reduce muscle fatigue.

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