What You Should Know About Foot Massagers

Whether you are a runner, a basketball player, any other athlete, or a just a plain shopaholic and window shopper you can never escape the curse of painful soles when you have overused your poor feet. A comfortable pair of shoes that is most appropriate for your activity may help you in avoiding painful feet in regular activities but that is not always the case.

In an episode of painful feet, it is very valuable to have a foot massager in handy. This is the very reason why, these days, foot massage stalls can be found in many big malls. By availing of their service, tired shoppers can sit for a few minutes and relax while their fatigued feet are being brought back to life.

True enough, such business does not run out of customers and are jam-packed most of the time. Having your own massage product is also highly desirable because with it, you can have your much needed foot massage right at the comfort of your own home. People used to consider this idea as a luxury but now that a wide array of massagers is available, including cheap ones, you can easily fit it in your budget!

Foot massage products nowdays also have high functionality. This is one of the many things that should be considered when getting a massager. Most of them today come with a built in leg massager. This type is the one used in foot massage stalls. They can deliver a satisfying amount of pressure to both the legs and feet which can really help the blood flow.

On the other hand, there are some models that concentrate on facilitating the feet. These include the foot spa bath which is used in spa parlors, the warm foot massager which has a sock-like pouch where the feet will be warmed and inserted-perfect for cold winter nights, and the Shiatsu massager which may be hot or cold.

One of the more extreme pieces is the foot massage slippers which are also available in unique and creative designs such as the penguin. It does not matter whether you are young or old or if you prefer a hard or soft massage. There is definitely a massager that will give you what you want and need. Almost all these products come with a remote control which you can use to set the pressure and massaging pattern.

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The Healing Benefits Of Massage Therapy For All People

Massage therapy is not based on sketchy science that only works for a competent of clients. In truth, it is based on proven medical principles. Almost everyone can benefit from the talented hands of a masseuse. This is how those therapies work and what you can expect to happen as a result of them.

We need this sort of treatment based on the way our bodies receive energy from the foods we consume. Each time we put tension in our muscles, they use part of the food we consume in order to contract. When everything is working properly, the segments of our nourishment they burn are the sugar parts. While in the blood stream, those sugar parts are called glucose.

Consuming glucose for energy makes a byproduct build up in the muscle fibers. This byproduct is called lactic acid. The more muscle tissues contract the more lactic acid you will produce. As you make more and more acid, the tissues burn more intensely. The burning sensation lets you know they are contracting vigorously.

Many people experience that burning feeling after or during strenuous exercise. This is not the only time lactic acid can build up in your body. Whenever you lease a muscle for a long period of time, you might feel it burning. Sitting in one position for too long can cause that chain of events to happen. Working at a computer with your shoulders hunched can cause you to overproduce the acid. Studying at a table with your neck bent in the same position for too long can also bring on the burn.

People regularly experience aches in their muscle tissue from tensing it for an extended period. A masseuse can help alleviate the suffering. They are taught in methods that cause the lactic acid to leave the muscle fibers that created it.

It is useful to envision a masseuse as a muscle fiber plumber. She encourages the final product of glucose consumption to exit the muscles. As the rubs the fibers with her hands and fingers, she makes the acid flow out and into the bloodstream. After she is finished, you may feel relief in muscles that did not seem that painful before she started!

No matter how good a masseuse is her technique can only do half of the work needed for acid removal. If you allow it to remain in the blood stream, you will soon find yourself aching again. Before the end of the day, you will be ready for another massage. To prevent that burning sensation from returning, drink between six and eight glasses of water. Doing so will move the acid out of the blood stream and will keep the painful sensation away.

Massage therapy helps to alleviate tension in muscles. Muscles feel painful and tense as a result of too much lactic acid built up in them. A masseuse releases the acid by rubbing her hands and fingers into the muscles. Drinking water after treatment removes the byproduct from the blood stream, helping you feel better all day.

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The Benefits of a Massager

These days, even day to day work and typical daily living can be stressful. You do not have to be a chief executive officer of a multinational company to experience stress. Common people, both young and old, experience stress on a daily basis. As a result, many people are in constant search of relaxation or anything that can help them relieve stress. Even drugs that work as stress relievers have already been tried by many people just to get rid of dreaded stress. However, this product may have unwanted side effects. Fortunately, someone somewhere has invented the massager which is very convenient and safe.

In most cases, it can be quite a hassle to have to leave home just to go to a massage parlor or spa. It can be a problem for common workers since it is not easy for them to fit such an appointment in their already hectic schedule. Luckily, you can find relaxation and relief from stress at the comfort of your own home with a massager.

Having a massager at home will help you save money. If you have it, you do not have to pay for fare or fuel which will be consumed on your way to the massage parlor. You also do not have to pay every time you get a massage. To put it simply, you get a relaxing massage whenever you want and as long as you want by only paying once! How great is that?

A massager is not only beneficial for saving time and money but also gives health benefits. It assists blood flow which results to better health. Aside from these, since massaging relieves stress, it also helps fabricate a positive outlook in a person. A positive outlook and good attitude toward things can result in other countless benefits. Rational speaking, being in a good mood can significantly improve work output.

Some people fail to realize that a massager can do wonders while many people have found and proven its benefits to be true. Because of this, the claims have risen through the years and nowdays, we have a wide array of massagers available for different people with diverse demands.

Now, there are massagers specifically designed for the shoulders, neck, head, back, lumbar, legs, feet, and other areas of the body. There are numerous choices in functionality which makes owning a massager more ideal. Also it is very convenient to shop online and have massagers delivered to your home.

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Origins of Pain – Did You Know That Pain Does Not Necessarily Come From Where You Feel It?

Pain experienced in the lower back or neck and shoulder may in fact have its origin in the spine. All muscles in the body are innervated by spinal nerves – so every muscle is linked to the area of ​​the spinal where its root of the nerve emerges. If you suffer from pain, there is a very effective way to treat your condition with acupuncture and massage therapy.

If a tree's roots are well-nourished and not cramped, its branches and leaves will be healthy, strong and flexible; Similarly, if your spine has space between the vertebrae and the root of your nerves are not compressed by other tissues, the muscles they serve will be nourished, supple and balanced.

If there is an anomaly at the root of the nerves, however, because of a narrowing of the inter-vertebral spaces, there will be compression at the root, and you will experience shortened muscles, pain in the body, weakness and tingling sensations. The muscle who root of the nerve is compromised is like a leaf that can not get enough nourishment because the tree's root is cramped – both became small and pale.

Inter-vertebral compression can be caused by an injury to one or more vertebrae, repetitive stressing activities, or an imbalance in the interconnection of the vertebrae, and it results in both a shortening of the multifidus muscles – the small muscles that connect to the vertebrae above and below – and compression of the root of the nerve.

Treatment focuses on assessing the muscles involved in the pain pattern and identifying the corresponding root of the nerve in the spine. Using acupuncture, we activate the root of the nerve and access and relax the deep multifidus muscles to open the inter-vertebral space and release the constricted nerve at the root. Using massage, digital pressure and movement, we soften and stretch the tissue and joints around the spine as well as the affected muscles, creating a real and sustainable change in the condition. Pain or imbalance that originates not in the nerve at the root but in the muscle itself also benefits from this treatment. Treating the nerve at the root causes a reset of the muscle and initiates a healing process in the painful muscle.

If you suffer from lower back, neck or shoulder pain, whether acute or chronic, you can effectively treat your condition with acupuncture and massage therapy as well as lifestyle configurations.

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Choose a Massage Table That Will Fit You!

Massage Table Dimensions

Here are the massage table dimensions that you should be keep in mind when you're out comparing various brands. Bear in mind that there are several factors that you should pay attention to if you want to provide the best degree of comfort to your clients. Not everything you presuppose about massage table dimensions and their characteristics may be that important when considering your clients' comfort.

Table Width: Getting the widest massage table may not be the best option for you. There are yet other features that are just as important as the width of your working space. For instance, you should also consider ease of access. This will help both the client and your therapist. Tables that are just too wide will leave your therapist hard pressed or have difficulty moving.

As a general rule, the narrower your table the better access will be given to the therapist. It will also provide better portability as well. Wider tables just make it too difficult to reach your client in order for a massage to be effective. However, you should not get tables that are just too narrow.

If your therapist stands taller than 5'10 “then your table width should be from 27” to 33 “For therapists that are 5'4” tall to 5'10 “the recommended width is from 27” to 31 “. therapists are much shorter than that then you should not get a table that is wider than 29 “.

Table Height: Your standard commercial table's height will range from 24 “to 34”. This range can generally serve most of the massage therapists everywhere. As a rule of thumb, the table should not be any taller than the therapist's hip.

Table Top: This is another consideration you also have to keep in mind. You get to choose from flat top, rounded corners, flex or tilt top. Nowadays, the flex or tilt top has become quite popular, especially among portable type massage tables. Tilt tops allow you to add support to clients that are placed in sitting position. Other features also add support to the back and legs.

Padding Thickness: Padding thickness usually range from 2.25 “to 3”. This is most likely enough to support most clients. You should also consider the padding density instead of getting one that is thicker. Both factors ensure your client's comfort.

Always take these aspects into consideration. Getting a table that is wider, taller, and with a thick padding is not always the best. Pay close attention to these other factors when choosing a suitable massage table .

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Massage Table: The Ins and Outs

With all the choices and varieties available, picking the right massage table can be a little intimidating. There are some important things to consider when deciding which is the best choice.

Massage tables are available in different widths. There is a simple standard size or some may choose a narrower or wider model based on their needs. Someone of smaller stature with short arms would probably be more comfortable with a narrower table.

There are massage tables that are stationary and those that are portable. If the massage table will need to be bought from place to place with the masseuse, the portable model is the obvious choice.

Another important element to consider is the amount of padding the table provides. Depending on the type of massages that are given, one may choose more or less. A deep tissue massage will be more productive with less padding, whereas a Swedish massage needs a bit more. Additional padding for a massage table can be purchased at a later time if needed. It's always a good idea to purchase the highest quality padding one's budget permits. A masseuse will also have to choose either mid range or premium density padding.

While some people seem to have a preference for a particular color of massage table, the fact is that they will be covering their table with a sheet the majority of the time. The color will seldom be seen except changing the sheets.

For a new masseuse just getting their start there may be a discount program in their particular school which will allow them to get a great price on their first massage table. Also, by searching online some great deals can be found. Visiting a showroom, if possible, is always the best idea. This provides the opportunity to try the table out from the standpoint of both the masseuse and customer.

When deciding on a particular size of massage table, keep in mind that the average length is 73 inches. However, tables ranging from 65 to 85 inches can be purchased. Various different widths are also available. Tables generally average 25 to 32 inches in width.

There are also two different types of headrests available. The first one is stationary and can be removed from the table when not in use. The second one has adjustable settings and folds down into the table when it is not needed.

Another factor to consider is the end plates. Depending on the intended usage, one may desire open or closed end plates. For practicing reiki, open end plates are preferred to allow for placing one's legs underneath the table. One may also desire collapsible table legs to place the table on the floor. This is especially useful for practicing Shiatsu massage.

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What Can I Do To Lessen Post Deep Tissue Massage Soreness?

Before the session:

Go into the session hydrated. If your muscles are not hydrated, then the circulatory response from a massage is not as effective. If you are dehydrated, the body will ration the blood to the highest priority. Your body is not going to take the fluid away from organs which are necessary for survival, but your joints and muscles are secondary. One of the first signs of chronic dehydration is muscle and joint discomfort. The fluid in your joints (synovial fluid) needs to be plentiful to hydrate the joint through movement. The muscles will be more prone to damage on an everyday basis if chronically dehydrated … think of a new rubber band, and an old, discharged out one. Having enough water in your system during a massage will allow your body to flush old 'stuff' (by-products of muscle contraction, old blood) out of your muscles, and system more quickly, helping an old injury to heal faster.

If you are going to exercise the day of a deep tissue massage, do it BEFORE your session. Your muscles will be more relaxed after the session, which means it's really important not to put a heavy load on them, or the joints they support and protect. It's suggested you do no heavy lifting, pounding or twisting the rest of the day, after you have your massage. A nice stroll in the evening after a massage seems to have a great reset for the body as a whole and can do wonders for the mind as well.

Being warm just before a deep tissue massage is great. If you have the chance to work out just before a massage, that is ideal … and honestly, if you are still a little sweaty from your workout, most massage therapist would not even care. For those who have the luxury of sitting in a hot bath just before their session, that is bonus too. If you are warm, your muscles will be more relaxed, and the massage will be more effective. For anyone doing an hour or longer massage, the use of moist heat packs for added comfort can help with releasing muscles in the back in particular.

During the session:

This point can not be stressed enough. People have the tendency to have the mind set when it comes to deep tissue massage that it has to hurt to work. Actually communicating with your therapist when the point of pain becomes just more that uncomfortable would be a fairly good gauge. As in, if you feel like you need to pull away from the therapist and can not relax through it, it is probably time to tell them. Communicate with your therapist as they can only feel what they are feeling, not what you are feeling.

After the session:

You've heard it over and over again, if you've had a massage before … drink plenty of water. The reason for this is above, but it will be more effective if you are hydrated before your massage session. The more you can flush the old stuff out of your muscles and your system after the deep tissue work, the more effective the circulatory response will be, and the better you will feel the next day.

Keep your shoulder bag or backpack off your shoulder after your session. It will recruit the muscles we worked to release during the massage, and can cause more soreness! Also, keep the alcohol to a minimum or avoid it completely. Alcohol, along with caffeine, both has dehydrating effects, and will make your massage less effective. Avoid rushing right back to the real world after your session too. Why jump from a relaxed state into chaos? Slowly enter reality again by scheduling a bit of time to gradually let your senses acclimate to get the most of your session.

Some people find that their soreness after deep tissue work is significantly diminished by taking a hot bath after a massage. This advances the circulatory response, by bringing blood to the surface of the skin and cleansing the system to another degree.

Allow yourself to rest, and if you can sleep on your back, it can help with soreness the next day. This is because the muscles that were released during a massage will get squashed in most other sleeping positions and may cause discomfort the next day.

ALSO, when you receive your first deep tissue massage, it will be a much different sensation than subsequent sessions. Most clients will share that their second massage feet SO much better than the first time. Part of this is due to the fact that when the tissue is manipulated for the first time, there are many surfaces adhered to one another due to repetitive strain, or chronic postural positions. Once the tissue is moving again, particularly if you are following the 'homework' (stretches / ergonomic suggestions) and the awareness from the first session, the muscle and connective tissue is bound to be much more hydrated, nourished and healthy the second go- around. So, do not be surprised if your second massage is that much more effective in gaining mobility and much more comfortable during deep work.

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The History of Massage

One could easily write volumes about the history of massage, as there is a wide variety of different techniques and different stories about how they got started for virtually every culture on the planet. This article will only look at a brief historical explanation of the art of massage.

The Origin of Massage

There is no recorded history of the first person to ever use their hands to help release pain, discomfort, injury or soreness in another person's body. The first recorded writings about massage can be traced back to ancient China about 5,000 years ago, and most people believe the Chinese to be the first to use massage. So how did it get around the world from there?

Massage around the World

There are many popular massage styles used in the United States that can be traced to different parts of the world, such as Swedish massage (which is popular in spas and resorts) and Thai-style massage (which has become a widely used form of alternative therapy). The style of massage that is probably the most popular is based on the Chinese tui na technique. This form of therapy is focused on bringing balance and energy flow to the individual by manipulating specific areas of the body. There is also a similar style that originated in Japan that utilizes some different techniques of manipulating the body for the therapeutic purposes.

The ancient civilizations of Asia are not the only ones to have created their own unique massage therapy techniques. People in ancient Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia and Rome also formed their own styles of massage. Ancient Greek doctors wrote about rubbing techniques that doctors should have experienced in, such as Hippocrates, who wrote of massage therapy techniques similar to what is known today as Swedish massage. In ancient Rome, there are records of the famous Julius Caesar receiving massages for this epilepsy and neuralgia.

Over in France, the royals and other notable individuals also received massages in the early days of their civilization. The official royal surgeon of the Kings of France, Ambrose Paré, revived the art of massage after the Renaissance. And then, it was not long until the practice of Swedish massage came onto the scene. In the 1800s, a Swedish practitioner of medical gymnastics by the name of Pehr Henrik Ling developed the techniques that we now know as Swedish massage.

The history of massage goes back for millennia. Luckily, now we have many specialized forms of massage therapy to ease body and mind.

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Risks Involved In Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is undeniably beneficial to your physical and psychological aspect because of the fact that it is an effective way to gradually eliminate stress, pain and tension from both the body and mind. There are a lot of massage techniques that a therapist can practice and all of these techniques involve pressure application, stretching, rubbing, etc. in order to somehow heal the tension muscles and damaged tissues in the body. Swedish massage technique, deep tissue and shiatsu are just some of the most popular techniques / styles that therapists practice for quite some time now. Each of these techniques simply differs from how they are applied to the body but they can all definately make you feel relieved and relaxed. But despite this, you should also know that there are some risks associated with it that you must not take for granted. You have to take into account that not all people get good benefits from it because there are some that even suffered more after going through a massage therapy.

There are some risks factors that you need to look into and first on the list has something to do with the therapist or the masseuse. Most of the time, massage therapy is being performed by a therapist specifically if you visit a spa or a massage salon. But not just because you are inside a licensed spa or salon, it does not automatically mean that the therapists inside the establishment are professional and licensed. You have to remember that professional and licensed therapists are paid higher than those that are not and this is why there are some massage therapy businesses that consider the option of shaving just any therapist. This is definitely against the regulations and laws but there are businesses that are able to get away to get away with this kind of practice. And if you are getting a massage from a therapist with no license, then you are taking a lot of risks. The therapist may not be able to do the job well and make your condition worst. This can really be a serious problem.

This particular situation can be preverted if you are going to use a massage chair instead or any other types of massage equipments because these things are designed to perform the job well. But the problem is when you do not own the equipment and you are not the only using it. The equipment can be a medium to transmit a certain illness from one person to another. This simply assumes that massage equipment should always be disinfected after using it.

You are also taking a huge amount of risks when you have a very weak skeletal system. Whether you are going to use a massage chair or visit a therapist, pressure and force will still be applied on your body. So instead of reducing stress and tension, there is a great possibility that you will suffer from bone fraction. So before getting a massage, make sure that you are visiting a licensed and professional therapist. If you are going to use a massage equipment, make sure that you are using it right and it is always being disinfected. And of course, you have to consult your doctor first if massage can make you feel better or not.

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Shiatsu Massage: A Popular Massage Therapy Technique

If you are among those people who consider massage therapy as the best way to relax and loosen up, then you are probably aware that there are a lot of massage techniques / styles that a therapist can perform. These techniques differ on the stroke, the application of pressure or in other words, it is how they are performed that makes the techniques different from one another. One of the most popular technique at present and even before is the Shiatsu massage. This particular technique actually originated from Japan and this is when a therapist applies pressure to certain points of your body which are also known as acupressure points. During a Shiatsu massage, the therapist only use his / her fingers, palms and elbows to perform the massage and it may take up to an hour or more. If you get this type of massage technique even two times a week, it may eliminate arthritis pain, stiffness or the muscles, tension and joint pains. In other words, blood circulation in your body will be improved as well as your overall health condition. But how is a Shiatsu massage really being performed?

Unlike other massage techniques that are best performed on a massage bed or chair, Shiatsu is best performed when you are lying on the floor and you're faced up. Then you'll be required by the therapist to take a deep breath for approximately ten minutes so that oxygen can get inside your body and penetrate in your muscles. In this way, you will get a more comfortable massage. For about fifteen minutes, using his / her fingers and palms, the therapist will gently massage your head and your face to improve the blood circulation in such areas. By doing this, your face will be relaxed and will have a healthy glow.

After the head and face, the therapist will then move on to massaging your neck and shoulder area down to the arms and chest area. And this time, he / she will be using her / his palms and thumbs to apply light pressure in a circular and clockwise motion to open up your energy channels. Then down to the part where the kidneys are located for the purpose of helping the kidneys release the toxins from the body.

When the therapist is already done with those areas, next in line would be the legs and feet area. Massaging these parts may take up to about fifteen minutes and most of the time; the therapist's elbows are going to be used. You will then be asked to rack back and forth or stretch your feet up together with your hand because this can also improve the blood circulation. After this, you can take a deep breath again for a couple of minutes before you slowly sit up. It would be better if you take a glass of water to help remove or flush the toxins out the body.

On the other hand, away from massage therapists, Shiatsu massage can also be provided by massage chairs. If you try to shop around, you will be able to find a lot of massage chairs that are designed to also perform different massage techniques and styles. So if you are not able to visit a therapist, you can consider a massage chair as a good alternative.

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Massage Therapy With Its Dos And Don’ts

If you are a new parent, there are some things that you should not do to your kids and there are those that you really have to do. If you want to open up a merchant account for your business, the same idea applies; you still have to consider some dos and don'ts. Actually, almost everything that you are planning to do requires you to think the things that are appropriate to do and those that are not. Even with massage therapy, before getting a massage or while you are in the process of getting the massage, you have to remember some dos and don'ts.

Let's talk about what you should do first before the don'ts. Before setting up an appointment with a therapist or before you use your massage chair, you should drink a lot of water. And just a few minutes or hours of getting the massage, you can do the same thing. This is a very good and effective way to flush out the toxins inside your body and as a proof; you will notice that your urine is clear. In addition, after the massage, you can also consider stretching your muscles a bit. On the other hand, if you are the type of person who always do workouts, it is best to schedule the massage right after your workout. This is because when you workout, the muscles become warm up and the therapist can perform the massage better when your muscles are in this particular state. And lastly, if you are getting a massage for the first time, before setting up a schedule, do a little research first on what techniques will work best on our condition or you can ask some people who are knowledgeable enough about this matter. Consulting your doctor first is also a great idea especially if you have some health problems, he / she can certainly assist with this better.

Moving forward to the don'ts, asking some questions before setting up the schedule with a therapist is something that you should do. If the people in the spa or salon will not be able to provide good and prompt answers, then do not take the risk of getting a massage from them. Perhaps you can consider another place. Never get a massage from a therapist that does not have a license and was not able to go through proper / professional training about massage. When you are already in the process of getting the massage, do not keep secrets, and let the therapist know everything that you think he / she should know especially when it is related to your health. If you are planning to use a massage chair, do not proceed to using it when it is not clean and if you think that it is not capable of providing good massage. And just right after the massage, do not stand right away or even sit down because you might feel dizzy, do it slowly after couple of minutes.

There are indeed a lot of things that should and should not be done before, on and after the massage therapy, the above mentioned are even just some of them. But although it seems so hard to consider these things, taking them into consideration simply mean getting a better massage therapy compared to not considering them at all.

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Different Types Of Massage You Can Receive At Your Local Massage Spas

Have you ever been in that situation when you have to buy a gift for one of your best friends, spouse or parent and you were simply out of ideas? You did not know the size they wear, maybe your tastes in jewelry did not match or you simply would not buy them cosmetics or a pet. In this case, a day at the local massage spa would have the perfect choice, whether the gift is for a male or a female.

Massage was first recorded in China, around 2 BC and it was used as a treatment for various conditions. Indian doctors would also use massage as a remedy, along with Greek and roman doctors who would also use it as a method to treat discomfort and other ailments.

There are many types of massage you can get at your local massage spa, some of the more popular being the Swedish massage, the Thai massage and the Deep Tissue massage.

The Swedish. Living a stressful and tiring life can bring you many aches and pains, so one of the best things your local massage spa can offer you is a relaxing Swedish massage. Using kneading, circular movements, and following the blood flow towards the heart, the Swedish massage helps you increase the body circulation. Also, your Swedish massage practitioner will work on your deeper muscles, to insure you a state of well being.

The Thai. One of the other types of massage your local massage spa may offer you is the Thai massage. A healthy and effective way of relaxation at your local massage spa, the rarely expensive massage starts out with your feet and legs getting massaged, followed by the arms and hands, then shoulders and sometimes head. If you choose to get this kind of treatment, the relaxation and well being state might last for as long as a few days.

The Deep Tissue. Many local massage spas can offer you a deep tissue massage treatment. A very effective massage, consisting of slower and stronger massage techniques that are designed to touch the deepest areas of the muscles, it can be useful for athletes that expose their muscles daily to work out. The local massage spa deep tissue massage practitioner will exert pressure on different groups of muscles, in order to stimulate the circulation in those areas.

Most of the local massage spas also give special massages for pregnant women, offering them tables that will keep the growing tummy safe and comfortable. It is a fact that most of the pregnant women that go to be massaged go through less back and ankle pains and suffer less than emotional stress.

Therefore, if you are in doubt when it comes to a present you have to offer, or if you already know and have already tested the benefits of massage, do not hesitate to grant them with a day at the local massage spa.

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Thailand Beach Massage

The Thai beach massage is incredibly popular. From the beaches of Phuket to Samui to Pattaya, you will find these places every couple of hundred yards along the beach. In the more built up resorts where hotels have beach fronts such as Chaweng and Lamai in Samui, the beach massage signs may be only 20 or 30 yards apart as they vie for trade.

All beach massages are similarly similar, they consist of a bamboo shelter to keep off the sun, some mattresses to lie in and usually between 3 and 5 middle-aged ladies all wearing the same color polo shirts, yellow pink and orange seeming to be the favorites.

I will put my hand up now and confess that I do not see the point in Thai beach massages, the only thing that I can see they have that is better than a street massage shop is that you do not have to move far to get massaged , although this small advantage is outweighed significantly in my opinion by:

A) You already have gunky sun tan oil on you

B) You are probably covered in sand

C) You are probably covered in salt

D) The massage is outdoors so you will continue to sweat

E) All the beach is watching you

F) The ladies have been sat outside in the sun all day !!!!

G) The mattresses contain elements of A, B, C and D

All of the above in my opinion are exactly the opposite of what I require in a massage, I like to be properly shaved, not be sweating because I am in an air conditioned environment, have some privacy so that I can snore in peace, have ladies that smell of Tiger Balm rather than sweat and have the use of a freshly laundered towel and a spotlessly clean mattress cover. None of which are available with a Thailand beach massage.

However, as I said this is only my opinion and if you are sat on a Thai beach you will see that an awful lot of people disagree with me. The only time that I do use the beach massage girls is if they are attached to the hotel that I am staying in and I see them every day on the way to the beach, I may then invite them back for a late afternoon session in my room, especially if I have gotten a little too much sun. By letting g them loose on my Aloe Vera and lying in a cool room the sunburn can be deal with while at the same time maybe having a gentle snooze. I am much more likely although to get shaved and make my way across the road to a normal massage shop and take my Aloe Vera with me as there is always the danger that problem F will return its ugly head if you have the beach massage girl do you in the late afternoon.

Thailand beach massage cost. Amazingly you can expect to pay more for having the massage on the beach, prices tend to be set by the management of the hotel as the beach massage need a base, they can not just set up tent on the main beach, the hotel of course take their cut as well. An average price for traditional massage is 300 to 400 baht per hour on the beach, add another 100 baht if you wanted oil massage. Not my cup of tea thanks!

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Overcome the Fear of Visiting the Chiropractor

When we confront with back pain or any other such pain, the thought of going to a chiropractor usually invokes fear and you refuse from visiting the doctor. The pain increases each day and finally you reach a stage when curing the pain might involve a surgical procedure or so. A simple chiropractic care is very much easier and cheaper than a surgery. People fail to understand this. If you are on your first visit its natural that you might feel some distress and pull back before the visit. Here are a few tips to keep away from your fears.

The first step is to understand what actually a chiropractic treatment is. Refer the internet and books for good information about what is chiropractic care, what is done in it and what are the involved risks and benefits. There are also videos on the web which can give you a clear insight into what to expect at your first chiropractor visit. This will give you an idea about your first visit so that you can be prepared for it. There are also reviews and testimonials of people who have been undergoing treatment. You can also ask for review from your family, friends or co-workers who had been treated by chiropractic. Their stories of well being from chiro care can reduce your worries. You will also be helpful to choose the best one in town.

The best method is to talk with the chiropractor itself via a consultation appointment. Talk with the doctor about your worries. A good doctor will give you reasons and convince you of not getting worried. He will talk with you about what chiropractic care is, the techniques used by him and that there is nothing to be worried.

The need to visit the chiropractor should be recognized and one should try to pay all attention to pain relief. It's better to get away from the pain rather than carry it all through your life. Understand that chiropractic doctors are not any magicians but doctors of 6 years of rigorous study and experience. The only difference from the allopathic doctors is that they do not prescribe any drugs nor do any surgeries. It is the most popular non-drug treatment in the world. Try to recall those very painful times and all of those difficulties that pain has been causing to you. The merirement of a pain free life will force you to go to the doctor.

Finally, when it is the time for your visit, keep yourself prepared. Inform your doctor that it is your first visit to any chiropractic clinic and that you are tensed about what the sitting will involve. The doctor will brief you about the treatment and give you an idea of ​​what to expect and that there is nothing to worry about. This initial talk itself will help you relax and sometimes he might help you with a calming music or a relaxing massage.

After your first visit, you will have lost all your fears and pains and you will be over looking to your next visit. You might wonder why it took you so long that you had to walk with this ache.

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Is the Chiropractor a Doctor?

Chiropractic is the science that deals with the structure and function of the human body. Chiropractic understands and uses the relationship between the spinal and the nervous system and its ultimate role is to cure most of the bodily dysfunctions and thus preserve health.

The chiropractic degree course has a duration of seven years like any other medical degree. The first three years involves a theory course and the last four years is a period of intern. At the end of the seven or more year's course, the individual is granted the qualification of Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). He / she would have taught as much about human physiology as any medical student with a total of 4200 hours of total course period including classroom, project and practical. As any other medical doctoral degree, the chiropractic degree also involves all the basic sciences and must pass the State Board of Examiners basic science exam.

People have looked with awe at the profession of a chiropractor and misunderstood them to be fake doctors who are practicing an unacceptable treatment method. A chiropractor uses hand manipulation treatment to cure conditions like headache, fracture, other aches and pains.

The word 'chiropractic' comes from the word in Greek where it says, 'cheir' meaning hand and 'praxis' means action. The literal meaning of 'chiropractic' is 'done by hand'. The chiropractic doctor does not use any kind of drugs or surgery for treatment. It's an alternative treatment method which uses an approach different from the conventional way to diagnose and treat the condition.

People are of the belief that only a doctor who prescribes medicines and / or conducts surgery is a true doctor. They fail to understand that with none of these drugs and surgical procedures, a great deal of treatment can be successfully conducted. It's due to the narrow mindedness of the people that they fail to understand what such no-drug treatments can do to restore the health of your body. It is the largest drug-free treatment in the word and also the third accepted alternative treatment method.

People are mostly mislead by external sources about what actual is the chiropractic profession. The only difference from an MD doctor is that, they learn pharmacology and surgical while a chiropractor does not have these subjects but instead learns the co-regulation between the spinal and the nerves and the whole spinal and nervous system.

Any other doctor looks into your disease condition and prescribes cure for that condition. While a chiropractor, in spite of looking into your disease also checks your general health and well being. He will help you to gain optimal health from the daily practices and visits, and at the end of the treatment schedule, you will feel that your health has been restored as a whole. Some people argue that the costs are too high. The cost of a medical sitting is high, but this can sure save you from higher costs of prescription drugs and an ultimate surgery. It will leave you feeling better, physically and mentally and will also slow down the aging process.

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