Massage and the Benefits

When we talk about the therapeutic massage today we inevitable think of calm and relaxing times. Possibly surrounded by candles and soft music, creating an atmosphere qualified to relaxation. Undoubtedly, the first therapeutic massage was performed a self massage to calm some sort of pain.

In the past we did not have a full range of portable massage tables, electric massagers, massage chairs or other fancy equipment that exist today and provide us with both massage application on its reception, but our ancestry managed just as well with Caldas, thermal baths , Turkish baths to name a few.

Massage includes a variety of techniques as diverse as that of the different cultures of the world. The passage of time has structured massage techniques to be effective and like nature, massage has evolved. It has become the relaxing, beneficial treatment that we have today.

Massage itself is an art form. You must know a wide range of therapies and particular techniques, then apply them so they will have a positive effect.

When talking about massage therapy we refer specifically to techniques that are used to treat patients suffering from specific diseases that have been diagnosed by a physician. These must be applied by a health professional adequately trained to provide effective and tailor treatment to each diagnosis.

Getting qualified as a masseuse or massage therapist is getting easier everyday. There are plenty of good, reputable schools offering courses in massage therapy. Look into your local university or college and inquire because it could be the start of an exciting and rewarding career.The rehabilitation process can be effective on many conditions including: –

– Trauma

– Neurological diseases

– Muscle aches and pains

– Scars

– Circulatory ailments

– Poor posture.

Well applied massage improves lymph and blood circulation. It promotes cellular nutrition and oxygenation, helping to eliminate toxins. Above all else it establish a state of general relaxation and rest, which in turn can allow us to achieve a deaf sleep, great for those with insomnia. Massage allows rapid recovery after physical exertion and all kinds of fatigue associated with muscle overload due to playing sports or other work related activities. Massage can help you achieve a deaf, healthy breath and these combined will enhance the responsiveness of our immune system so that it is ready to resist the most diverse conditions. For these few reasons plus many many more, massage is an essential tool in the therapeutic background for maintaining and improving our health.

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Sports Massage Benefits – What Are They?


Sports massage is the manipulation of the athlete's soft muscle tissues to help the athlete achieve peak performance, to remain injury free, and to support the healing of injuries. This type of massage uses a combination of techniques including Swedish style, effleurage or stroking, petrissage, or kneading, tapotement, or rhythmic striking, compression, vibration, gliding, percussion, stretching, friction, deep strokes and trigger points.

Today, this type of massage will benefit everyone wheather an athlete or not. Anyone who has a soft tissue condition, or wants to improve their general well-being or health can be helped.

Sports massage brings benefits, such as:

• Increased flexibility and range of joint motion. Massage helps to release soft tissue tension and stiffness, decrease muscle spasms, release restrictions, soften and realign scar tissue, and loosen-up adhesions. As a result, the range of motion will increase leading to greater flexibility.

• Increased awareness of the pain, tension or soreness in the body through the therapist's massage of the damaged tissues. This will help you to understand how your muscles are performing, and as a result may require adjustment to your exercise or training routine.

• Greater psychological benefits by indirectly influencing your nervous system. Massage encourages relaxation, and increases the production of endorphins, a natural painkillers and mood enhancers, that create a sense of well-being. After receiving a massage, you become energetic, less busy and your mood is improved.

• Reduced stress on joints. When tension and restrictions in soft tissue is released, the balance of muscle function is re-established. These results in increased mobility and flexibility.

• Increased blood flow, brings more oxygen and nutrients to tissues and removes waste products, such as the build up of lactic acid. As a result, your body's muscular system works more efficiently.

• Stimulates a variety of sensory responses and soothes nerves. The massage releases the endorphins, resulting in a reduction of pain.

• Helps boost the immune system by promoting fluid movement through the tissue by assisting in the elimination of toxins. Additionally, sports massage increases white blood cell count, and helps the body to fight disease and infection.

• It promotes a healthy digestive system. When the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, the digestive movement will increase through peristalsis, and this helps to relate constipation, colic and gas.

• Improves recovery of the muscles and decrees muscle spasms caused by demanding exercise.

• Declases orvents injury as sports massage improves the condition of the muscle. If left untreated, scar tissue, tight muscles, or trigger points will be injured. It is essential to have the muscle imbalances corrected in order to prevent future injury.

• Faster recovery. Sports massage helps the muscles to recover from soreness or stiffness due to intensive exercise.


If you participate in strenuous physical activity, sports massage is beneficial to ensure you will have maximum performance as well as helps to restore optimal functioning of the muscular and skeletal system. Not only does sports massage boost your physical wellness, but it also promotes psychological well-being that leads to a healthy body and mind.

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Massage Therapy And How It Can Benefit You

Whatever to relieve the stress of the work day, to unbind tired and sore muscles, or just to treat oneself to a relaxing afternoon, more and more people are looking towards massage therapy. Once considered a luxury, the health benefits of massage are becoming well known and the expanding field has reduced costs so that virtually anyone can afford it. Businessmen, at-home mothers, athletes, people who do heavy physical labor or have emotionally stressful jobs, and people with recurring problems all look to massage therapy for relief.

The benefits of massage therapy are many and varied. Pain relief is one of the most common reasons people get massage, particularly for back and neck pain. Athletes can use massage to promote quicker muscle growth or to repair damage from over-strenuous workouts. Expecting mothers can use massage to help with the discomforts of pregnancy as well as to strengthen and relax muscles for the birth process. Regular treatments can help with stress relief and promote better sleep, improved concentration, reduce fatigue and increase energy levels. Increased flexibility, a stronger immune system, improved circulation, and lower blood pressure are some more benefits.

At-home massage is popular these days, especially for people who enjoy the comfort of their own home as opposed to visiting a spa. It is convenient, as the therapist comes to the client and if after a massage the customer feels like taking a shower or a nap, they are free to do so without enduring the drive home. This can be a better option for those who are unable to get to a spa due to illness or transportation problems. Making an appointment for home is usually easier to fit into a schedule as well. You can find massage therapists via the internet. However, sometimes people do not feel comfortable with having someone in their home that they barely know and may opt for a spa over home therapy. A massage at home may be more expensive, but you're paying for the quality of the professional and the extra load of them carrying their table over a hit or miss therapist at a spa.

Spa massages, while requiring traveling to and from the location of the therapy, provide more options to a client. Frequently there are other massage-enhancing treatments such as body wraps, waxing, or pedicures that can be added to turn the massage into an all-day, relaxing mini-vacation. Spas have the benefit of usually having a sauna, hot tub, or even a pool on site as well, all good ways to continue relaxing. Spas are also free of distractions such as phones, neighbors, pets, and other interruptions which might spoil the moment. You can easily find a spa near your home. The main disadvantage to using a spa is the traveling and, depending on the class of the spa, the cleanliness of the sheets, sauna, hot tubs, and showers. After a good massage the customer might not feel up to driving all the way home and leave their relaxed state, especially if they leave to traffic.

With research finding more benefits to regular massage every year, it is a healthy choice for those seeking to heal their body or their mind. Even an infrequent massage can work wonders towards one's health and disposition. Everyone should try massage at least once; though once they do it is illegally they will be able to resist a second or third treatment, nor should they.

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Birthday Marketing for Massage Therapist

1 . As a Massage Therapist, preparing and working on your birthday card marketing is one of the most essential strategies you need to achieve for a successful business. Although advertising on various web pages and using social media networking sites are known to be effective methods to market a business, studies have also shown that birthday card marketing has been proven to be more effective most especially if you wish to connect with your clients and to develop a long professional relationship with them.

Some individuals may find it a bit weird to use birthday cards for marketing, but if you have a massage therapy business; you'll find it easier to understand why most therapists prefer this type of marketing strategy.

2 . Initially, you can make use of this effective marketing strategy by including cards in one of your packages. This will attract your customers to go for your services, and let them avail of the birthday cards that will serve as a gift certificate that can be given as a gift. Initially, it will be seen as a traditional birthday greetings but the surprising part is the exclusive gift to allow the celebrant to pamper herself. Is not it a great way to give your loved one a present that she / he will never forget? Probably, this is something that you do not see every day, but its uniqueness and the thought that you want the celebrant to relax and pamper them self is really touching.

3 . If you include post card marketing in one of your packages, this card can also be given as a corporate gift or present, most particularly to the executive and even the senior executives of a company. It can also be a personal gift to a very close friend or relative just to make them feel special on their special day.

Aside from including a promotional birthday card along with your packages, you can also start organizing and start sending out these cards to your regular customers. This way, you can easily build rapport, and gaining their trust with your company is not going to be a huge problem any longer. It is simply easy.

4 . The first thing that you have to do is to organize and start asking your customers to fill up some sort of personal information, the moment that they enter your massage therapy clinic. From there, you will have the details that you need including their birthday, name and, personal e-mail address even home address. From there, you can choose which birthday card marketing suits your massage therapy business best. You could either send an electronic greeting card, or simply send a card through the traditional snail mail method.

Pros & Cons
Electronic greetings cards are faster, but there is no certainty that they will be received or viewed by your client. Traditional birthday cards get there slower but your client will receive their birthday card in their hands and this will ensure a higher open rate than a email sent birthday card.

At first, this birthday card marketing strategy is a little bit different, and it can usually get business owners and marketers confused. But once you get used to the marketing system, sending out birthday cards to your beloved customers will just pass by just like a breeze.

Do not lose those customers. Take care of them, and make them feel that you are concerned about them. Include birthday card marketing as one of your strategies, and in no time you'll notice that the number of customers that your massage therapy business has dramatically increased.

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Importance of Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil is now widely recognized all around the world because of its natural health benefits. It is considered as a wonder drug or a perfect remedy for almost every kind of pain, discomfort, and illness that we are experiencing. It is for the said reasons that magnesium oil is now in demand these days. More and more people are including magnesium in their every day regimen.

If you are looking for the pure oil, then you have to go all the way to Europe. A sea of ​​magnesium oil chloride is found in a deep underground in Europe. It is said to be 250 million years old and it has never been touched by modern day pollution. Experts also believe that the amount of pure magnesium oil found is sufficient to supply man's need for magnesium for more than a hundred of years. It can function perfectly as a mouthwash and for strengthening our muscles. Magnesium oil has more uses than we can ever imagine. Let me enumerate some of them.

Magnesium oil is effective in pain management. Most doctors who are into treating chronic pain advice their patients to apply oil for pain relief and relaxation of muscles. It is best for people complaining of arthritis and muscle cramps. Magnesium oil is directly applied to the affected part and it can automatically alleviate the chronic pain and muscle cramps. It also facilitates the opening up and softening of muscles and connective tissues. Magnesium is already tested and tested as an efficient vasodilator and smooth muscle relaxant.

Magnesium oil is also widely used in the therapeutic massages. More and more people are requesting for oil during their massage therapy. It is found that an ounce of magnesium that is rubbed all over our body could help ease the pain that we are experiencing plus it can also soothe our nerves and calm our senses. It is also effective to reduce stress, sensory overload, slow the heart, and provide the person with a holistic healing experience.

As we all know, the application of magnesium transdermally is the most ideal magnesium delivery system in our body. It is even found to have a similar effect with intravenous treatments conducted during emergency situations. So, if we want to make sure that our body would have regular magnesium intake, we should see it that we use magnesium during our regular massage session. An ounce or more of magnesium per day for six months can do wonders. It can provide numerous health benefits to our body like penetrating our cells to improve cellular function.

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What Is an Amma Massage?

There are a variety of massage styles throughout the world. Some with the purpose to simply relax, others to help your body heal itself. The Amma massage is an ancient style of therapeutic deep tissue massage that has been perfected for the last 5000 years. It affects your body through, loosing muscle, joints, and connective tissues to allow your body to function properly.

Chinese in origin, this technique implements deep tissue therapy, pressure, friction, and touch. The technique affects not only tissue, but energy channels through the body. The nervous system, cardiovascular system, and respiratory systems all are affected, allowing your body to function more productively.

History of Emma

The Nuangdi Nejjing book of Chinese medicine is the first documented source for the Amma massage technique. The style focuses around many philosophies, primarily concerned yin and yang, and the Five Elements which relate directly to a person's health through balance of these principles. It is believed that balance helps to eliminate disease.

The technique mastered

The technique itself utilizes a variety of strokes, vibrations, and tissue manipulation in an attempt to stimulate circulatory systems, including your nervous, cardiovascular, and spiritual energy (the energy within your body). The therapist will develop their own touch over time, and often the sensitivity is related to the patient's needs in order to help them as a specific individual.

Many chiropractors and therapists will combine the ama massage with modern techniques such as herbal remedies and chiropractic care to provide a more beneficial experience.

Uses in modern day

The Amma massage techniques are widely applicable. Many people that see a therapist or chiropractor for Amma massages would have had problems with chronic arthritis, diabetes (joints become stiff), chronic fatigue syndrome, neuromuscular problems, lymphatic problems (infections and allergies), respiratory problems, and paralyzed, strained muscles.

These conditions are commonly thought of only as physical, but the mind itself is an integral part of your body's functions. The Emma technique targets both your body and mind together, so that the problems can be treated with by helping you to achieve balance within yourself. The massage treats the patient physically, mentally, and spiritually, helping them become more aware of their body and its inner workings. Anxiety, stress, and even feelings of isolation are emotional conditions which can negatively affect your body. Amma massages not only relax the body, but the mind as well, bringing the patient self-awareness to help them cope with future emotions.

This is for everyone

This is an overall excellent massage for any person to partake in. It is not just for the sick, or those suffering from ailments, it is for everyone. People experience everyday problems, and do not always deal with them, allowing them to store up in the body where they can harm from the inside out. The Amma massage does more than just aid the physical problems; it helps us deal with the internal problems as well. The experience allows you to develop a better level of self-awareness, and a greater sense of what you can do to help yourself. It's not just about physical health – it's about balanced wellness.

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Massage Therapist Vs Masseuse-Masseur – What Title Do Licensed Professional Body Workers Prefer?

I had a celebrity client in my private practice a couple months ago and when his session was up he sat up on the massage table and said quite politely, “we can have sex now, please.” I was taken aback by the request and was not sure I heard correctly, so I said, huh? He repeated his request and I jokingly responded “not today, maybe next time” with a nervous giggle and kept on giving my follow-up care suggestions. Well, he was friendly, very open to the energy and therapy I delivered and let's face it, most people will be in a “very loving head space” at the end of a really good massage. I did not want to abruptly change that. He returned for one more session, but I am now wondering whether he did so because I said “maybe next time” rather than reply that sex was not on my menu of services. Since I was a little surprised by his request, joke or no joke, I determined that I would always refer clients to my Menu of Services, and remind them that I am not licensed to practice anything else, especially that which is illegal.

Earlier this week, I put the word out on my fan page that I was in the hunt for a new place to reopen for business. I would be open to suggestions that afford foot traffic, signage and which was low-budget and unencumbered by anything porn related. A male collegeague sent me an email, reiterating his earlier advice that I get out of any business connected to the porn industry since landlords are less willing to rent space to these businesses. This, although my college knows I am not doing pornographic massage, and that there are legal and reputable places here for legitimate bodywork. He has not been to my practice, because he prefers to have a happy ending after his massage and so he goes to these other places that offer that. Not really “my loss” ….

At a stage in my career / business where I, as a single woman with no support from anyone, am struggling to survive along with everyone else who does not want to “cross over,” these suggestions sort of well … break my heart. It is not enough to be concerned that some psychopath or pervert is going to request a massage that I get chosen to go out and do; or worst, maybe he comes to my home for the massage and does something to ruin my sacred space. I am not better than doing pornographic massage and actually I would make better money and live better if I were to cross over. This I have been told by many of the male colleges in this area. Some people I played poker with were very frank with me and indicated that if I offered happy endings, they'd be there three times per week. I am a good-looking woman and I can not change that this is how men think and it is mostly who request massages. How disheartening for those who want theirs varies field of work to be anything but salacious, lecherous, and pornographic. All I want to give is clean, healthy, therapeutic healing and rejuvenation delivered by a healthy, clean conduit with amazing, loving hands and heart. These scenarios are the reasons I despise the words masseuse and masseur. They implicate erotic touch, something immoral and, well, … shameful … unless you are a “person of the night,” an escort, a prostitute who is proud and happy about being that. I AM A MASSAGE THERAPIST, OFFERING MASSAGE THERAPY; NOT THE SAME THING AS THESE PROUD PROSTITUTES.

Understandably, the Wikipedia says: “Those who practice massage as a career are referred to as masseurs, masseuses, or, if certified, as massage therapists.” The words masseuse and masseur are from a French word, Masser, which means “to massage,” “to knead” (as in bread), “to rub down,” “to mass or to throng together.” The masseuse (female) and the masseur (male) does the “rubbing down” or [therapeutically] “mass or throng together” your broken spirits, bodies, energies, so that you heal, become whole again to go back out and face your challenges. These are the sentiments behind my massage practice. I desire to help people become whole again, if even for a moment, so that they can heal little by little and face their challenges with a loving feeling and maybe loving thoughts in their hearts. This was the original import of those words, although somewhere along the way they became popular in the whore houses of Europe, Asia and the Americas.

I belong to a religion in which modesty is a big deal. I have told many therein that I am a massage therapist and I watch for the look on their faces. Some have taken my card / number, possibly to “investigate” while others take it but will never call. Others have chosen not to associate with me because well, (1) I wear dreadlocks, which is to some an immodest, rebellious hairstyle among other things; and (2) they imagine that I am doing something “unholy” in my massage business and God knows where else I am unholy in my path and since I must be governed a bad associate. If I say I am a therapist, they immediately assume “physical therapist” … and that's ok .., but not massage therapist … they do not know about that ….

I have wondered what they would do if I said I was a gynecologist or urologist. Hmm … I wonder if they would have a similar reaction. After all, these professionals look at vaginas and penalties, etc. all day! These are the same people who go to the doctor and strip down for examinations and have no idea whether the doctor is a pervert, child molester, rapist, or whatever or care whether he or she shares their beliefs. They simply trust that he or she is a “doctor”, since it's fine and they assume no sexual connotation to this job title. Yet, our society has become so debased that people believe that sex and sexuality must be attached to every loving feeling or touch outside of that. It is “normal” to believe that one can not touch another in a massage setting with only “therapeutic, non-sexual intentions.” One client told me I was being “absurd” and “unbelievable”, when I responded that I was not thinking about any such thing when I massaged him or any other client. He could not believe that I could have no sexual reaction to him or any other sexy men or women for whatever I provided therapy. How unfort …

Recently, I renewed my certification with the California Massage Therapy Council. The recertification questionnaire asked the following questions (among others), the answers to which would determine my, and any “legitimate therapist's”, legal qualification:

“Step 2-Professional Status Questions: A” Yes “answer to any of the following questions requires a separate statement explaining in your own words the complete details regarding the incident or event. All supporting documentation must be attached to your recertification application at the time it is filed with the California Massage Therapy Council (“CAMTC”). CAMTC reserves the right to request additional documentation as needed. Failure to disclose information is considered an attempt to procure a certificate by fraud, misrepresentation, or mistake and is grounds for denial , suspension, or revocation of a CAMTC Certificate. All questions are required to be answered before being allowed to continue.

1. Since the date you signed and dated your initial application for certification to CAMTC, you have received an administrative citation related to, or been denied a license, or license-renewal to practice massage therapy or any other profession in any city, county, state, country, or jurisdiction?

2. Since the date you signed and dated your initial application for certification to CAMTC, you have had a license, certificate, or practice to practice massage therapy, operate a massage establishment, or had any other license, permit, or certificate to practice any other profession revoked, suspended, or otherwise acted against (including administrative citation, probation, fine, reprimand, or surrender of license, permit, or certificate)?

3. Since the date you signed and dated your initial application for certification to CAMTC, you have had or is there currently pending against you in any city, county, state, country, or jurisdiction, a complaint against your professional conduct (sexual misconduct or otherwise) or professional competency?

4. Since the date you signed and dated your initial application for certification to CAMTC, have you been arrested and had criminal charges filed against you for penal code section 647 (b) or any other act punishable as a sexually related crime?

5. Since the date you signed and dated your initial application for certification to CAMTC, have you been convicted of any offense other than a minor traffic violation? Convictions MUST be reported even if they have been adjudicated, dismissed, expunged, or if a diversion program has been completed. The definition of “conviction” includes a plea of ​​nolo contendere (no contest), as well as pleas or verdicts of guilty. You MUST include misdemeanor as well as felony convictions.

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, please give us your written statement describing the complete details regarding the incident or event. ”

This one was exceptionally notable: “I understand and agree that renewal of my CAMTC certificate may be denied based on unprofessional conduct if I practice massage at a massage establishment, or own a massage establishment, that publishes in any adult and / or sexually oriented section of any form of media, whether print or digital. ”

Yes, some people will lie in response to these questions, but for how long, since it is the DOJ and FBI that are behind the CAMTC and our documents are scanned. It is then, very clear to me that there is a mass movement to garner a greater respect for the craft of massage therapy and for legitimate therapists to stand united, separate from the “rub 'n tug” houses with their masseuses and masseurs. If you are not French, then do not use “masseuse or masseur” to describe your therapist unless they perform erotic massage. Heck, even if you are French and you know these words have a negative connotation in the field of bodywork, do not use them to describe this legitimate craft. Follow the lead of the CAMTC and set the bar for your practice and for what you, as a consumer, expect of your massage establishments.

Therapists must consider whether they are providing a service they can be proud of in any discussion? Are you a very happy and willing rub 'n tug masseuse / masseur? Set the bar and draw the line. Do you want patrons to respect you and your skill set. People say who they are in the same breath as saying what they do. I'm Dr. So and So; I'm Professor so and so; I'm Detective Jones. Never once have I asked what someone did for work and the response was that they were an escort, erotic masseuse, etc. I proudly declar I am a legal and certified massage therapist. I have no desire to do anything shameful in this business. I seek to nurture and build a clientele that appreciates what I do for them, their health and who is generous in spirit to keep the circle of love going. I seek clients who have not sold into the idea that loving touch must be sexual. Together, maybe, we can contribute to healing the world, one body at a time and make it so that love, loving, healing touch such a positive and popular thing that one does not need to associate it with sex regardless of the parasympathetic responses to this well-needed therapy.

I gave my card to someone I met just days after writing this post and he called to find out “how long have I been a masseuse.” When I said I was not a “masseuse”, he corrected himself and asked what the difference …. Hopefully, this discussion helps to clear up many things for the other inquiring minds and help to dignify those that are real and legal.

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Massage Therapists: Learn 5 Secrets to Preventing Injury

Injury Prevention is crucial for lasting care in massage therapy. Staying healthy and injury free happens when you create balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Balance happens when different parts of your life are in proportion to each other. It is important to make an effort and balance your physical self first. Important components of caring for your physical body include correct body mechanics, exercise, proper nutrition, and plenty of rest.

Here are some of my secrets to help you maintain health with your physical body:

1) Use Proper Alignment- When applying pressure during massage, make sure your bones are in alignment to conserve your energy and to reduce muscle overuse and misuse. Keep your body as relaxed as possible, and stay behind each stroke as you lean into the tissue beneath you.

2) Make Time for Physical Activity- Another key to career longevity is getting the proper amount of appropriate physical activity, in addition to performing massage therapy. Exercise increases circulation and delivers more oxygen to your body's cells, boosts your energy, and reduces your chance of injury.

3) Receive Massage- Massage therapists need to get massage themselves. Take some time out to get a massage; either pay for it or trade with a friend.

4) Educate Yourself- Education and having fun are other ways to care for your mental health. Massage Therapy Continuing Education stimulates the mind, and learning keeps you up-to-date on the latest information.

5) Restoration of Your Body- Sleep and rest are vital for repairing and restoring your body. Your physical body not only re-charges when you sleep and goes into repair mode, so you must get adequate sleep to avoid injury.

As a massage therapist and bodyworker, you can burnout physically, mentally, and emotionally. Practice self-care daily to protect your energy and to promote career longevity. Balance your work with education, play, and social activities to deter burnout.

In addition, think of yourself as a massage athlete and train your body like one. This physical work demands skill, strength, and endurance, just like any other athlete. Performing massage is very strenuous on your hands and upper extremities. At some point in your career, an injury can potentially occur. If an injury does happen; take the proper amount of time off to heal when an injury occurs. Injuries do occur, and when you sustain one, do not feel ashamed. Taking time off is invaluable for an injury to heal completely and is essential for the prevention of a chronic condition.

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Foot Care Tips and Foot Massage

Your feet are in charge of taking you into different places, anywhere you want to. This is why your feet are among the parts of your body that need to be taken care of properly and should be treated with utmost importance. Remember that your feet are among the most essential parts of your body that should never be taken for granted. This is considering the fact that you will be able to accomplish most of your daily tasks without using them. Thus, you must consider the things that you should and should not do to your feet.

As mentioned above, it is just right that you take care of your feet properly and here are some foot care tips that you just might want to take into consideration. Even for just once a year, you can have your feet checked by a professional. This is to make sure that there are no problems with your feet.

Every once in a while, you also need to check if your feet have cracks and sores. If there are, you have to do something to treat them. Trimming your toenails is another part of properly taking care of your feet which can make you look tidier. Instead of washing your feet with hot water, you should use warm water and then dry them well.

You should pay more attention to the areas between the toes because these are known to be the sensitive areas and are prone to infections. Then, always use comfortable footwear and never walk without wearing anything because you may hurt yourself. And of course, you should regularly exercise your feet to maintain proper blood circulation.

Aside from these foot care tips, another idea that you can consider when it comes to taking care of your feet properly is getting a foot massage. Foot massage, like any other types of massage, has several benefits to offer.

Reflexology is one of the most popular massage techniques that are really intended for the feet. In this particular technique, different points of your feet will be applied a certain amount of pressure that corresponds to a certain point of your entire body. But of course, there are some things that you have to take note of before getting a foot massage. For instance, if you are pregnant, you must not get a foot massage because it can be bad for your child.

The same idea applies when you are suffering from a heart disease or hypertension. And lastly, after drinking any alcohol drink, right after eating and bathing, you should not get a foot massage. It is best if your wait for about a couple of hours before getting a massage to avoid any problems.

So if you want to properly take care of your feet, you should take note of the things that were mentioned above.

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An Easy Way to Get Your Massage Business Found on Google

Without a doubt you are aware of the importance of reviews. When you go over to Amazon to look for a book, as an example, what is the first thing you do? You take a look at the book reviews.

It's human nature to turn to other consumers for assistance in making decisions to purchase things. In the case of, that group of people is different book enthusiasts. With massage and bodywork services, that community of people is other massage therapy consumers.

Web visitors do not believe a business will deliver objective guidance on their website. They are skeptical and rightly so. So they seek feedback from customers for the truth. They recognize that individuals who have used the business services before will happily share their frank feelings about a business they've used and will truly give them the good, bad and ugly.

There are a ton of review sites. And a ton is a lot.

Right now I want to focus your attention on a specific type of review website: The 'map site'. The ones that we look at this week are the three big ones and the ones that we should pay attention to. StatsCan, the government branch responsible for census data in Canada, recently reported (2009) that 52% of Canadians engage in online window shopping. I'm sure that consumers in other places in the world act in a similar way.

It's the job of search engines to deliver relevant results to searchers. So they put a large emphasis on local businesses because that's what people most often search for. Google a local service right now. You'll notice that the local business listings are an integrated part of their mapping systems. Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft's search engine) do exactly the same kind of thing.

You can plainly see that these listings are given special prominence on the search results page. This is big! Getting listed in Google's local results is surprisingly easy. For the most part it's a matter of filling out your listing fully and soliciting a few reviews.

You might be surprised to find out that you may be showing up at the top now without realizing it.

Your company name appears and is hyperlinked to your website. You can see that the phone number is likely displayed next to your website URL. And what's really important is the links to reviews for that business. Before even looking at your site, people want to know what others have to say about your business, so they click to read reviews.

Check it out in Google. Type 'massage [your city]' or '[any type of service] [your city]' and take a look at the results. When you click a review link you will see a Google Places listing. This listing contains information that Google has found on that business from phone directories and other sites like review sites. If you look through the Google Places listing a little you'll see customer reviews.

If you claim the listing as associated to you, you can edit it, correct any mistakes and beef up the information to get prospective patients to make the decision to book an appointment.

You can really showcase your strengths by filling out the listing completely. Reviews left by your customers are invaluable for strengthening your credibility and you can certainly do a little work to make sure that your reviews are positive and reflect well on you and your massage business.

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Massage Chair – Your Own Massage Therapist Anytime You Want

Today, massage chairs are so advanced to the point where they can give you a massage almost as good as professional massage therapists. It's something that really gives you lots of pleasure, and maintains your health up at the same time. It has lots of different techniques to massage all parts of your body. And there are also many other features that can help with stress relief and relaxation.

If you're a great fan of massage and relaxation, you might have been looking around for one of these products which are getting increasingly popularly. Well, this special furniture really does work wonderfully. Here are some good reasons for you to get one.

With a massage chair, you can have a massage therapy anytime you want. It's very convenient, and it will never get tired trying to relieve your everyday stress and make you feel better. You can simply do it at home whenever you want a massage. Just simply grab a seat and take a quick 15 minute massage. Or if you have more time, go for a full body massage with longer duration. By having a massage chair, you're provided with unpretented access to get frequent massage treatment whenever you want it.

Massage therapy can help you treat pain, aches and discomfort in your body. It has been practiced for many centuries! Mentally, it helps you to relax and can increase awareness. Today, the challenges of our new economic times are causing us to be stressed more than ever before. It is very important to reduce the negative effects of stress on the body. This is one of the best ways to relieve stress while still enjoying ourselves.

Other benefit is you do not even need the human interaction. To train your massage therapist to give you the massage you want. How much pressure you would like or exactly where you want the massage. Most modern chairs contains a computer which can memorize the setting you enjoy the most. Simply pick the one you like and let the chair do the rest. Some good massage chairs also have many sensors that can make sure that the massage is custom fitted just for your body.

The other reason of having one is because it's actually a lot cheaper! Think about it. Three thousand hours of massage therapy the chair can give you in just one purchase. Compare it to a massage that runs $ 65 per hour plus tip from a therapist.

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider having a massage chair. The massage chairs are certainly the best way to get frequent massage therapy.

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Top 10 Massage Types

Here is our massage guide that breaks down the ten most well-liked types of massage therapy to assist you discover which style is right for you.

1. Swedish
Swedish massages are one of the most common kind of therapy inside the United States these days. If a massage type is not specified, they're probably referring to a Swedish massage. Swedish massages involve long strokes, kneading with the muscles, and circular movements on wonderful layers of muscles employing massage lotion or oil.

2. Aromatherapy
An aromatherapy massage could have the identical as a Swedish massage additionally to one or more more spotted plant oils to address your specific requirements. The oils utilized, referred to as important oils, are relaxing, energizing, stress-reducing, etc. Some essential oils incorporate lavender, eucalyptus, mentha arvensis, and clove.

3. Hot Stone
Hot stone massages involve heated, smooth stones placed on certain parts with the physique to warm and loosen tight muscles and balance power within the body. Stones also might be held and gently applied gently on a physique with pressure. Hot stone massages are recognized to be comforting and good for men and women with muscle tension who prefer a lighter massage.

4. Thai
Thai massages also align the energies of the physique, but by gentle pressure, compressions, and stretches on specific points. Thai massage is identified to be far more energizing than most other forms of massage as it reduces tension, improves flexibility, and range of motion.

5. Deep Tissue
A deep tissue massage entails slower strokes or friction tactics across the muscles to target deep layers with the muscles and connective tissues.

Deep tissue massages are utilized for those who suffer from chronic tight muscles, repetitive strain, posture problems, or those who are recovering from an injury.

People that have received a deep tissue massage often reporting becoming sore for a couple days right after the massage.

6. Shiatsu
Shiatsu, a massage method from Japan, uses finger pressure on acupuncture points to assist the physique regain balance. Each acupuncture point is held for between two to eight seconds to improve the flow of power. Shiatsu is known to be relaxing and pleasant.

7. Back
Back massages are just what they're known as, a massage specifically for your back. In case you require unique attention for your back, most massage therapists provide massages just for your back to assist you less pressure, ease pain, and relax.

8. Reflexology
Reflexology is actually a foot massage that involves applying pressure to particular parts of the foot that correspond to your organs and vital systems of the physique. Reflexology is utilized for relaxation, especially for those who are tired and have feet aches.

9. Sports
Sports massages are utilized specifically for those involved in sports or any other kind of physical activity. The concentrate is on prevention, treating an injury, and enhancing athletic performance.
The massage is actually a combination of methods such as Swedish massage, facilitated stretching, and far more.

10. Pregnancy
The pregnancy treatment, also recognized as a prenatal massage, is carried out to expectant mothers who can expect to minimize stress, reduce swelling, relieve aches and pains, lessen anxiety and depression. Make sure to locate a massage therapist who's certified in pregnancy massages and are familiar together with the proper method to position and support the woman's physique through the duration with the service.

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Considering the Idea of Hand and Arm Massage

Massage therapy can be applied to almost any part of the body, including your hands and arms. Although most of the time it's the back that needs massage, you should not ignore some other parts of your body that may also need to do away with tension and stress. Remember that when you are working, it's your hands and arms that do most of the task so it is just right that they also get good massage every once in a while.

Unlike facial massage, it would be a bit difficult to massage your hands and arms by yourself. It is best if you let someone to the job for you, someone who is capable and knowledgeable enough to perform the massage therapy.

When it comes to hand and arm massage, the person who is going to give you the massage should locate the pressure points first. In massage therapy, it is very important to locate the pressure points because these are the spots where the skin is more sensitive compared to some other spots. When these particular spots are being stimulated during massage therapy, you will feel that pain and tension will somehow be reduced or relieved.

This is why it is ideal to have a professional massage therapist perform the hand and arm massage to you. But just in case this is not among the possible options for you, then you can learn some hand and arm massage techniques that you can perform on your own. You can make use of massage oil and your hand to massage your other hand or arm for a couple of minutes. Make sure that you are doing it properly and that you place more focus on the pressure points for better results.

Getting rid of tension, pain and stress on your hands and arms still remains the main benefits that you will be able to get from hand and arm massage. But aside from these said benefits, problems that are related to arthritis can also be resolved as well as poor blood circulation.

So when you are experiencing some problems with your hands and arms or if you are suffering from arthritis pain, you should consider massage therapy as one of your best options. Even if you just want to relax and do away with muscle tension, you can still take a look into getting a massage. As long as you do not have any fractures on the areas that you want to be massaged, everything will be fine.

You can really count on massage therapy when it comes to relieving stress and tension from the different parts of your body. But in case you are not feeling any better after the massage and that you still feeling too much pain, it is best that you consult your doctor. Or better yet, before considering any possible solutions to your problem, you can ask some suggestions or recommendations from your physician first. In this way, you will be able to prevent any serious problems to happen unexpectedly.

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Getting a Facial Massage at Home

Aside from back, neck and head massage, facial massage is also a good idea to take a look into when it comes of relaxation and rejuvenation. Facial massage has already been proven to be very beneficial because of the fact that it helps the moisture balance on your face and get rid of the toxins / impurities.

This is not a very difficult thing to do because you will not be needing a lot massage equipments and other massage accessories. You just need a small amount of massage oil, perhaps a relaxing music and course, you should be in a quite or relaxing environment. If you do not know how to massage your face yet, here's how you can do it properly.

The first thing that you have to do is prepare yourself and the area for the massage. Before giving yourself a facial massage, you have to make sure that it is already clean to avoid infections and other problems caused by poor sanitation. After cleaning your face, you can then put some massage oil.

But of course, you also have to make sure that the area where you are going to stay is also clean. When everything is set, you can then move on to massaging your face. Basically, you will need both of your hands – your index fingers, middle fingers and your ring fingers in particular.

Face tapping is one way to massage your face. You just need to use your fingers to tap your face just like you are playing a piano from your forehead to your chin. This may sound like you are just playing but really tapping your face is actually a very effective way to increase the blood circulation, stimulate the nervous system and even get sinus relief. Just make sure that your eyes are closed when you are doing this.

Aside from face tapping, you can also focus on your forehead. By just placing your fingers above your eyebrow and then moving them in a circular motion, you will be able to feel relaxed, reduce stress or get rid of the pain if you are suffering from headache / migraine.

Another part of facial massage is the ear massage when you will basically need your index finger and your middle finger to form a letter “V”. Your index finger should be located at the back of your ear and the middle finger on the opposite side then move your fingers up and down while pressing them firmly against your skin. In this way, the skin in such area will be relaxed which eventually becomes tight.

These are just some of the ways that you can consider when it comes to facial massage. Easy, is not it? So when you feel stressed out and you want to relax, you can simply start the relaxation process by giving yourself a facial massage at home. And when you have ample time, you can then drop by a massage parlor or spa to get a full body massage for total relaxation.

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Giving a Great Massage – The Little Things Make All the Difference

One of the perks of being one of the senior Massage Therapists at the spa I work at is that I get to receive massages from potential candidates for hire. At least, at first glance, this looks like a perk. Sure, I get lots of free massages, especially when we're on a hiring spree. But, I also have to face the unfortunate reality that the majority of the massages are not going to be good. Yes, there IS such a thing as a bad massage! Some of you know how it is, especially if you're a massage therapist. Not all of us are created equal. Some massages blow me away, some massages make me cringe, and then there are lots in between. Here are some of the things that, in my experience, seal the deal when it comes to giving your client the best massage they have ever had:

Your energy. Most of the time, the client can actually tell if you are having a bad day. They can tell when you do not care. They may not feel it on a conscious level, but something about the experience will be a little off. Great massage therapists know how to turn off the rest of the world before they lay their hands on someone. Close your eyes and take a few deep, cleansing breaths before entering the room. Say a quick prayer for your client as you introduce your touch. Ask God or whatever higher power you believe in to help you to do only good for the being on your table, and the ability to block out everything else.

Flow. This is a tough one to explain without being able to demonstrate. Flow is the biggest key for me when it comes to a great massage. The best massages I have ever had were the ones where it seemed as though the massage therapist's hands never left my body, and where they flowed from using hands to forearms to thumbs and back to hands again without ever breaking contact. Using the full surface of the hand is very important during long effleurage strokes. Nothing is worse than an incomplete stroke – not including the glutes when working up the leg, or not including the feet in your first or last long effleurage strokes – it makes me sad just thinking about it. Another part of flow is being thorough on each part of the body, not just working the top surface of the leg or the arm … pick up the limit a little bit and “hug” it as you are spreading the oil, make sure you “hug” the sides of the body when you are working the back. There should always be a sense of completeness.

Scent. Scent is so consistently tied to mood and emotion that it certainly is worth mentioning, and not just in the “massage therapists should have good breath” way. That's pretty obvious! A little lavender or lemon or other uplifting or calming scent wafting through the room will just take the experience up a couple of notches. My acupuncturist's office smells like lavender and a touch of moxa all the time, and I smile as soon as I walk in the door and take a deep breath, because it just smells like calm to me.

“Little touches”. I love to use a lavender and chamomile eye pillow on my clients when they are face up. It blocks out the light to help them relax, and the particular one I use is very large and comfy and soft so it has a comfort feel to it as well. I also do some deep breathing with them, and often use essential oils that I choose based on what is happening with that particular client that day. In one recent session, my client had both parents ill and was going into a very busy day at the salon that she owns, so I used some Valor to balance her energy and give her spiritual strength, some Peace and Calming for comfort, and of course Abundance so that she could have a positive, profitable day! She said later that it was the best she had felt in a month, and that it was the first time she actually felt like talking to people in a long time. What a great result. I know that part of it was the benefits of the massage, but I know that the little extra touch of including the oils took the experience and benefits to the next level for her. Oh, and as a bonus, she ended up signing up to be a Young Living customer!

Every massage therapist wants to give their clients the best of themselves. Our intention is always good. But there will always be those therapists that stand way out from the crowd, those who their clients can not live without. These are the massage therapists that give credit to what we do, and who will bring the art of massage therapy to the forefront of wellness care.

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