The Benefits of Using Argan Oil for Massage

Below are a few of the reasons why Moroccan argan oil has become so popular in modern cosmetics:

It moisturises

This means argan oil is highly effective at treating skin complaints, including dry and flaky skin and brittle and lifeless hair. It's even effective against juvenile acne. This is due to the high content of fatty acids contained within the oil, so when used in cosmetics or as a massage oil, it is more effective even than she butter when it comes to nourishing the skin.

It can make stretchmarks, scars, and other skin blemishes appear less noticeable

It sounds too good to be true, but regularly massaging the stomach, legs, and other problem areas with argan has been shown to improve the appearance of various skin blemishes. Rubbing the appropriate area with argan oil deeply nourishes and improves the elasticity of the skin, and can even improve the skin's firmness. The oil can also be used to improve the appearance of acne scars on the face. More obvious scars can become less obvious, and smaller, more subtle marks can even disappear entirely.

It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles

The softening effect of the argan oil relaxes and improves the elasticity of the skin to make wrinkles appear less obvious, and can be used on both the body and the face, to help manage the appearance of crow's feet.

It can help balance your skin's sebum production

Regular use of argan on the skin, for instance through massage , helps your skin to relax and enables your pores to breathe. This in turn helps reduce the frequency of spots and pimples and keeps your skin silky smooth.

It can ease the itch of psoriasis, eczema and neurodermatitis

Conditions such as these can take over your life and leave you unable to think of anything else, but argan can help soothe some of the symptoms. The high vitamin E content of argan oil gives your skin the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and can also protect the surface of your skin from harmful outside influences. Easing the itch means your skin has time to heal and become strong again.

Your hair can benefit too

The moisturizing properties of this oil can make an itchy and flaky scalp a thing of the past. Massaging the product onto the hair and scalp has exactly the same effect as massaging it onto the body; the scalp is re-hydrated and refreshed, and hair becomes soft and supple.

Finally, it is completely safe to use

Because argan oil is a completely natural product it contains no harmful chemicals or toxins, which means it is safe to use as often as you like, and can even be used by children.

Massaging with this amazing oil offers you physiological benefits, and can also be of benefit to society as well. The production of argan oil in Morocco is continuing to expand, and much of what is being produced today is made by cooperatives employing mostly women. Provided with an income, many of these women are able to fund education either for themselves or for their children, so massaging with argan oil can make you feel good in more ways than one.

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How Massage Can Get You Through the Summer Season of Sports, Camping, Festivals and Gardening

Summer it looks is here. This is certainly means for most people a very busy couple of months. Whether you're working in the service sector, whether you have a young family or whether you're just an active person who loves the feeling of sun on your back, you'll be busy.

Our summers can be short here and lot of us cram into a few short months quite a lot of activity. We go to events, we take up sports and adventurous activities and as a nation we host a number of great occasions.

We want to look at the effect all this has on the body and also how massage therapy can help you get through it all.

Summer events can take their toll

As mentioned above, a lot of us cram a lot in during the summer. There is a myriad of activity to keep us busy. You can head to agricultural shows, you can go camping, and you can take up gardening. You can go to musical festivals, food festivals and outdoor cinemas. You can go on many picnics, head to the beach or support the local schools in their summer fates.

For those more active you might start going surfing more regularly, you may sign up for marathons or triathlon events. You may under charity expeditions from one end of the country to the other.

Whatever type of person you are, whatever your circumstances, the chances are you will be doing something active during the summer. We think this is great course but we do want to stress the toll it can take on your body.

All the queuing, all the lying on the ground, all the cycling, swimming, and running can take effect. All the busy crowds, the long car journeys and the over stretching can have a negative effect on the body. You will probably end up with a sore neck, back and shoulders. You will probably end up fatigued and with inflated muscles. You will probably end up a bit … tired.

How massage can help you get through it all

Of course it is not something to worry about too much. Usually the very worst you might end up with will be a few aches and pains that see you struggle to get up in the morning. On the other hand you could end up with a slightly more serious injury as well but if you stretch it is illegally.

Luckily there is always massage therapy to lend a helping hand. Whatever you're up to this summer, be it a load of exercising or a load of partying, a few massages along the way can help you get through it.

If you're exercising too much you will suffer from the build up of lactic acid. This occurs when muscles are overworked and can lead to knots and muscle spasms.

Regular massage sessions can help soothe your muscles, it can help with your aches and pains. If you've been sleept awkwardly or if you've been standing in a cramped crowd at a gig, massage can help you recover. There are also mental benefits to a session, it can definitely help you relax and chill out before and after big events such as marathons, as well as increase the rate of recovery from exhaustion.

If you know you have a busy summer lined up of athletic activity then it would be worth you hiring a sports massage therapist and not only will they aid your recovery but they can actually help plan a training session and improve your performance through the summer.

There are many things that can keep you busy over the next few months, if you utilize the healing and regenerating powers of massage, you might be able to get through the summer relatively unscathed.

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Does Massage Therapy Improve Spinal Health?

Spinal health plays a key role in whole-body wellness. The Spanish houses the central nervous system, which controls every function in the body. A healthy spell allows for maximum flexibility, painless movement and full nerve function.

When your directory is out of alignment, it can have a disparaging effect on your muscles and nerves, causing pain and limiting movement and reaching ability. An unhealthy spinal could also be a sign of hormone imbalance or problems with the cardiovascular or digestive systems.

Ways to Keep Your Spine in Good Health

To ensure your spine reaches and maintains maximum health, follow this advice:

1. Take Sleep Conditions Seriously

A high-quality mattress and pillow will leave you feeling truly rested. While comfort is essential, support for your neck and back should be paramount when reviewing potential bedding purchases. Putting stress on the muscles all night results in tightening, soreness and can lead to further injury.

2. Emphasize Correct Posture

When sitting for long periods, make sure you are using a chair that offers support to your lower back, and stay conscious of the need to move around to avoid stiffness. Slouching or leaning forward puts undue pressure on the disks in the lower spine.

3. Build Core Muscle Strength

Do not visit the gym to build up bicep muscles alone. Toned abdominals are more than simply attractive – they help keep your spine in line. Exercise the muscle groups in your back as well.

No matter how much you focus your efforts on eliminating muscle tension while cultivating healthy spinal movement, you will most likely require actual treatment at some point in your life to treat pain. Approximately 13 million people in the United States visit their doctor each year due to back pain. It remains the primary cause of chronic disability for patients under age 45, sidelining 2.4 million per year. If you find yourself missing work, losing sleep and visiting the doctor frequently, your back may require professional attention, including possibly even a surgical procedure, to restore your spell. However, consider all of your options before making a decision.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a holistic, natural way to supplement or replace invasive spinal treatments. First of all, massage rejuvenates the muscle tissues and relieves pain from soreness or injury. The blood vessels are stimulated and blood flow is increased, accelerating healing in the affected area.

Massage therapy also addresses additional painful conditions related to negative spinal health. If the spine is misaligned or the muscles have identified up, you might be plagued by chronic headaches. While massage therapy treats the central area affected, it also resolves pain prevention.

Finally, massage therapy has many benefits for your emotional and mental states. Reducing pain and discomfort while relaxing muscles helps melt away the stress and tension, increasing endorphin production. Massage therapy physically alters the chemical balance in the brain to strengthen mood and eliminate anxiety.

Consider purchasing your own massage chair for daily access to massage treatments at any time of day or night, improving your spinal health and quality of life for the better. Contact your local massage chair dealer, or look at options online.

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The Advantages of Owning a Massage Chair

The advantages of a massage are countless. Physically, it diminishes stress and strain in the body, improvements blood flow and advances quicker recuperating. Mentally, it diminishes stress and mental pressure. Sadly, most of the time you can not appreciate these advantages at whatever point you feel like. You need to go to an expert masseuse. This is the reason a massage chair is viewed as a vastly improved different option for an expert back rub session. Presented around the 1980s a massage chair is intended to give the same help of a real back rub. It specifically focuses on the back area where numerous individuals gripe of aches and pains. Not at all like right on time models, today's best massage chairs make utilization of innovation to give something as near to, or shockingly better than a genuine back rub. By including components like PC assisted flexibility, you can appreciate the same advantages you would at the spa. Here are a few favorable circumances of a massage chair more than an expert back rub.

1. Expense sparing

While maybe a couple massages may not make a big deal to your monthly cash flow, a few of them will deplete you quickly. At last, if your financial plan is tight, you may not be able to bear getting an expert back rub as regularly as you would like. With owning one of the best massage chairs, the main expense you might experience is purchasing the chair itself. After that, you can make the most of your back rub sessions as repeatedly as you prefer without stressing over cash. This is particularly advantageous to individuals who experience consistent back and joint arrangements. No money pressures will keep you from getting eligibility at whatever point you require it.

2. You can utilize it at when ever you want

While a spa may not be open late in the night or before you go to work in the morning, a massage chair will always be there for you to utilize. Having a massage chair evacuates what ever limitations that you would have with an expert back rub. In the event that you return home from work late at night, you simply sit down and let all the strain be rubbed away. In the event that agony strikes during the night, the seat is still there ready for you.

3. Efficient

No compelling reason to drive down to the spa every time you need a massage. You can get what you need in that spot in your home. This will spare you a great deal of time particularly in the event that you have a very full schedule. On the off chance that you are late for work, you can even put off the back rub until you return home. An expert masseuse will not give you that opportunity.

4. Better for your well being

Needing to hold up until you get to a spa to assuage your agony does not solid useful for your well being. An expert masseuse likewise can not give you the recurrence of back rub you may require.

Having the capacity to soothe torment whenever you need or lower anxiety levels guarantees that your well being will hold up for years to good.

While a massage chair might never completely supplant the human touch of a masseuse, its different advantages effectively settles on it the better decision for some individuals. At the point when purchasing, verify that you purchase the best massage chair that unexpectedly fits your needs.

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The Power Of Massage – The Different Kinds Of Massage And How They Are Performed

There is power in massage. In fact it has long been known and practiced for its therapeutic effects. It has always been administrated to patients to fully recover from their current sick state. Different studies have also been conducted to prove its therapeutic claims and so far there have been a lot of evidences linking its effectiveness in curing specific health conditions.

Massage which is applying pressure and movement on the body has a long list of benefits. It can increase joint mobility, restore range of motion to stiff joints, improve muscle tone and balance, relieve muscular tightness, stiffness, and spasms, increases flexibility in the muscles, increases blood circulation, promotes rapid removal of toxin and waste products, improve circulation , enhance blood flow, strengthen immune system, reduce stress and anxiety and a lot more.

There are different kinds of massage. They vary depending on where they came from. Some of the most popular massages are listed below and how they are performed.

1. Swedish Massage. This uses five styles of long, flowing strokes which are sliding or gliding, kneading, rhythmic tapping, working across the muscle fiber, vibration and tapping.

2. Myofascial Release Massage. This kind uses applying compression or tension in different directions otherwise known as skin rolling.

3. Deep Tissue Massage. Focusing on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles, this type of massage uses a dedicated set of techniques and strokes and will not be used for the whole body in one session.

4. Breema Massage. The strokes here involves rhythmical and gentle leans and stretches.

5. Hot Stone Massage. This type uses heated, smooth stones that will be placed on certain points on the body. The stones may also be used by the therapist on the client and will apply gentle pressure on it.

6. Shiatsu Massage. This type of massage uses localized finger pressure in a rhythmic sequence on acupuncture meridians. Each point is held for 2-8 seconds.

7. Aromatherapy Massage. This type of massage involves massage therapy with one or more essential oils.

8. Thai Massage. This type of massage involves gentle pressure on specific points as well as compressions and stretches.

9. Slimming Massage. This type of massage involves acupuncture and pressure. Its techniques may include rubbing, slapping, striking, tapping, and providing friction.

10. Tui Na and Zhi Ya Massage. These are traditional Chinese massages that involve pushing, stretching, kneading the muscle, pinching, and pressing at acupuncture points.

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Abdominal Pain and Massage

Abdominal pain can be one of the most frustrating conditions for both those who are suffering from the pain and for their doctors. Because the vast majority of abdominal adhesions (sticky spots between tissues) will not show up in diagnostic imaging, medical practitioners can sometimes end up at a loss for how to help their patient out of pain. This is where knowledgeable, trained massage and manual therapists can be such a huge help.

There are a wide range of issues that can cause abdominal pain and it is course always best to get checked out by your doctor to see if anything stands out in MRI's, x-rays, and other diagnostic tests. For many people, imaging and other tests reveal no problems. If that is the case for you, here are a couple of things to consider:

1. There is hope. In spite of the fact that the vast majority of abdominal adhesions are not extensive enough to show up on pictures, those adhesions can cause an extraordinarily amount of pain and dysfunction. The good news is that they can be basically felt and often released by a trained practitioner who knows what they are doing, or by yourself, if you have some knowledge of what you are feeling for.

2. It's not rocket science. Although belly pain and dysfunction (especially once it has become chronic pain or dysfunction) can be a complex nut to crack, it is possible to find a way out of it. For most people this requires a combination of manual therapy / massage, increased movement every day, and a fundamental calming of the central nervous system. The beautiful part about this is that each of these aspects of recovery feeds the other. The tricky part can be figuring out where to start.

For some people, the starting place is with mindfulness or meditation practices in order to reduce some of the mind chaos around their pain and dysfunction so they can more comfortably make other decisions about which manual or other energetic treatments (such as acupuncture) to pursue.

For other people, the starting place is the simple practice of laying their hands on their belly and breathing methodically in order to re-establish connection and an open line of communication with their troubled belly.

And for yet others, the starting place is to start by finding a practitioner who trust who can asses the tissues of the belly and abdomen and create an initial treatment plan in order to start directly releasing the problematic tissues. Some people prefer to learn to do this assessment and specific massage for themselves.

Everyone is different and there is no one “right” way. Just know that when it comes to abdominal pain and dysfunction, there are options through massage and manual therapy that have proven effective for many, many people.

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Is There Such a Thing As Over Treating When It Comes to Massage?

Massage therapy is great. It is relaxing, enjoyable and of course therapeutic. Whether you have a massage session to unwind, to socialize with your friends or to strengthen your athletic ability, there is little doubt it works.

Being a provider of massage training in London we of course are big fans of massage therapy. We will often sing its praises and rightly so, it can really help reduce stress and make you feel better and if used correctly it can help athletes reach new heights. However it is also our duty to look at the other side of the fence. Is there such a thing as overraising when it comes to massage?

Massage is great for you

We want to start answering this question by considering the good points first. If we did not do this we could not assess the risk of over treatment.

Regular massage treatments can be really rewarding for the patient. In many cases a patient will enjoy stress release from a session. A patient can expect to feel better physically after treatment. If you're an athlete you can expect massage to increase the rate of recovery for your sore muscles and there before increase the amount of times you can train.

If you have a therapist you know, who knows what they're doing then there really is no danger from regular sessions.

Be careful of over doing it

However that being said, no one knows their body better than you. As with most things in life, there is such a thing as overdoing it. The same is true with massage. It is very important to note that too many massage sessions can actually cause some damage.

Massage can go wrong. If your therapist does not know your body well, does not know what it can handle then you need to be careful and listen to your body yourself. It is definitely possible too much massage can cause new injuries or aggravate existing problems. It is definitely true that sometimes you should be referred to a different specialist and massage therapy can actually delay the treatment of an injury.

We do believe that there is such a thing as over treating and you need to be aware of it. However on the whole, massage therapy is nothing but a positive experience that will help you recover from injuries and over exertion, it will help you relax and it will help you reduce stress.

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Working With Abdominal Adhesions and Dysfunction

As manual and massage therapists, we are rarely trained to work effectively in the belly. And yet, correct abdominal massage can provide true relief for conditions as diverse as constipation, abdominal adhesions, bowel obstructions, post-surgical pain or dysfunction and countless other ailments in the belly.

While learning to work effectively and safely in the belly should be ensured with care and a serious desire to learn, it is also not rocket science. Any practitioner with a desire to connect with their clients' bellies in a supportive and helpful way can begin by bearing in mind a couple of fundamental things:

1. You must be connected to your own belly. Working with other people's bellies, especially when they are suffering from chronic pain, can be a roller coaster. If you do not know what it is like to receive healing myofascial work in your own belly, it is better not to practice on others until you do. The good news is that even if there is not a practitioner near you, you can practice on yourself! We all must be able to work on ourselves and receive belly work in order to pass it on to others.

2. You must fully understand the contraindications for practicing belly work on others. While life itself is an indication for belly work (I challenge you to find a single person without some kind of adhesion in their belly), there are some serious reasons NOT to work in someone's abdomen. Among those reasons are abdominal aneurisms, active flares in Crohn's and other inflammatory conditions of the gut, surgery in the previous twelve weeks unless they have been specifically released by their doctor to receive the work, open or seeping wounds or scars, and excessive abdominal pain . To learn more about indications and contraindications, you need to take instructions and / or classes from respected, long-time practitioners or programs.

While these two things are not everything you will need to know in order to be both safe and effective in the belly, they are the starting point from which you can begin to understand how to move forward with this work.

As a long-time practitioner, I can tell you that this is deeply rewarding work. The people who seek you out for this work will provide you with more learning and growing opportunities than you can imagine, and every minute you spend learning about the miracle of the belly and the abdomen will be a minute well spent.

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How Massage Treats Dementia

People usually forget things as they get older. It is indeed common for older adults to experience mild memory loss. So long as it will not affect their daily lives, this is not a problem. However, memory loss that is getting worse and is affecting daily life might be a sign of dementia. This is a brain condition that causes problems with memory and thinking. It actually has plenty of types. Being aware of these types will help in determining the right treatment for a certain patient.

Many people are not actually aware that massage therapy can be among the possible treatments of Dementia. In fact the Alzheimer's Society has disclosed that there is just a bit amount of evidence that will suggest massage as a great way of managing symptoms buried to dementia like agitation, depression, and anxiety. Oftentimes, massage therapy is accompanied by aromatherapy in order to help the client to relax even more.

Health experts indeed say that further research is necessary in order to prove the efficiency of massage therapy in treating dementia as there is limited evidence. But then, a massage therapist specializing in certain fields of therapy, came up with an accredited course – How to Massage People with Dementia. This is indeed considered a great course for people wanting to work with special needs patients. Taking up such course is a great option.

Due to the fact that touching is something that people can recall, massage therapy is considered very beneficial for people suffering from dementia. Know that this therapy will greatly help in relaxing the client; thus, allowing him or her to sleep better. Apart from that, regular treatment is capable of easing disruptive behavior and wandering.

Incorporating Aromatherapy With Massage Therapy

Due to the fact that massage therapy is always performed with aromatherapy for it to be more efficient, massage therapists typically make use of essential oils when delivering such therapy to patients. In fact, the above-mentioned therapist even creates her own aromatherapy products for people suffering from such illness.

By knowing this kind of new and highly specialized massage therapy, it can be very inspiring. Also, it will be deeply rewarding due to the fact that you are doing more than just help your clients – you are indeed boosting the quality of life of someone.

Similar to any kind of illness, there are natural ways on how to treat various signs and symptoms of dementia. Although there is still little amount of evidence, many health experts claim that several patients are improving with such treatment option. More information mentioned here .

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The Surprising Benefits of a Massage

If the thought of relaxing on a table while skilled hands work out all the kinks and soreness from your muscles appeals to you, it may be time for a massage. While you often expect this process to resolve stiffness and soreness, there are other surprises benefits to this type of pampering therapy.

Resolve Postural Stress

If you spend a large percentage of your day in one type of activity, such as sitting or standing, your body will undergo significant postural stress over time. Postural stress typically affects one specific area, such as the pelvis and hips or the shoulders and neck. Over time, postural stress can lead to weakness and pain in these areas. To fight against this progress, get a regular massage to work affected muscles.

Improve Circulation

A massage can improve both blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. As strong hands manipulate the muscles and soft tissues of your body, you involuntarily relax. With this relaxation, your body releases beneficial chemicals that transport nutrients and oxygen to your waiting muscle cells. In turn, these muscle cells become stronger and healthier, which means that they will start working more efficiently. You should notice reduced swapping in your body as your circulatory system works more efficiently.

Lift Your Mood

The stresses of the day can cause anxiety and even depression. While some people may turn to talk therapy or medication to fight these negative moods, muscle manipulation can also be an effective tool. As a therapist works to unkink your taut muscles, you will relax both physically and emotionally. After a session, it's typical to walk out feeling relaxed and happier because of reduced stress levels.

Resolve Tension Headaches

If tension headaches throw a wrench in your day, a professional therapist working on your trigger points could help. These trigger points are located on the neck, face, and head, specifically behind the ears, on the forehead, and in the temples. Pressure applied to these areas can relieve chronic tension headache pain.

Sleep Better

Sleep can be elusive for many people, either because of pain or due to anxiety. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, try this therapy to improve your sleep patterns. When stress and anxiety are interfering with sleep, hormones may be the culprit. This type of muscle relaxation therapy can increase serotonin levels in your body, which increases melatonin, too. As these hormone levels equalize and improve, the body's natural circadian rhythms reset and sleep becomes easier.

Improve Health and Increase Immunity

A weak immune system can wreak havoc on your overall health. High-stress levels often contribute to ill health, either due to sleep or nutritional issues or because the body can not fight off infection effectively. Regular massage can enhance the body's immune response to bacteria by boosting cytotoxic capacity. In turn, T-cells will naturally decrease in number, which also increases immunity.

Once you see and feel the benefits of a massage, you may make time for this rejuvenating therapy as often as possible.

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The BEST Massage

Time and time again in the 8+ years that I've been working as a massage therapist I've been told, “That was the BEST massage I've ever had.”

But what does that mean, exactly? “The best massage.” What makes it any better than other massages. Are not ALL of them equally wonderful? I mean common, we're taking about MASSAGE here people!

Anyone who has ever gotten more than one massage from more than one massage therapist knows that the obvious answer to that question is a big fat NO.

So I'm here to tell you what makes THE BEST MASSAGE, but not until I first tell you what makes a GOOD one.

Picture if you will:

A quiet room. Lights turned low. Soft music breaks the silence and the false scent of lavender fills the air. You're face-down underneath the linen on a massage table that has been heated to just the right temperature, your face cradled carefully in the head rest. You take a deep breath, and as you exhale your body looks to gently sink into the table as you anxiously wait for your massage to begin.

A few moments later, after lightly knocking at the door, the therapist enters the room and checks in with you to make sure that you are comfortable with the temperature and the feel of the table. Any necessary adjustments are made and the therapist implemented.

After carefully folding down the sheet to expose your back, the therapist applies warm oil or lotion to your skin and eases into a graceful technique that is the perfect combination of relaxation and therapeutic pressure – not too light but not too deep-moving with the tempo of the music. The transitions of the strokes are fluid and flawless, as if performing a dance. Conversation is minimal, allowing you to relax as you drift between sleep sleep and wake. Before you know it, the massage is over and the therapist quietly exits the room.

That was a good massage. Really good. But … it was not the best. So what was missing? I'm not talking about a “happy ending” or “full release” either. Save that for the bedroom.

I'm talking about a few key ingredients that in their rarest and purest forms are not something that can be taught, but are God-given and come naturally and without any conscious effort.

These key things are: ComPassion, Intention and Intuition.

Allow me to explain …

First of all, compassion and passion when completely genuine go hand-in-hand. They become one in the same. A fusion, if you will.


noun com · pas · sion / kəmpaSHnn /: a feeling of wanting to help someone who is sick, hungry, in trouble, etc.

The best massage therapists who one day decide, “Hey, I think I want to be a massage therapist,” do not actually decide at all. You know why? Because this is something that has already been decided for them. It has been woven into their cloth of creation. It's already a part of them. Because of what? Compassion. The want to help people in need … the desire to make people feel better … the compelling urge to heal others. These all start with compassion, and compassion is not something that can be taught. This is something that has to be discovered within one's self. And true compression can not be complete without passion.


noun pas · sion / paSHnn /: a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.

Passion is the glue that bonds all great massage therapists and healers to their craft. Without it, it's just another job that pays the bills. It may be a job that they enjoy for a while, but without that passion, it's just a job none-the-less. But with passion, the position becomes so much more than just a job. Many of us have heard the quote, “When you do something that you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life.” It's true. When someone-anyone-is really passionate about what they do, they do not have to work at it. They just do what they really enjoy doing and they get paid to do it. Sounds pretty great, right? There is no “fake it 'til you make it” here either. You can not force yourself to be passionate about something. That's not how this works. So if you're reading this and you're a massage therapist or thinking about becoming one and you do not have the passion for this position, you're going to burn yourself out before you ever really get started. Statistics show that the average career span for a massage therapist is seven years. SEVEN. YEARS. And you know why? Because the average massage therapist is just that: AVERAGE. Sure, you have the exception of those who had to quit due to illness or injury or that found something else they're even more passionate about, but in most cases, the absence of passion just leaves you with a means to an end.

So next we have Intention.

noun in · ten · tion / inten (t) SH (ə) n /: the thing that you plan to do or achieve: an aim or purpose.

When performing a massage, the best therapist does it with a purpose. They are mindful of what they are doing and remain in the present moment through the duration of the massage. If there are times that their mind does start to wander, they realize it and bring their full attention back to the client. Some therapists have such a strong intention and focus on what they are doing that the process literally becomes meditative. They completely clear their mind and their higher self seems to take over. I've had this happen on many occasions. It's pretty cool.

This brings me to Intuition.

noun in · tu · ition / int (y) o͞oiSH (ə) n /: the power or faculty of gaining direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference

So many times I've been told, “You always know how to find the right spots,” or “I did not even know that was bothering me,” or “How did you know to put your hands there?”

Some call it a sixth sense. Others call it a gift. Some people assume it's part of my training or that it's just plain dumb luck. Call it what you will, but a strong intuition will put you way ahead of the game and make the task a whole lot easier and effective.

Everybody has intuition. It's a gut feeling or knowing that you can not really explain. Some people just have a stronger intuition than others. It's like a muscle: the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. There are different techniques that can be done to help strengthen it (meditation being one of them). I strongly suggest tapping in to this naturally available resource as soon as you possibly can. You'll thank yourself for it, and so will your clients.

So, there you have it. The key ingredients for the BEST massage. Now go out there and give the best dang massage that you've ever given. Or go and get one! I think I'll go ahead and schedule my next appointment right now.

** Disclaimer: These key things that make the best massage are completely of my own opinion and experience of being on the giving and receiving end of massage therapy for almost ten years. No actual research has been conducted, but I'd like to think that any really great massage therapist (or client of one) will agree.

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Swedish Massage Therapy And Its Lucrative Health Benefits

The Swedish massage is a popular form of massage techniques gaining popularity these days. It is an old technique to heal people suffering from pain and diseases. It works by applying gentle force on the required area. Vigorous pressure is exerted on the affected body part to promote relaxation which results in a quick release in the muscle tension. It is a wonderful and an effective therapy modality.

Only a licensed Swedish massage expert can perform this therapy in an appropriate way. If you are new to this massage technique, here you will explore more about this alternative treatment.

How is it Done?

Before the therapist treats you, he will ask you about any existing physical injuries. This is to prevent any damage while operating. Furthermore, he is going to take special precaution on the damaged area to avoid any complications. Then, this professional is going to assist you in this healing process.

Swedish massage therapy uses several essential oils that are applied gently on the body to soothe out the tension built in the muscles. The therapist uses smooth healing touch over your body to give you a relaxed feeling. The best part is that you can ask to increase or decrease the pressure depending on your level of comfort.

While beginning the session, there are options to choose between a gentle and more intensive pressured massage. Oil is applied to boost the relaxation effect that gains a faster recovery.

Some of the Immense Benefits of the Swedish Massage Therapy

1. Promotes Relaxation

The major benefit of Swedish massage is the enhanced relaxation that you will surely appreciate. It is a boom for the busy professionals who get tensed due to long working hours. If you consider this therapy, you will get good treatment for your aching neck and stiff shoulders. This massage brings immense health benefits to the working generation.

2. Stress Reliever

The increasing demands of today's lives have asserted in stress that is deteriorating our health day by day. By the time we notice it, the situation triggers and a lot of damage has already been done to our physical and mental health. Since that, the Swedish massage therapy works miraculously to give strength to individuals in fighting against stress and anxiety. It clears your mind by producing good hormones in the body that in turn reduces stress and promotes well being.

3. Improves Flexibility

The Swedish therapy works significantly in promoting the rejuvenation, youth and wellness in the individuals. Just undergoing an hour of this massage, you would start noticing the positive impact on your body's movement. It works wonders on the swellings in the arms or legs and leaving a sense of improvement in the people.

Swedish massage definitely promotes well-being in the individuals. However, you would need to follow some guidelines to reap maximum benefits out of it. For instance, you would need to drink at least 8oz of water, immediately after taking the therapy in order to flush out the lactic acid that releases just after the treatment. Moreover, you would also need to stay hydrated for the next 24 to 48 hours to aid your body in flushing out the toxins easily. This alternative treatment brings immense benefits if you get grateful yourself from a recognized and licensed Swedish massage expert.

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Deep Tissue Massage For Your Optimum Health

Deep tissue massage is a therapy focused on putting slow strokes on the affected parts of the body in order to heal it from the pain. It works in a systematic way to apply the pressure on the contracted areas, making the tension to release out of the body. Therapists use this massage therapy in combination with the essential oils to work effectively on the affected regions of the body. They apply strong pressure to release the tension from the all the layers of the body.

These alterations promote the mobility of the tissues and thus, eliminating stiffness and pain which was causing obstructed body movement and impaired functions. This specific type of massage is often used to treat many health conditions including fascia, muscle tension, stress and anxiety, etc.

Some of the Benefits of the Deep Tissue Massage

1. Eliminate Chronic Pain

Deep tissue massage has provided more beneficial in relieving individuals than pain as compared to the traditional remedies. It is considered as one of the best conventional medical solutions which is affordable and effective at the same time. This technique aims to focus on improving the blood circulation in all the body parts. Reduction in inflammation is another benefit of this massage therapy. People often experience alleviated muscle tension which is great to cure them out of the chronic pain.

2. Increase Blood Circulation

Deep tissue massage eases the stress and anxiety symptoms and thus, leaving the positive effect on the blood circulation. It promotes the production of serotonin hormone in the brain which enhances the feeling of well being in the individuals. There has been seen a significant drop in systolic pressure up to 10.4mm Hg and diastolic pressure by 5.3mm Hg, which are the better figures for a healthy life.

3. Erases The Scars

This massage technique has the potential to erase scars on the body if undertaken periodically. Scars, basically, reflect the existing pain and stiffness and these symptoms can be hassle free removed by deep tissue massage. It is also recommended to the people who have just underone surgeries. This healing technique works the way up to improve lymphatic solutions.

4. Heal The Injured Muscles

One of the major benefits of the deep tissue massage is the injured muscle treatment. This therapy flushes out the toxins accumulating in the muscles to improve their flexibility and eventually, healing. Twisted muscles or stretched parts and other sports injuries can be easily cured out by using this technique. This therapy also boosts the recovery period and rehabilitates sports related injuries.

5. Relief From The Stress

It offers excellent remedy and the permanent solutions for stress related symptoms like headaches, stiffness of the muscles, etc. If you are suffering from the rigid shoulders, this healing technique can give you an immediate relief from it. Once you undertake this therapy, you would be amazed by the immense health benefits of this amazing healing method. It would make you more confident to face the challenges of life in a better way.

It is always better to take rest immediately after the deep tissue massage treatment to experience the full benefits of this therapy. You would feel a lot better after the therapy sessions. However, if you feel a little pain or stiffness in some parts of your body, do not worry as this is completely normal and these symptoms would have gone in as little as 36 hours after the treatment.

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Tips On How To Make The Most From Massage

The sole aim of a massage is to sooth and relax your body. Do you want to make the most from a massage session? Here are some of the things that you need to do:

Before The Session

There is a popular saying that goes, “where the mind goes, the body follows.” For you to enjoy a massage you need to tell yourself that you will enjoy the massage. Other than having the right attitude you need to take a relaxing shower or bath before your appointment. To warm your muscles it's recommended that you take a warm bath. You also need to avoid consuming caffeine, sugar and other stimulants.

To avoid rushing the therapy it's good that you allow enough time in your schedule. If the therapist is coming to your place you should sit down with him / her and let him / her know your needs.

You should always remove all jewelry before each session. It's also recommended that you remove all the makeup that you are wearing.

During The Session

Communication is very important in massage. You should share with your therapist what is going on in your body. If you have a tender spot or an injured area you should let the therapist know about it. You should also mention when you need a tender or tighter touch.

Do you like it when a particular area is touched? You should let the therapist know about it. Always remember that the therapist can not know your preferences; therefore, you should always let him / her know about it.

One of the most important things to do during a massage is to breathe the right way. The right way of breathing is taking a slow, deep breathing from the gut. This type of breathing will provide your body with plenty of oxygen while signaling your body to relax.

After The Session

Different people have different experiences after a massage session. If you feel dizzy or light headed you should stay on the table for some time until you feel okay. It's highly recommended that you drink plenty of water after the massage. This is to lower the toxicity levels in your muscles. Water also lessens the strain on filtering organs.


These are tips on how to get the most from your therapist. If you do not have time to visit the therapist, you should consider going for a mobile therapist. The therapist will visit your house and massage you at the comfort of your home!

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Can Massage Therapy Help With Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a big issue for a lot of people. There are many different motivating factors for losing weight. It could be purely a vanity reason or perhaps you are a triathlon mad athlete committed to getting the best out of your body or you might even be on doctor's orders to lose a few pounds.

Whatever your shape and size and whatever your motive is, it does not always come easy. You will hear of many different messages, different ideas and a lot people claiming the best way to lose weight.

The truth is there probably is not a 'best way' at all. There are just different methods that work well for some people and methods that work better for others. In this article I want to look at the role massage therapy can play in losing weight.

Different types of weight loss

Just to be clear weight loss does not necessarily mean fat loss. Fat loss is not always necessary and can be damaging to the body. It is very important to have a healthy body and having too much fat or too little fat does not make a healthy body.

In most cases however it does mean fat loss. We are primarily looking at the role massage can play in fat loss.

Massage therapy will not directly result in you losing weight

It is important to stress that massage alone will not do anything to make you lose weight. You can not just book yourself on a massage session and expect the fat to fly off your body as if by magic. To lose fat you need to do two things, eat well and exercise. However that is not so say massage can not play an important role in any plan.

If it does not directly result in weight loss, what does it do?

While any massage therapist worth their salt will never boldly claim massage is directly responsible for weight loss, there are many ways it can help facilitate it.

Firstly the physical benefits of massage. It can help your skin firm up, and it can potentially eliminate cellulite by breaking down fat. This will assist your body's transformation.

Another physical benefit is a healthy body. As I stressed earlier, exercise is a key part of a weight loss program, you need to do it to succeed in healthy weight loss. However all too often people will get sidelined by injury or fatigue.

A regular massage session will help you avoid this by looking after your body. As well as preventing injury, your body will be able to push harder and there before get more out of exercise. All of this is very helpful.

The final and significant way in which massage plays its role in losing weight is the mental side of things. A regular massage session will help firm in a new time / routine. It will help you make a habit out of healthy living; it will help you stick to a larger plan.

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