Pain experienced in the lower back or neck and shoulder may in fact have its origin in the spine. All muscles in the body are innervated by spinal nerves – so every muscle is linked to the area of ​​the spinal where its root of the nerve emerges. If you suffer from pain, there is a very effective way to treat your condition with acupuncture and massage therapy.

If a tree's roots are well-nourished and not cramped, its branches and leaves will be healthy, strong and flexible; Similarly, if your spine has space between the vertebrae and the root of your nerves are not compressed by other tissues, the muscles they serve will be nourished, supple and balanced.

If there is an anomaly at the root of the nerves, however, because of a narrowing of the inter-vertebral spaces, there will be compression at the root, and you will experience shortened muscles, pain in the body, weakness and tingling sensations. The muscle who root of the nerve is compromised is like a leaf that can not get enough nourishment because the tree's root is cramped – both became small and pale.

Inter-vertebral compression can be caused by an injury to one or more vertebrae, repetitive stressing activities, or an imbalance in the interconnection of the vertebrae, and it results in both a shortening of the multifidus muscles – the small muscles that connect to the vertebrae above and below – and compression of the root of the nerve.

Treatment focuses on assessing the muscles involved in the pain pattern and identifying the corresponding root of the nerve in the spine. Using acupuncture, we activate the root of the nerve and access and relax the deep multifidus muscles to open the inter-vertebral space and release the constricted nerve at the root. Using massage, digital pressure and movement, we soften and stretch the tissue and joints around the spine as well as the affected muscles, creating a real and sustainable change in the condition. Pain or imbalance that originates not in the nerve at the root but in the muscle itself also benefits from this treatment. Treating the nerve at the root causes a reset of the muscle and initiates a healing process in the painful muscle.

If you suffer from lower back, neck or shoulder pain, whether acute or chronic, you can effectively treat your condition with acupuncture and massage therapy as well as lifestyle configurations.