With all the choices and varieties available, picking the right massage table can be a little intimidating. There are some important things to consider when deciding which is the best choice.

Massage tables are available in different widths. There is a simple standard size or some may choose a narrower or wider model based on their needs. Someone of smaller stature with short arms would probably be more comfortable with a narrower table.

There are massage tables that are stationary and those that are portable. If the massage table will need to be bought from place to place with the masseuse, the portable model is the obvious choice.

Another important element to consider is the amount of padding the table provides. Depending on the type of massages that are given, one may choose more or less. A deep tissue massage will be more productive with less padding, whereas a Swedish massage needs a bit more. Additional padding for a massage table can be purchased at a later time if needed. It's always a good idea to purchase the highest quality padding one's budget permits. A masseuse will also have to choose either mid range or premium density padding.

While some people seem to have a preference for a particular color of massage table, the fact is that they will be covering their table with a sheet the majority of the time. The color will seldom be seen except changing the sheets.

For a new masseuse just getting their start there may be a discount program in their particular school which will allow them to get a great price on their first massage table. Also, by searching online some great deals can be found. Visiting a showroom, if possible, is always the best idea. This provides the opportunity to try the table out from the standpoint of both the masseuse and customer.

When deciding on a particular size of massage table, keep in mind that the average length is 73 inches. However, tables ranging from 65 to 85 inches can be purchased. Various different widths are also available. Tables generally average 25 to 32 inches in width.

There are also two different types of headrests available. The first one is stationary and can be removed from the table when not in use. The second one has adjustable settings and folds down into the table when it is not needed.

Another factor to consider is the end plates. Depending on the intended usage, one may desire open or closed end plates. For practicing reiki, open end plates are preferred to allow for placing one's legs underneath the table. One may also desire collapsible table legs to place the table on the floor. This is especially useful for practicing Shiatsu massage.