Massage therapy is great. It is relaxing, enjoyable and of course therapeutic. Whether you have a massage session to unwind, to socialize with your friends or to strengthen your athletic ability, there is little doubt it works.

Being a provider of massage training in London we of course are big fans of massage therapy. We will often sing its praises and rightly so, it can really help reduce stress and make you feel better and if used correctly it can help athletes reach new heights. However it is also our duty to look at the other side of the fence. Is there such a thing as overraising when it comes to massage?

Massage is great for you

We want to start answering this question by considering the good points first. If we did not do this we could not assess the risk of over treatment.

Regular massage treatments can be really rewarding for the patient. In many cases a patient will enjoy stress release from a session. A patient can expect to feel better physically after treatment. If you're an athlete you can expect massage to increase the rate of recovery for your sore muscles and there before increase the amount of times you can train.

If you have a therapist you know, who knows what they're doing then there really is no danger from regular sessions.

Be careful of over doing it

However that being said, no one knows their body better than you. As with most things in life, there is such a thing as overdoing it. The same is true with massage. It is very important to note that too many massage sessions can actually cause some damage.

Massage can go wrong. If your therapist does not know your body well, does not know what it can handle then you need to be careful and listen to your body yourself. It is definitely possible too much massage can cause new injuries or aggravate existing problems. It is definitely true that sometimes you should be referred to a different specialist and massage therapy can actually delay the treatment of an injury.

We do believe that there is such a thing as over treating and you need to be aware of it. However on the whole, massage therapy is nothing but a positive experience that will help you recover from injuries and over exertion, it will help you relax and it will help you reduce stress.