Chiropractic is the science that deals with the structure and function of the human body. Chiropractic understands and uses the relationship between the spinal and the nervous system and its ultimate role is to cure most of the bodily dysfunctions and thus preserve health.

The chiropractic degree course has a duration of seven years like any other medical degree. The first three years involves a theory course and the last four years is a period of intern. At the end of the seven or more year's course, the individual is granted the qualification of Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). He / she would have taught as much about human physiology as any medical student with a total of 4200 hours of total course period including classroom, project and practical. As any other medical doctoral degree, the chiropractic degree also involves all the basic sciences and must pass the State Board of Examiners basic science exam.

People have looked with awe at the profession of a chiropractor and misunderstood them to be fake doctors who are practicing an unacceptable treatment method. A chiropractor uses hand manipulation treatment to cure conditions like headache, fracture, other aches and pains.

The word 'chiropractic' comes from the word in Greek where it says, 'cheir' meaning hand and 'praxis' means action. The literal meaning of 'chiropractic' is 'done by hand'. The chiropractic doctor does not use any kind of drugs or surgery for treatment. It's an alternative treatment method which uses an approach different from the conventional way to diagnose and treat the condition.

People are of the belief that only a doctor who prescribes medicines and / or conducts surgery is a true doctor. They fail to understand that with none of these drugs and surgical procedures, a great deal of treatment can be successfully conducted. It's due to the narrow mindedness of the people that they fail to understand what such no-drug treatments can do to restore the health of your body. It is the largest drug-free treatment in the word and also the third accepted alternative treatment method.

People are mostly mislead by external sources about what actual is the chiropractic profession. The only difference from an MD doctor is that, they learn pharmacology and surgical while a chiropractor does not have these subjects but instead learns the co-regulation between the spinal and the nerves and the whole spinal and nervous system.

Any other doctor looks into your disease condition and prescribes cure for that condition. While a chiropractor, in spite of looking into your disease also checks your general health and well being. He will help you to gain optimal health from the daily practices and visits, and at the end of the treatment schedule, you will feel that your health has been restored as a whole. Some people argue that the costs are too high. The cost of a medical sitting is high, but this can sure save you from higher costs of prescription drugs and an ultimate surgery. It will leave you feeling better, physically and mentally and will also slow down the aging process.