Summer it looks is here. This is certainly means for most people a very busy couple of months. Whether you're working in the service sector, whether you have a young family or whether you're just an active person who loves the feeling of sun on your back, you'll be busy.

Our summers can be short here and lot of us cram into a few short months quite a lot of activity. We go to events, we take up sports and adventurous activities and as a nation we host a number of great occasions.

We want to look at the effect all this has on the body and also how massage therapy can help you get through it all.

Summer events can take their toll

As mentioned above, a lot of us cram a lot in during the summer. There is a myriad of activity to keep us busy. You can head to agricultural shows, you can go camping, and you can take up gardening. You can go to musical festivals, food festivals and outdoor cinemas. You can go on many picnics, head to the beach or support the local schools in their summer fates.

For those more active you might start going surfing more regularly, you may sign up for marathons or triathlon events. You may under charity expeditions from one end of the country to the other.

Whatever type of person you are, whatever your circumstances, the chances are you will be doing something active during the summer. We think this is great course but we do want to stress the toll it can take on your body.

All the queuing, all the lying on the ground, all the cycling, swimming, and running can take effect. All the busy crowds, the long car journeys and the over stretching can have a negative effect on the body. You will probably end up with a sore neck, back and shoulders. You will probably end up fatigued and with inflated muscles. You will probably end up a bit … tired.

How massage can help you get through it all

Of course it is not something to worry about too much. Usually the very worst you might end up with will be a few aches and pains that see you struggle to get up in the morning. On the other hand you could end up with a slightly more serious injury as well but if you stretch it is illegally.

Luckily there is always massage therapy to lend a helping hand. Whatever you're up to this summer, be it a load of exercising or a load of partying, a few massages along the way can help you get through it.

If you're exercising too much you will suffer from the build up of lactic acid. This occurs when muscles are overworked and can lead to knots and muscle spasms.

Regular massage sessions can help soothe your muscles, it can help with your aches and pains. If you've been sleept awkwardly or if you've been standing in a cramped crowd at a gig, massage can help you recover. There are also mental benefits to a session, it can definitely help you relax and chill out before and after big events such as marathons, as well as increase the rate of recovery from exhaustion.

If you know you have a busy summer lined up of athletic activity then it would be worth you hiring a sports massage therapist and not only will they aid your recovery but they can actually help plan a training session and improve your performance through the summer.

There are many things that can keep you busy over the next few months, if you utilize the healing and regenerating powers of massage, you might be able to get through the summer relatively unscathed.