About two years ago, I was placed on a Migun Massage bed to “warm up” for my shiatsu massage. After 15 minutes on this miraculous heated massage bed, I did not want to get up for the “real” massage – I wanted to sink back into Migun heaven lie for the full 45 minutes of my scheduled massage time!

I decided to purchase a Migun Massage bed and offer it in my hot yoga studio, Riverflow Yoga of Lambertville, NJ, for students who wanted that extra opportunity to melt away tension before or after their hot yoga classes. The Migun Massage Bed, which requires no massage therapist to operate, is deaf and more powerful than any other massage technique I have ever known – and there are so many reasons why.

Migun combines thousands of years of healing wisdom in one healing massage bed. And we have it at Riverflow Yoga.

The Migun Thermal Massage Bed combines acupressure, moxibustion, helium heat, jade stone healing, and long-wave infrared rays into a deep, deep massage that incorporates Eastern acupressure and Western chiropractic. Just lie back, close your eyes, and melt. There's nothing better before or after your hot yoga class.


The Migun Massage Bed targets your acupressure points, the vital points near the spine that align with the organs inside the body, for a massage that can boost energy, ease pain, and speed metabolism. Migun massage also stimulates the brain to produce endorphins for a feeling of calm and well-being.

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations has suggested that acupressure can be successfully used in pain management, even reduce foods foods for successful weight management!

Increased Alertness

Decreased Stress

Reduced Anxiety

Better athletic performance

Lower blood pressure

Fewer Headaches

Better Pain Management

Improved Immune Function

Faster recovery from injuries

Reduced palpitations

Reduced menopausal symptoms

Reduced skin problems

Shorter recovery time after surgery

Decreased respiratory infections

Improvement in arthritis

Improvement in spinal / muscular problems

Improvement in sinus issues


Migun also utilizes far infrared heat, the same energy as the heat of the sun. Infrared waves generate heat by causing the body's molecules to rapidly vibrate against each other, for a deeply penetrating heat that melts into under tissues and stimulates blood cells, improves circulation and detoxifies at the cellular level.


Eastern medicine touts jade as the mysterious stone of longevity; royal families enjoyed its miraculous effects which included healing stressed organs, slowing the process of cell aging, and strengthening the body's natural defenses and 'chi' (life force). Migun's jade rollerballs are heated, to emit negative ions essential for the body's natural anti-aging system.


The soothing warmth of the Migun's helium heated bulbs are designed to support overall health and boost energy.


The Migun Thermal Massage Bed also employs moxibustion, a treatment that transmits heat to specific points on the body. Eastern thermal therapy shows that applying heat to these points accelerates blood circulation and stimulates areas of the body with moxa, thus improving the condition of related internal organs. When internal organs are strengthened, the body functions better.

University of California clinical studies have established the positive effects in overall physical health for Migun users including musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, nervous, and cardiovascular benefits.

Study it for yourself! Try a 15 minute Hot-And-Fast Migun Massage before or after your 90 minute hot yoga class. See what melts away for you.