Have you been feeling tired and run down quite? Do you have aching muscles, a stiff neck, or back pain? Have you thought about getting a massage to tie these conditions? If so, there are many important questions to consider, the last of which is: do you tip your masseuse?

To begin it is important to remember that massages, while directly relaxing your muscles, can also have a positive impact on other problems like stress, sleeplessness, low energy, depression and more. It is equally important to know that massages can also bring up repressed physical and / or emotional trauma that may be held in your body, also known as body memories, and it can help to unblock energy chakras. It is helpful to make a list of the symptoms you are suffering from, to help determine if massage is the right treatment.

Prepared with this list you can begin your search for an appropriate masseuse. There are many avenues one can find a masseuse. A referral from a trusted friend or health care professional is the best place to start. Health clubs and salons may be a great option for general relaxation and stress reduction, but if you're suffering from a sports injury or depression, for example, you may want to pursue a professional in the health care industry.

Find out if the practitioner offers a free initial consultation. Be sure to ask if they are certified and / or licensed. Find out what type of massage they specialize in. A Swedish massage is great for muscle aches and pains while a deep tissue massage such as Rolfing can help to release repressed trauma and retrain your muscles. This is a very intense type of body work and can bring up buried traumas and memories. Other types of body work like Cranial Sacral therapy directly works on releasing blocks in the seven energy chakras of the body. Some of these more intense types of massages and body work can be life changing, so be sure you are prepared for such an experience.

Once you find a practitioner you trust, do not forget to ask if they accept your health insurance. Many health conditions can benefit from massages and in some cases are covered by insurance. After you address these many important questions you can finally answer whether to tip your masseuse. If you received your massage at a salon or health club, and if you felt you received a good quality massage you may want to tip your masseuse. A typical tip is between 15% – 20% of the cost. But, if you received your treatment from a licensed health care professional, tips are generally not expected.