Massage Table Dimensions

Here are the massage table dimensions that you should be keep in mind when you're out comparing various brands. Bear in mind that there are several factors that you should pay attention to if you want to provide the best degree of comfort to your clients. Not everything you presuppose about massage table dimensions and their characteristics may be that important when considering your clients' comfort.

Table Width: Getting the widest massage table may not be the best option for you. There are yet other features that are just as important as the width of your working space. For instance, you should also consider ease of access. This will help both the client and your therapist. Tables that are just too wide will leave your therapist hard pressed or have difficulty moving.

As a general rule, the narrower your table the better access will be given to the therapist. It will also provide better portability as well. Wider tables just make it too difficult to reach your client in order for a massage to be effective. However, you should not get tables that are just too narrow.

If your therapist stands taller than 5'10 “then your table width should be from 27” to 33 “For therapists that are 5'4” tall to 5'10 “the recommended width is from 27” to 31 “. therapists are much shorter than that then you should not get a table that is wider than 29 “.

Table Height: Your standard commercial table's height will range from 24 “to 34”. This range can generally serve most of the massage therapists everywhere. As a rule of thumb, the table should not be any taller than the therapist's hip.

Table Top: This is another consideration you also have to keep in mind. You get to choose from flat top, rounded corners, flex or tilt top. Nowadays, the flex or tilt top has become quite popular, especially among portable type massage tables. Tilt tops allow you to add support to clients that are placed in sitting position. Other features also add support to the back and legs.

Padding Thickness: Padding thickness usually range from 2.25 “to 3”. This is most likely enough to support most clients. You should also consider the padding density instead of getting one that is thicker. Both factors ensure your client's comfort.

Always take these aspects into consideration. Getting a table that is wider, taller, and with a thick padding is not always the best. Pay close attention to these other factors when choosing a suitable massage table .