Chinese foot massage is a holistic health practice that even you can do yourself. By learning a few simple steps, you too will be able to experience the therapeutic effects that the great empires of the east have used for years and years.

Starting with the fundamentals of the Chinese foot massage

As a breakdown, there are two basic techniques that anyone can do. They are simple enough to do yourself yet as effective as if you went to a professional foot therapist.

Foot and Ankle rub

Nothing beats a good old rub and everyone knows how to give one. Just make sure that while you are doing this you pay extra attention to those sore spots and tender points. Move from the toes to the ankle and make your way back again. This can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to a whole hour.

Poking pressure points

This is based on the therapeutic properties. There are different points that have different effects. Based on which part of your body is in pain, that is where your focus should be. Usually this takes five to ten minutes per session.

Chinese foot massage steps in detail

First you have to find the perfect place. A comfortable yet firm chair is ideal but even the edge of your bed will do. Once sitting, simply rest one foot on the knee of the free leg. The point is that you should be able to see the sole of your foot without slouching. Try to keep a straight back at all times. You would not want another part of your body to ache while you are mending the other.

Now that you are in proper position, begin to massage the desired area by pressing and kneading. Because you are no pro, an acupressure foot chart will be needed. This chart will teach you the which which is of your feet. From kidney pains, to head aches, to lower back pains- almost every aliment has a corresponding pressure point.

Once you have located the desired point, apply fairly enough pressure and press and knead for about two minutes using the tip of your thumb. Going deep can sometimes make it sore. If this happens it is okay to take a breath, but not too long, and then pick up where you left.

After that you can refer back to the chart and focus on a different point if you wish. Just make sure to do the same on both feet.

A word of warning

After ten days of doing the same Chinese foot massage routine, a three to four day stop is advised. This is because these acupressure points tend to adapt to stimulation. So either take a break from pressing the same points of simply focus on other areas.