The Touch Research Institute in Miami has dedicated their resources to conducting studies on massage therapy and its efficiency as an alternative medical treatment for certain conditions. Doctors have long accepted massage, in its various forms, as a complimentary alternative medicine (CAM), and with that, further research has proven its value as an effective treatment.


Massage strokes that are similar to tapotement (tapping or vibrating) are applied by therapists to post-op patients of heart or lung transplants. Similar to the more popular types of touch therapy such as Swedish massage and deep tissue massage, specialized treatments like these are still based on the basic strokes employed in all variations of muscle manipulation. Research on the use of vibratory massage wanted to observe the effect of light tremor-like touch on pulmonary recovery and functionality. Case studies showed a reliably significant improvement in arterial pressure, heart rate, lung resistance and compliance, tidal volume, and respiration rate.


This is no longer a new realm of study. It is already widely known that regular massage therapy decreases anxiety and increments alertness mainly because of the treatment's ability to induce the production and release of good hormones that leave us feeling more relaxed and happy. Cortisol levels have also been observed to go down significantly after continuous regular massage. Back and deep tissue massage treatments are one of the most recommended therapies for people with high anxiety and stress levels.


Tests on pregnant women on their last trimester of pregnancy were done by allowing them to undergo pregnancy massage 4 times a week. Results have shown that regular pregnancy massage lessens the risks of perineal trauma, as well as post-partum syndrome among new mothers.


Since psychologists have described schizophrenia as a lack of awareness for one's physical self, psychologists and massage therapists have explored the feasibility of muscle manipulation as a way of increasing self-awareness. Through back, neck, and feet massage, conclusions show that massage therapy is worthy of further research and consideration in terms of being an alternative treatment.


There is a significant proof that 30-minute back massages done on children with stress-related disorders have had faster recovery from their condition as compared to other control groups. Lowered saliva cortisol levels as well as increased number of hours of sleep were the most noticeable results in the study conducted by the Miami Medial School, FL.