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Brisbane Massage and Brisbane Day Spa

Brisbane, also affectionately known as Brisvegas, is the capital city of Queensland Australia.

It boasts international modern art exhibitions, many five star restaurants and world class shopping facilities. The Queen St Mall is the central hub for specialty shops, however there are also designer shops scattered through Fortitude Valley and New Farm regions.

It is also known for its conference and exhibition facilities at South bank with art facilities, museums, theaters and convention center located on the old Expo site. As a cultural hub, Brisbane's Southbank is the perfect place to take in an award winning show or musical.

Brisbane is also known as the gourmet capital of Queensland, with a multitude of restaurants, gourmet providers, coffee roasters and delicatessens. These are centered in the James St precinct of the city.

Brisbane is also known as the day spa and massage capital of Queensland.

With over 200 massage and day spa providers, Brisbane has some of the best day spa providers and massage therapists in Australia.

These vary from the large day spas that you find linked in five star hotels, through to smaller providers that work attached to hair dressing and beauty salons.

Larger Brisbane day spas can include more exotic styles of massage including Ka Huna, Lomi Lomi and hot stone massages, and can incorporated steam rooms, saunas and other facilities into their treatments.

Smaller providers tend to offer one hour treatments of remedial or Swedish massage and tend to be cheaper.

One of the more popular Brisbane massage and beauty services is the mobile day spa service. Some offer more exotic styles of massage like chocolate massage, Sea shell massage, Russian massage and Vietnamese Four Hands Massage. Ripple also does the more traditional remedial, relaxation, pregnancy and hot stone massage styles.

Brisbane has long been known as a region for relaxation, so it is not surprising that massage and day spa is popular here. By the time of Federation, Queensland was the fastest growing state in Australia and Brisbane was its economic center. Despite the drought, floods and depression of the 1890s, trade and industry boomed.

After World War Two, Brisbane continued to grow with increased industrial activity and population levels boosted by immigration.

Today Brisbane is still on of Australia's favorite capital cities with cultural, popular and financial growth. It now sprawls out from the central river with suburbs rapidly expanding to cater to its population growth.

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Gold Coast Day Spa Services

The Gold Coast in Australia is known as the day spa and massage capital of Australia.

With over 100 massage providers, it is home to some of the best companies for relaxation beauty and massage treatments in Australia.

These vary broadly in style and structure.

For example many of the larger hotels will have day spas attached, including steam rooms, saunas, spas and a wide variety of massage treatments. These are often more expensive than other companies but do boast the luxury of often plush surroundings and treatments like float tanks, where the client's body is suspended in high salt water in a darkened tank, designed to relax and soothe all the senses.

Gold Coast also can offer a variety of massages not otherwise available, such as hot stone, pregnancy and Indian Head Massage.

There are also smaller businesses that offer massage services. These are usually independent therapists that work in their local region, sometimes unqualified and uninsured. Usually they are cheaper than the larger spas but offer a more limited range of services. These massage therapists usually offer remedial or relaxation Swedish massage treatments, often out of smaller rooms attached to a hair dressers or beauty salon.

A final alternative are mobile massage therapists who offer a wide range of treatments to clients in the privacy of their hotel rooms. These companies sometimes will only offer the standard one hour Swedish or Remedial massage treatments in the region though some offer packages similar to those you would find in a day spa.

The Gold Coast has long been known as a region for relaxation, so it is not surprising that massage and day spa is popular here. Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Tweed and Tambourine Mountain were hugely popular holiday destinations for servicemen returning from World War II. In the 1950's the Region had grown and the 1960's and 1970's saw the developers undertake a lot of high rise development.

Surfers Paradise was also known for its 'Meter Maids' in gold bikinis who fed parking meters by the beach to prevent holiday makers from getting parking fines.

The hi-rise boom continued right through the 1970s and it became Australia's premier family holiday destination. It was then that the many hotels started to be built, along with the theme parks, and it became known for its massage treatments.

Today it is still on of Australia's favorite holiday destinations for families looking to visit the theme parks, escape to the beach and indulge in some relaxation treatments. Gold Coast day spa are one of the main tourist activities that travelers look for when they visit Queensland.

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Couple Massage Classes – De-Stress Yourselves

A tiring day of work or a gruesome workout program can leave you wanting for some pampering to ease off the stress. You've always look up to your partner to massage your back so as to regain the activity but in most cases the effect seems to work the other way round. Providing massages without any basic understanding of pressure points or the technique involved to relieve stress from the joints will lead to serious muscle spasms. Couple massage classes can provide the right kind of training in massage therapy with the support of trained therapists.

Some of the very best techniques can be learnt under the guidance of expert masseurs who can ensure safe and tested practices that can be performed by couples to de-stress themselves. By taking the initiative to learn massages one can find it to be extremely helpful in order to offer some soothing relaxation therapies for the spouse.

Professional trainers can guide the couple with the right kind of skill sets required for relaxation. By enrolling for couple massages classes one can gain a superior hold on things that are needed to offer perfect and soothing massages.

Couple massage classes are a great way to get the partner prepared to offer some incredibly wonderful massages. Some of the variants of massages include the stone, aroma, Meso-American and oil based treatments, which are also included in the training packages. The right training provided for the couples will help them to offer better massages to each other without having to pay a visit to the local massage clinic.

With a dedicated classroom training course that also includes demonstration of the right techniques and using the right pressure points, couples massage classes are a great way to learn the art of massaging. Couples who dedicate their time with regular massages can avail many health benefits that include reduction of fatigue, stress and other joint pains.

If you are the kind that heading to a massage center on a frequent basis, couple massage classes can help a great deal in cutting down the spending made on massage therapies. There is nothing like giving a sensuous and soothing massage to your spouse while they are tired and stressed out. Learning the art of massaging through restructured training institutions can help you become good at being a masseur.

Massages vary in style and also in terms of effectiveness. Choosing the type of technique depending on the stress levels and rigidness of the body can help the person availing the massage to derive maximum relief.

Providing massages to your dear one can be a truly wonderful gesture, mastering this art needs better training provided by couple massage training. The training helps the trainees with basic fundamentals of massage like the use of fingers, application of pressure at critical points on the body and blood circulation tips to relate the stress levels. Make your spouse the happiest person in the world by offering her the best of the massages.

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Tips On Finding The Best Massage Chair

When it comes purchasing something, whether it's just a small or a major purchase, you would normally want the best one that you can find according to your budget, needs and personal preferences. This means that if you are planning to purchase a massage chair, you are only going to consider the best one available. The most expensive one is not necessarily the best one and this is one of the most common mistakes that some people failed to identify. Massage chairs that are really expensive are unduly very good but they might not be the best option for you to consider. So how can you find the massage chair that suits you best?

This would not be so easy knowing that there are so many massage chairs out there that are manufactured by world-renovated companies. Finding the best one would be more of a challenge for you. So you might want to list down the things that you want in a massage chair. Consider the style and the features of the chair. For instance, there are chairs that can provide Swedish massage, shiatsu and other techniques. You should be certain as to what technique in particular that you want. Then you can consider some added features like MP3 players, remote controls, etc.

After dealing with the design and features, you have to take a look into other parts of the chair that are responsible for making it work, like the motor. You should only consider a chair that is made by trusted and reputable manufacturers to make sure that you are getting a massage equipment that is made of high quality materials. So even if you are going to use it every day, you will not have to worry too much about the chair getting damaged.

In addition, you can also consider the design of the chair. Normally, this type of massage equipment comes in different designs and can even be made of different materials like leather, synthetic leather and many more. Just make sure that you are going for the one that in very comfortable and can be considered as an addition to your wonderful home furniture. And of course, you should know your budget. Set a price range, the amount should be what you are only willing and allowed to spend.

Once you already have the information that you need, you can then proceed to shopping around shopping centers or any store that sells great massage chairs and then try each one. However, this can be time-consuming and tiring. One whole day of looking for the best chair will not be enough. Therefore, it would be better if you look and shop online. By just sitting down in front of your computer and clicking your mouse, you will be able to find a lot of great deals in a short period of time. But of course, you would not be able to try the chair so it is very important to only do business with reliable and trusted websites.

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Do We Still Need Massage Therapists Now That Massage Chairs Are Around?

When people discovered the healing art of massage, there were no high-tech and advanced massage chairs yet. Human touch was the only way to provide massage to a certain individual who wants to rest and relax. Then after some time, some people were able to discover some massage techniques like reflexology, deep tissue massage, shiatsu and many more. These techniques actually originated in different countries and it is on the way the therapist applies pressure on the body that makes the techniques different from each other. Therapists were doing a great job because an increasing number of people realized that massage is really an effective way to reduce stress, tension, depression and more. Through massage, they can set their minds at peace and completely relax. Then different types of massage equipments, particularly massage chairs, came into the scene.

At first, these so-called massage equipments were only used to help the therapists perform their job even better. But due to rapid technology advancement, there are massage chairs available now that are able to perform some of the most popular massage techniques. Many people even prefer to use these chairs instead of going to spa and health clubs for massage. This is because if they purchase a chair, they can use it anytime they want in the comfort of their own home. So even if they do not have much time to spare, they can still enjoy the soothing and relaxing effect of massage. Some chairs even come with really fun features like an MP3 player that can make your relaxation more worthwhile.

Because these chairs seem to be so good, is there still a need for a therapist or the massage job can be turned over to the chair? This is among the many questions that some people have in my mind because of the presence of sophisticated and advanced massage chairs. Do these chairs provide the same quality of massage that therapists do? Well, basically even with the presence of these chairs, therapists are still needed. There are still people who prefer to get massage from human than a machine. These chairs do not provide the same massage quality but it is close enough. Therapists undergo series of trainings that includes some breathing techniques and many more. This is absolutely impossible with a chair. And of course, it has been said that the healing process of injuries is faster when the massage is done by a human because of the gentle manipulation of the tissue.

Therefore, the need for professional massage therapists was never eliminated even if there are so many types of high-tech massage equipments out there. But of course, the decision to whether purchase a massage chair or get a massage from a therapist alone depends on you. If you want something natural, then you can consider visiting a spa or you want a good alternative, then you can consider the chair. But of course, you should remember that no matter how advance the equipment is, there are still some things that only humans can do.

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Reasons Why You Should Use Massage Chairs

In some points of your life, you will feel stressed out and tired that you feel that your body just can not take it anymore. This is when you feel that your muscles have become tender and sore. This can be due to some reasons like heavy work with a lot of pressure and some problems. This is not very surprising because almost all people experience this so you are not completely alone after all. There are many people who are also suffering from the same problem and most of the time, it is massage that they consider as a good treatment for it. It is true that massage can somehow reduce the stress and make you feel relaxed but there are times when you want to get a massage and you just can not. This is when a massage chair becomes a great alternative.

There are numerous reasons why people prefer to use massage chairs rather than having an actual massage from a therapist and this can be among the reasons why you want to do the same. One of the most evident reasons is the lack of time. Normally, if you have a lot of work to do, you would not be able to spare some time to drop by a spa and get a massage or make an appointment to a therapist. Basing on this, it is really better for you to consider a robotic massage chair. In this way, there is no need for you to drop by a spa or even make an appointment because you can use the equipment anytime you want to.

Another reason is related to cost. Getting a massage from a massage therapist would normally cost you a lot knowing that you have to pay for the service every single time. So even if you have a lot of time to spare and you can get a massage every day, it's the cost that you have to worry about. The amount that you are going to pay for every massage session can quickly add up without you noticing it. This does not mean that getting a massage chair would not cost you a single cent; in fact massage chairs can be very expensive and elaborate as it can be. But the good thing is that you only have to pay it one time, once it has already been paid, you will not have to worry on additional payments even if you are going to use the chair every day.

But can a massage chair provide a kind of massage that is as good as the one given by a professional massage therapist? You might want to also ask this question because it is just a chair. To be completely honest, it does not. The massage from the chair is not the same as the massage from a therapist. But despite this, there are massage chairs that are designed to provide different massage techniques that are really close to the actual massage. Thus, getting such massage equipment is definitely a good choice.

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Massage Basics Useful For Everyone To Know

When the privileged and deeper layers of our connective tissues and muscles are manipulated, we are said to be receiving a massage. Tension, vibrating, or motion movement or pressure that is stationary, structured, or unstructured acts on the body, manipulating it. The clinically effective act of massage is often viewed as therapy for tight ligaments, muscles, tendons, joints, connective tissue, or even lymphatic vessels, organs in the gastrointestinal system, or skin.

With over 80 different massage modalities available, massage therapists have a wide range of specialization areas from which to select. They may use their elbows, fingers, hands, knees, or feet during a massage. A client either lies down on a mat or special table or sits in a massage chair to receive treatment. During some types of massage, clothing may be fully or partially removed and a towel or sheet may cover certain sections of the body.

Mesopotamia, Rome, Japan, and Greece are several of the ancient civilizations that benefited from massage. The Bible contains a possible reference to this practice and Hippocrates written of it as “rubbing” in 460 BC. Different illnesses were erected in early Romania by a massage delivered by a tame bear, rather than a licensed professional. Today, we use massage to deliver relaxation, enhance our well-being, improve body functioning, and contribute to healing. In Chinese culture, the practice is a key part of mainstream healthcare and is included in medical school curriculum.

The middle of the 19th century saw the popularity of massage grow in the US Nurses used to practice it on patients to help pain subside and encourage sleep. Today, massage is commonly used on athletes to treat injury. Unlikely clients like businesses also seek massage therapists to provide relief from stress created by work.

Various types of oil may be incorporated into a massage and each is intended for a certain purpose or condition. Dry skin is treated using salts and heat rocks are especially effective to relax tense muscles. With popular methods like reflexology, deep tissue, and Shiatsu available, massage therapists can usually find one that addresses a client's need for treatment.

Many benefits can be gained from having a massage, including pain relief, reduced heart rate and blood pressure, and reduction in anxiety. Long-term patients report a reduction risk for disease or permanent pain reduction. Ongoing clinical studies continue to identify ways different kinds of massage affect the body and additional benefits that may be realized.

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Therapeutic Massage for Back and Neck Pain

The National Center for Alternative and Supplemental Medicine has conducted well over 100 studies with regards to the medical benefits of regular massage therapy. In 2010, they released an updated study of therapeutic massage's efficiency as an alternative treatment for neck and back pain.

Techniques such as acupuncture, deep tissue massage, and spinal manipulation have proven to be sufficient effective for managing and eliminating chronic back and neck pain. Based on medical studies, these alternative treatments have the ability to reduce physical pain without the help of mediation; have more immediate effects, usually right after the massage; and lowers and degree or intensity of pain by means of toxin-releasing factors.

Chronic pain is always a satisfying sort of physical condition and can occur at any time when not managed correctly. Neck pain and back pain are mostly associated with repetitive stress syndrome and bad posture. There are also studies that indicate the correlation of pain and a break in the nervous system on minor level.

Chronic pain in these areas is often a long term effect of our daily routines but can easily be treated using regular massage therapy.

Acupuncture, spinal manipulation, and deep tissue massage have been found to be the most compatible alternative treatments for back pain. Even though research is limited, existing results still show significant promise on massage therapy's benefits for chronic back pain. The American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society gathered unanimous studies showing the positive effects of regular therapeutic massage for lower back aches in 2007. Their recommendations also included the simultaneous application of meditation techniques and relaxation exercises.

Muscle manipulation techniques such as classic or Swedish massage and, again, deep tissue massage, are the treatments that are best for neck pain. Medication for such as Ibuprofin and other muscle relaxants are not encouraged to manage neck pain because more often than not, this type of physical ailments is caused by external factors.

Things to Look Forward To

Currently, more and more clinical trials are being produced for other conditions like arthritis and migraine. Acupuncture, in particular, has shown significant promise in the line of alleviating chronic pain in various parts of the body, including joint pains (arthritis) and migraine. This, plus homeopathic therapies like herbal supplements and Yoga have related the interest of doctors.

The more popular treatment such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and reflexology are still undergoing more research so that more concrete conclusions can be found. But as far as complimentary and alternative medicine goes, massage therapy is well beyond its way to gaining more and more medical and scientific accreditation.

Getting Massage Therapy

The most important thing to remember is to get the “Go” signal from your doctor before getting massage therapy for your condition. It is also crucial to go to clinic with licensed and certified massage therapists. The Internet is a convenient way to look for legitimate massage spas or clinics that can cater to your needs.

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What Actually Does a Chiropractor Do?

During earlier times, chiropractic doctors were considered as fake or called as 'quack.' Arguments are still prevalent about its efficiency and what good it can do to your body. More and more people are now resorting to chiropractics for relieving from back pain. Other than back pain, this treatment can also be used to cure from other pains, aches, asthma, infections and certain other conditions. It has also been proved to cure migraines in some people. Mostly people are scared to go to the chiropractic wondering what they might do to your body. But, with one visit, the person will begin to believe in it due to the truth that you get relief from your pain without any medicine or surgery and feel that the doctor's hands are magic.

What actually does the chiropractor do to your back pain? They work on the spinal column and realign the misplaced vertebrae which had been causing the pain. He runs his hands over the spell and detects the misplaced vertebrae and manipulates it in various segments to bring it back into position. Sometimes there might be more than one vertebra that might be causing the pain. Other than hand techniques, some chiropractors use small hammer-like tools for correcting the spinal column.

A chiropractor often uses the 'crack' technique to adjust the spine segment. He tries to adjust the vertebrae to move into position and the sound is caused due to the release of pressure between the two vertebrae. Other than the 'crack' technique, there are other techniques called as 'tonal' techniques. In this a softer force is used to put it back into place with no sound produced

Other than back pains, a misplaced vertebra might also lead to other musculoskeletal problems. A wrongly located vertebra sometimes might exert pressure on the nervous system in that area leading to other related issues. On your visit to your chiropractor, make sure that you mention all your problems. Most of your ill health conditions can be cured by chiropractic care. Regular exercises will be prescribed to you to maintain good health condition at all times.

The major site of action of a chiropractic doctor is the spine. The spelling is the nervous system of the body and it is from this that various body functions are controlled via the nerves running from the spine. These nerves end in the body cells and manipulate each cell of your body. The brain is positioned in the top of the spinal cord and operates each nerve of the spinal cord. Nerves branch out as pairs from each vertebrae of the spine and spread out across the body to control the functioning of every muscles, organs and cells of the body. By realigning the vertebrae, the doctor is thus working on the nervous system and giving message to the brain to bring about the proper functioning of the associated muscle, organ or cell.

The end result is that the spine functioning is returned back into tune so that the messages from the brain travels through uninterrupted. Hereby, not only the spine but the nervous system is its associated muscles are corrected to obtain good health as a whole.

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Visit a Chiropractor – The Greater Benefits Availed

We all face some kind of pains and ache each day due to our daily activities, stress and strain in our life. Even an uncomfortable sleeping position will lead to a stiff neck in the morning. These kinds of discomforts may seem mild from the outside but is very distracting and troublesome for you to continue with your work outside or at home. Usually pain relievers are applied that will just reduce the pain, but will not be of much help to end up with the problem. People never think of consulting a doctor for such pains, but visiting a chiropractor for help is highly recommended to get relief from your mild aches and pains that can result in serious disposition and other problems in your later years if left untreated.

Usually we spend a good deal on antibiotics and pain killer drugs to get rid of the pain, just to reduce it for a little period of time but do not solve the cause of it. A straight visit to a chiropractor will save you from these drugs which will eventually lead to some kind of side effects within your body. Chiropractic doctors are specialists in the working of the body parts and look into the cause of the pain and cure it. They look for any misplacement of the joints, bones or nerves and correct them through touch therapy.

Sometimes a normal slip of any joint or bone might even jam or block a nerve that leads to stiffness and extreme pain. If kept untreated, it might even cause paralysis. The body should be tend to proper treatment at the right time to ensure that it is kept healthy all the time and also is safe from any further damages.

The basic function of a chiropractic process is to look into any issues relating to human body like neck pain, headache, hip pain, shoulder pain etc. He then tries to find the reason for the discomfort and corrects it before going for any pain killer. The first thing to check for is any misalignment of the spell. The difference from allopathic medicine is that chiropractic does not use any kind of medication, drug or surgery. The technique and technology used is that of hand manipulation alone. Some people consider chiropractic as some kind of fake doctor. A chiropractor is a doctor and helps cure a wide range of discomforts through hand therapy. Chiropractic is the top accepted drug-free treatment in the word and is accepted as form of health care treatment therapy.

A chiropractor can also help you in understanding your body. You can learn how your body works and what can be done for its proper functioning. They will also enlighten you with the foods and exercises best suited for your body. The regimen is different is for each person according to his body's requirement and understanding this is not very easy for us. The chiropractors are experts in this, and can impart knowledge about the optimal health methods. They can even help you find the cause of the stiffness and pain so that such activities can be preverted or done with care.

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Christchurch Massage – Relief From the Aftershocks

It has been a very shaky year for Christchurch, New Zealand. The earthquakes and all those five thousand aftershocks have left many people with extremely frayed nerves. The local counseling services are struggling to assist with so many stressed-out people. Apart from counseling services, we can also recommend another way to relax and unwind, and that is with a good professional body massage.

Massage therapy has been proven to provide relief from psychological stress, as well as helping to heal injuries and improve the circulation of the blood. Massage for stress relief is often referred to as therapeutic massage therapy.

In March there were even news reports that the Church of Scientology had representatives going around the city offering massages to assist people in Christchurch after the earthquake. There are many places to get a professional massage in the city that do not involve religious discussions or strangers knocking at your door!

Check out the lists in the yellow pages, or check out the classifieds in your daily copy of the Christchurch Press. Look for well-known massage clinics such as Christchurch Therapeutic Massage Center, Canterbury Neuromuscular Clinic, Sanctuary Health, and Bour Thong Thai Beauty Therapy.

Massage services are typically offered according to a number of popular massage styles. Here are some of the more common types of massages available.

Chinese Massage

There are two main types of traditional Chinese massage, Tui na which involves pushing, stretching and kneading the muscles and Zhi Ya which involves more pinching and pressing at acupressure points.

Swedish Massage

A type of massage that uses five styles of long, flowing strokes to massage, typically with oil. The strokes usually include:

  • effleurage (sliding or gliding)
  • petrissage (kneading)
  • tapotement (rhythmic tapping)
  • friction (cross fiber), and
  • vibration / shaking.

Thai Massage

This is a style that incorporates yoga-like stretching and deep massage. The client usually wears lose, comfortable clothes that allow for movement. It is usually performed on a mat or firm mattress on the floor. Normally oils are not used in the Thai style.

Most professional operators will have a clinic so that you can book in advance, select your preferred style, and then simply arrive a few minutes before your booking. Some will offer a range of other services such as spa treatments or even yoga classes.

Personally, I would recommend a Swedish style massage for the maximum relaxation. One thing is for sure. Once you have tried a body massage, you will not only be relaxed, you'll be ready to book back in for another massage session soon.

And you will have found an excellent method to unwind and relax from the stress of aftershocks.

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Advantages of Having a Good Massage

Some people think that going to a spa or massage clinic is a very luxurious activity. Yes, it may be a bit expensive, most especially if you do it regularly but there are far more advantages of having a massage service. We can not consider this as mere luxury because for most people, a massage is more of a necessity. Here are some advantages and benefits of massage:

  1. To relieve stress – one of the most common reasons why a person gets a massage service is because they are feeling too much stress, whether from work, personal life or other factors. With the help of massage like Thai massage, shiatsu or Swedish massage they are able to forget about the stress. The feeling after a good massage is definitely wonderful so when you go out of the spa, you feel rejuvenated and energized.
  2. To alleviate body pain – in line with people's daily activities we tend to experience various body pain usually in the back area, neck and even foot. It is not healthy to just ignore the body pains that we feel because some time, it might lead to more serious cases. So the best remedy to this is to go to a massage therapist and have a good massage. With the help of short and smooth strokes you will surely forget about the pain you feel. You really need this to be able to go back to your work and course for you to perform your daily routine with much enthusiasm and happy outlook in life. Imagine if you always go to work feeling the pain on your neck, do you think you can concentrate with your work? Of course not. It is in fact possible that you might perform poorly in your work because of the pain you feel. So do not underestimate back or neck pains, get a massage that will make you feel better.
  3. To correct posture – it is really good to see a person with proper posture, but not all people are gifted with this. Sometimes, since you are used to stand slouchy when you were younger the tension is you carry this as you grow up. This does not look good so you should correct this. Some massage techniques can target this correction by focusing on certain points to eventually give you a proper posture. This kind of massage may hurt a bit; it may in fact make your body sore for 1 or 2 days but after that you will see the great result. If you are thinking about correcting your post, you could start by setting an appointment to a massage therapist.
  4. To treat injuries – most athletes suffer from injuries every now and then. Minor injuries in the muscles or joints can be treated with a massage. So if you always have cramps or you feel that your muscles are already too tight to the point that you're feeling the pain, then you can try the more intense types of massage. One good example is deep tissue massage that treats inner tissue and muscles.

These are the benefits and advantages of massage. Now, you learned that it is not only about being pampered but more on getting the benefits for your body condition.

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What You Should Know About Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an age old form of treatment and associated with most ancient cultures of the world. A variety of health disorders have benefited from this type therapy. It is now an inevitable part of both complimentary and holistic medical treatments.

This form of therapy uses special oils that are applied on the body in smooth, long strokes as well as kneading movements. The focus of massage therapy is on the rejuvenation of muscles and tissues, thereby enhancing the patient's immune function.

Treatment is administrated by therapists, who assess the patient's condition with a thorough overview of the symptoms and medical history. The therapists try to locate painful or tense areas on the patient's body, to determine the amount of pressure to be applied.

Patients usually lie on a table, on their back or face down. Sometimes it is administrated with the patient sitting on a chair. As a patient, you have to wear loose fitting garments to facilitate treatment. In most of the cases, the body of the patient is covered by a cloth except for the area. Sessions can be brief or last an hour, depending on the ailment the patient is suffering from.

When do people opt for massage therapy?

Proper rounds of massage improve the body's blood circulation as they enhance the flow of oxygen into muscle tissues. This rejuvenates muscles, relieves pain and stress, increases flexibility and the mobility of joints.

Patients with rheumatoid afflictions and paralytic stroke benefit immensely from massage therapies. Massage therapy is a preferred from treatment in cases of back pain, headaches, migraines and stress related disorders of the body. Muscular disorders that lead to sprains, cramps, spasms and repetitive strain injury can be treated through massage therapy. This form of treatment is also ideal for patients suffering from respiratory problems.

Allaying Misconceptions

Massage therapy has no serious side effects or risks if performed by licensed practitioners, chiropractors and physiotherapists. Apart from a slight temporary pain, swelling or a brief allergy to massaging oils, no serious side effects have been recorded so far.

For best results and to prevent any other health consequences. It is advisable not to go for this form of treatment if you have:

• undergone a recent surgery, chemotherapy or radiation
• infectious or open wounds, rashes, bruises, inflamed skin
• abdominal hernia or unhealed fractures
• cardiac problems
• a likelihood of getting blood clots, bleeding disorders, low platelet count

Pregnant women should avoid the regular massage sessions and should seek the help of therapists who specialize in the massage of expectant mothers. Cancer patients are usually not restricted from massage therapies. But it is advised that they consult their oncologist and discuss any concerns they have before they go in for massage therapy.

Make sure you inquire about the relevant details related to the therapist's training, credentials and experience before you begin the massage session. It is also necessary that you get an overview of the number of sessions required and related costs.

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An Overview of the Best Massage Treatments

Deep tissue massage or sports massage, as some people call it, has been a very popular form of massage treatment for many years. Typically a sports massage will target a specific problem and is probably the best massage therapy to use for muscle aches and pains and injuries. Sports massages will tend to be strong and deep, and are especially suited for those who have sustained an injury or who are suffering from severe muscle tension.

Shiatsu originates from Japan, but it has become very popular in the West in the recent years. The main purpose of shiatsu is to tie blockages in the body's energy channels and to stimulate the flow of energy. Like many other treatments from the East, shiatsu believes that blockages in the body's energy pathways cause all health problems. A shiatsu treatment is always performed with the client fully clothed. The client lies on a comfortable mat on the floor, and the therapist working on the muscles and on specific points along the energy lines.

Swedish massage is certainly among the most common forms of massage known today and it is very popular. Many of the other types of massage styles were developed from the original methods and techniques of Swedish massage. This massage style offers a very good general purpose massage and is an excellent treatment option for those suffering with muscle aches or pains as well as tension in the neck and shoulders, and for those who have not experienced a massage before, the Swedish style makes a great way to begin.

Thai massage is familiar to anyone who has visited Thailand, where it is offered in massage parlors, spas and even on the beaches. A genuine traditional Thai massage is used in Thailand to prevent health problems and to treat illness, and it is one of the best massage treatments for relieving pain and for increasing joint mobility. The massage is always done with the client fully clothed, lying on a mat on the floor. The therapist works on the body's energy lines to remove blockages, and uses stretching movements to increase flexibility.

Indian head massage, as the name implies, comes from India and is primarily focused on the head, face, neck and shoulders. The massage therapist will work on specific points known as marma points, in order to alleviate pain and tension. The Indian head massage offers a good introduction into the benefits of massage therapy because the treatment sessions are usually shorter than the typical full-body massage, and it is not even necessary for the client to lie down for the massage: this type of massage is administered with the client in a separated position.

The ancient medical system in India known as Ayurveda has grown into a very popular method throughout the Western world. Massages based on Indian Ayurveda are now available in many spas in the West and many of these massage clinics will even offer a variety of beauty treatments based on Ayurvedic and the use of natural herbal products. A truly effective method of treatment, a full-body massage using Ayurvedic techniques and oils is believed to balance ones body, mind and spirit.

Aromatherapy massage is one of the best massage treatments if you simply want to relax and de-stress. Aromatherapy uses natural essential oils that are extracted from the flowers, leaves, roots and seeds of different plants, and have different health-giving and beautifying properties. If you suffer from sleeping problems, anxiety or any stress-related health problems, try aromatherapy for a natural way to relax.

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7 Prominent Benefits Of Massage Therapy

As far as the demand and popularity is concerned, massage therapy is all the rage in the here and now. A few decades back, it was taken as a not-very-effective approach. However, today it has turned into a fringe approach. Many insurance providers also cover for the treatment sessions. Moreover, this type of therapy involves relief from anxiety, stress reduction, sleep improvement and better circulation, to name a few. Let's go into detail and find out more about the benefits.


When your body is going through a good deal of stress and anxiety, it produces cortisol that can cause weight gain, headaches, digestive issues and lack of sleep. According to many research studies, massage therapy reduces the cortisol levels helping you get into the recovery mode.

Stress reduction

You can get relief from stress with regular sessions of massage. Over the long haul, it can help you enjoy a higher level of energy, reduce pain and improve your overall performance.

Lower blood pressure

With regular massage, you can keep your blood pressure under control. As a matter of fact, many studies have shown that massage can control both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Apart from this, it may control the cortisol levels in your body. By keeping your blood pressure under control, you can control your depression, tension, hostility and anxiety, which will reduce your likelihood of having a heart attack.

Muscle relaxation

The role of the message therapy is to help you get rid of pain by eliminating muscle tension, providing relaxation and increasing flexibility. With massage, you can trigger circulation in different parts of your body, especially to the injured parts. As a result, your muscles get the relaxation they need. This promotes pain management, feelings of euphoria and healing.

Improved circulation

Make sure you do not underestimate the long-term benefits of the therapy. With better blood circulation, you can stay relaxed. The reason is that proper circulation may also relax your tense or stiff muscles, which will promote recovery from possible injuries.

Improved posture

A large number of US citizens suffer from the pain of neck, back and muscle. However, in most cases, the pain occurs because of bad posture. As a matter of fact, chronic back pain may cause missed workdays and, in worse cases, disability. Furthermore, if you are overweight or have bad posture, you may suffer from neck strain and a lot of other issues.

Strengthened Immune system

With regular sessions of message, you can enjoy a lot of physical benefits. If you experience a lot of stress, you are more prone to injury and illness. When combined with stress and poor nutrition, your immune system loses its strength. As a result, you become more prone to different types of pathogens, infections and bacteria. But getting message on a regular basis makes your immune system stronger.

In short, massage therapy was considered a fringe approach. Now, it has become a mainstream phenomenon. So, if you want to enjoy the benefits mentioned above, make sure you get a message on a regular basis.

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