As if an aching back is not bad enough, choosing what back massage therapy to utilize can add to the commotion. To relate both the physical pains and the mental ordinal of deciding which is best, listed below are the top five types.

Americans Going Swedish?

The massage therapy for the back that is most commonly used in the US is none other than the Swedish massage, aka, massage therapy. Having the choice of lotion or oil to lather up in, this technique mainly consists of long soft strokes and pressurized yet gentle kneading all performed in a circular motion. This truly is the perfect solution for those aching muscles and nasty nodules.

The Sensational Sense Of Smell

Aromatherapy is not only a treat for the back but for the nose as well. Having a wide array of essential oils to choose from, this therapy will leave anyone stress free and smelling mighty fine as well. Each scent has a corresponding effect. Chamomile is believed to be calming, rose uplifting, rosemary both energizing and cleansing, eucalyptus de-congesting, just to name a few.

Put two and two together, a massage and the essential oil to do it with, aromatherapy is by far the sweetest way to tie back pain, reduce stress, revitalize and re-energize as well.

It Does not Get Any Hotter Than This

Placing smooth and flat basalt stones heated to about 125 ° F on key points on the back help relax those stiff muscles that need precise pressure. Hot stone therapy is perfect for those who want to rid their backs of pain without having to exceed more of it to begin with. It is fair to say that this is the lightest back massage therapy there is.

The Greater The Pain, The Deeper The Massage

Deep tissue massage is targeted to those suffering from more severe and chronic back pain than just the regular throb. This approach touches more on the connective tissues and the deer layers of the muscles. Because the concentration point is on stiff areas of tension and pain, this is not one treatment to be taken lightly.

Known to cause discomfort, basically this massage's theory is to fight fire with fire- or literally fight pain with pain.

Turning Japanese

Based on acupuncture points, Shiatsu is a deep tissue massage that does not involve any needles. Using fingers to apply pressure where traditionally needles would go is a great back massage therapy to soothe soreness and tenderize tense muscles.