Growing pains are not just for kids making their way to adulthood. Long work days will leave anyone's back aching and throbbing. Since going to a massage clinic every night is out of the question, here are some back massage techniques that every worker who has once cringed upon bending should know.

Effleurage, effleurage, effleurage – no need to pronounce it, just perform it

Effleurage is one of the most basic back massage techniques there is. It is simple yet satisfying. With the many methods right at your fingertips, literally and figuratively, soothing that aching pain will not be a problem.

Whole hand effleurage

Using the whole surface of both hands, perform strong yet smooth rhythmic strokes. Make your way from the lower back up to the shoulders with just the right amount of pressure. Then simply circle back down after.

Heel of the palm effleurage

Unlike the first of the back massage techniques mentioned, this requires only part of the hand. When massaging, the rule goes as follows- the smaller the area of ​​contact, the greater the pressure. Making circles with just the heels of the palm start from the bottom slowly moving up to the shoulders and then back again.

Reinforced fingers effleurage

This is one of the back massage techniques that requires you to stand at the right hand side of the lucky person getting the massage. Simply place one hand over the other. With palms flat on the back, use fingers to add pressure while gliding to and fro the spine. Just like the standard, start from the lower back making your way up.

Strip it down … with your thumb

This is great to relieve some of that muscle pain. By using the deep pressure applied by the thumbs, circle slowly searching for all those tender places and aching knots. Release some of the pressure while near the neck. Even with added strength, keep it gentle and glide from the lower back to the top and down again.

Add a little friction to the mix

The middle finger is a powerful one. Not just because of the implications it has. This is one of the techniques that uses reinforcement to add deeper pressure. Create friction using the middle finger's power on sore spots that have much needed relief.

Time to pull the trigger

By using sustained pressure from the reinforced thumb, you can perform the trigger point release. This is the perfect follow up after finding those naughty nodes and sore spots using the reinforced middle finger. Using the thumb, press on the points increasing the pressure gradually as you go deeper. This should inflict pain to about a 7 on a scale from 1 to 10. After the initial shock, hold till the pain reduces then release and repeat.

The final effleurage

Finish up by repeating the first three effleurage back massage techniques.